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    #repost @officialblackpantherfanclub follow that page. These characters were based on real life ppl who are apart of our unknown & untold black history in America. Before anyone goes on rant about colorism which is a problem in Hollywood, although the movie had real life characters the premise of the story is fictional as well as the depictions of these real life historical figures.

    BLACK HISTORY FACTS: MOST of the depictions of white cowboy rebels you see in all classic western movies were based off real life cowboys who were actually BLACK. Yes the first cowboys were black. COW-BOY referring to a derogatory term for black men who just being emancipated from slavery moving out west to not being able find employment to support their families b/c no white establishment would hire any former slaves who had more skills then white ppl. Which is how WORK UNIONS were created by racist, insecure white men who were afraid of losing jobs to more skilled & talented black men. Poverty rates was extremely high amongst negroes. Many black ppl who moved out west realized the west was just as racist as Jim crow south. The West was lawless & dangerous. Many black men were reduced work on very low paying gigs 1 of many would be tending to cows & of course back them racism was prevalent so Boy reffering to white man false fake superiority complex calling black men boys hence "COWBOY" which black ppl always take shit & turn to gold as out west during that time was uncharted territory & gold mind riches and took to forming their own lil union bands groups robbing stage coaches & banks, chasing other outlaws for bounties & gold. Same cowboys became legendary rebellious outlaws then white sheriifs & lawmakers out west feared greatly.

    BASS REEVES played by legendary actor Delroy Lindo was most famous black figure during that time & became template for a lot of these white fictional western cowboy heroes as he was 1st black deputy to chase & successfully catch outlaws & cowboys both black & white. He was best of the best. Even black women like Stage Coach Mary & Lady Gertude were kicking ass making names for themselves taking looted riches & building black towns & black businesses Soooo much hidden unkown black history in this world we don't kno about & never heard of. These are stories we need to tell. We are NOT slaves, drug dealers, pimps, hoes, rappers, athletes, clowns or advocates for gay stereotypes. We make World go around.

    When you realize that you have been in a racial war from your first day of birth, you may understand what you must stand for as a Black person in this world. Wear whatever mask you need to wear, but understand that are in a war. WYPIPO WANT US DEAD IN EVERY ASPECT! You are a fool to think different! TO MY AFRIKAN PEOPLE, WE MUST——>GET ON CODE. STAY ON CODE.🩸💣🔫✊🏾 BLACK POWER! #black #power #love #man #woman #empowerment #revolution #revolutionary #man #hood #truth #knowledge #consciousness #melanin #priority #queen #unity #selflove #intelligence #lgbtq #africannationalism #african #panafrican #white #people #are #your #enemy #blackowned #malikismindful




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