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    what level of reverse psychology are you on

    He didn’t just allow the peasants to steal from it, he deliberately hired guards to protect the field, making it seem valuable and ordered them to be lax in their patrols, so the valuable crop seemed like easy pickings, and even ordered them to accept all bribes and let the peasants go should the guards accidentally catch someone in the act of stealing the potatoes.

    He want out of his way to make the damn things seem like the most valuable, but easiest thing to get hold of, in the world.

    He’s living in 1750 but his thinking is 3035

    The secret ingredient is crime

    your favourite female character is a trans woman, i don’t make the rules.

    incomplete list of characters who are trans women:

    Carol Danvers. Princess Bubblegum. Lara Croft. Hatsune Miku. Dana Scully. Samus Aran. Dawn Pokémon. Alyx Vance. Bo Peep from Toy Story. Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie. Chell Portal. Eleven Stranger Things. Dora the Explorer. Your favourite character I don’t care about from Perky Jackson and the Thunder Wizard or whatever it’s called. Alphys Undertale. Ginger from Chicken Run. Diane Nguyen. Wonder Woman. Leafpussy or whatever from Warrior Cats I don’t fucking know. Arcee from goddamn Transformers. Cassie Animorphs. The Green MnM. Fucking Chica from Five Night’s at Freddy’s. Midna from Zelda. Every single one of the Golden Girls. Your OCs. Your player character in Dragon Age: Who Gives A Shit. Your childhood imaginary friend. Your D&D character. The twin you absorbed in utero. Homestuck.

    I know this is a serious scene, but I just realized that it’s kind of hilarious that Toph’s parents- after seeing her fight- think that they can keep her locked up and under guard 24/7. Even more hilarious is that they think she’ll actually go along with that. The kid could level their whole house if she wanted to, they’re LUCKY she just decided to run away.

    Her parents were so stupid. You realize your child is basically a demigod and STILL the ableism is just too powerful, we have to lock up our precious helpless little baby who can level a city block.

    wow how about that

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    Contrary to many romance movies…

    You don’t start a romantic relationship! By just walking down the street and talking to random strangers!!!

    People aren’t single because they don’t want to put themselve<>s in potential danger holy shit

    Why some men are single:

    • They approach complete strangers.
    • Talk to women who clearly don’t want to socialize.
    • Feel entitled to a woman’s attention.


    You had me at Bear Cat (sound on)

    I’ve held a binturong many times, and yes, they do frequently accidentally strangle their handlers. They’re also little chaos demons who can, and will, use all of their intelligence and willpower to make your life as difficult as possible, and get great joy out of doing so. They have the personality of a raccoon with an increased physical ability for mischief making due to their claws and tail.

    Also they smell like oddly musty popcorn and will make you smell like oddly musty popcorn for the rest of the day.

    If you can’t have the sound on, for whatever reason, it’s just the guy talking about binturongs; but the most relevant bit is “they have a very strong prehensile tail, so they can use those to grab tree branches, or choke their handler”.

    Oh my god, please go to the link, which starts like this:

    If you’re a fan of wildflowers, I’m sure you’ve noticed the same thing I have – all the field guides out there have one massive flaw.   They’re designed for people who are slowly ambling about in prairies and other natural areas with nothing better to do than stop and stare closely at the minute details of flowers.  

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with kneeling down and staring closely at wildflowers.  I mean, we should all be so lucky to have the free time and – apparently – lack of responsibility to spend our days wandering around in fields of blossoms.  I’m sure at least some people who do that are perfectly nice, and probably not at all dangerous.