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    WIFE- “Tell me what you want baby!”

    HUSBAND- “I want to get FUCKED! I want you to use my ass and pound into me and fuck me soooo good that I cum hard all over the bed.”

    WIFE- “Ohhh I’m going to FUCK you good alright! I’m going to FUCK you like some super hot guy who takes your hot ass and pounds you until he explodes deep inside your virgin ass and warms you everywhere inside! Would you like that baby? To be FUCKED hard by some super hot guy who you make CUM hard in your tight ass?”

    HUSBAND- “Yesssssssssssssssss!!! I WANT YHAT!!!”

    WIFE- “Good because the next time your ass gets violated, it’s going to be with a real cock plunging deep into you, stretching your tight hole, and cumming so hard that you leak him out of you for hours! Understand?”

    HUSBAND— “Yesssssssssssss…I promise to make him enjoy FUCKING me!!!”


    Allez …. Enfonce toi dans ma chatte d’enculé… on en rêve tous les 2 @clidna 😈😈😈