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    Oh also!!! Toph’s earthbending doesn’t completely make up for being blind, like, she still can’t see colors or read or see people’s facial expressions or whatever, BUT, when she’s on solid ground, she KNOWS where walls and obstacles and other people are in relation to her, probably even better than a seeing person. She can’t be fooled by optical illusions or anything, there’s never a question of “is that a big thing that’s far away or a tiny thing that’s really close” because that’s not how earthbending works, she just FEELS where things are

    So what I’m saying is I really want her to move into the palace right after Zuko becomes firelord and be able to follow Zuko everywhere including into meetings because her official job is Zuko’s guide because he has huge depth perception issues and needs help with that and a lot of people think that Zuko made it up as an excuse because seriously?? She’s blind??? But it’s not even a lie, she makes it 100% easier for him to walk around without bumling into walls or falling down staircases AND she’s also disabled so she knows how to actually respect his space and make it not weird and also he helps her out the same way by describing things to her that she can’t see or reading things out loud for her and anyway they’re just different kinds of vision problem solidarity and that part of their friendship is some important to me

    “The festival is starting”

    “He hasnt lost a single match”

    “I have something for you”

    “I take you as my man”

    Collected set! Illustrations of my Original Character Ansel and @mosskat’s Eduard

    (The whole purpose of this series was this scene! When I learned about the french knights who would pledge loyalty to their king. The king would clasp their hands, seal the ceremony with a kiss, and take the knight as his man)

    Prints available on Society6:


     Hey btw, another worldbuilding thing: You can, and actually should have weird and impractical cultural things. They’re not inherently unrealistic, for as long as you address the realistic consequences as well.

     Let’s say you’ve got a city where there’s tame white doves everywhere. They’re not pests, they’re regarded as sacred, holy protectors of the city, and the whole city cares for them and feeds them like they’re pets. They’re so tame because it’s a social taboo to hurt or scare one. Nice pretty doves :)

     Then someone points out that even if they’re not seen as pests, doesn’t having a completely unchecked feral pigeon population - that not only isn’t being culled, but actively fed and cared for - mean that there would be bird shit absolutely all over the place?

     A part of you wants to say no, because these are your nice, pretty doves. To explain that there’s a reason why theyre not shitting all over the place, maybe they’re super-intelligent and specifically bred and trained to not shit all over the place. The logistics of how, exactly, could anyone breed and train a flock of feral birds go unaddressed.

     An even worse solution would be to not have those birds, editing them out of the world. No, they spark joy, you can’t just toss them out!

     Now, consider: Yes, yes they would, but the city also has an extensive public sanitation service that’s occupied 90% of the time by cleaning bird shit off of everything. One of the most common last names in the area actually translates to “one who scrapes off dove shit”, and it’s a highly respected occupation. And thanks to the sheer necessity of constantly regularly cleaning everything, the city enjoys a much higher standard of cleanliness, and less public health issues caused by poor public sanitation.

     The doves do protect the city. By shitting fucking everywhere.

    While I absolutely love your idea, I just want to say that you can easily reduce public bird shitting from Pigeons by offering them comfortable lodgings where they can sleep and feed. Sure, you need to clean THOSE, but the pigeons shit a lot less all over town.

    The Augsburg concept has one big pigeon house every 500m in which wild pigeons are fed, protected from weather and have nesting opportunities. Cities doing that have WAY less uncontrolled populations (since they can take out eggs if they feel they need reduce the population), way less shit AND a healthy population since it’s easier for veterinarians to notice and get to sick animals.

    So I’d say one can of course still keep your general idea……but there’s also those MASSIVE palace-like pidgeon houses and only the most worthy are allowed to enter and directly interact with the pigeons (feed them, heal them, clean their lodgings). One big entrance for the human servants (priests??) and millions of small holes for the pigeons.

    In fact, one could potentially turn your idea around IN THE PIDGEONS FAVOR. So your world is like ours and most major cities have a big feral pigeon population. And most of those cities HATE the pigeons and try to fight them and stuff. And they think that pigeon worshipper town is frigging cuckoo. BUT when comparing, then pigeon worshipper town is ridiculously clean and beautiful. No bird shit everywhere, no ruined house facades and statues from erosion through bird poop. Pigeon haters go “how tf are you so clean, you have birds EVERYWHERE???” and the worshippers shrug and show their little bird temples spread around town that keep their precious birdies AND their town pretty.

    I think this is a really good example of how research can greatly improve your worldbuilding! You don’t have to be perfectly accurate - it is fantasy after all - but the real world is so much more clever and beautiful than any of us know

    gonna start signing all my messages and posts with this (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🍋ブォン but with a situationally relevant emoji

    for example. i like frogs (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🐸ブォン

    Can you make him throw this 🍍

    as you wish

    (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🍍ブォン

    Great! Now can you catch something for me?

    yeah ok


    Here you go!



    (っ💖)っ  ah.

    Rewatching atla episodes for Reasons and I just realised that Zuko found Appa the night after he found out he was missing. The gaang have been desperately searching for, what? A few weeks? And Zuko sees a poster saying Appa is missing and just squares tf up and finds him immediately. What a fucking madman. 

    #this is why they put him in charge of the Fire Nation#there is nothing Zuko cannot find up to and including his country’s long lost sense of morality

    i mean he had already managed to actually find the avatar, whom literally the entire world (except katara lmao) had believed was dead and gone forever. im pretty sure if zuko decides he is going to Find Something the universe rearranges itself to put it in his path.

    This comes in handy when he has kids.

    <>Dude literally found:

    🔥The avatar


    🔥His lost uncle via a sweaty sandal

    🔥A secret civilization thought to be long gone

    🔥The last 2 dragons existing

    🔥Katara and Sokka’s Father plus Suki

    🔥Katara’s mother’s murderer

    🔥His honor

    🔥His entire nation’s honor

    I mean the dude was wild. He was born to find stuff. I don’t really know if he found his mother but like…that too. You kinda get why the Gaang saw Zuko and thought, hey what if we use him to find stuff?


    🔥 Family

    He Found Family yall

    Can you all actually hold j.k. rowling responsible for her antisemitism. I barley see it mentioned in posts about her whenever her nonsense is brought up every few months. Stop leaving it out and making Jewish hurt an afterthought. When you leave antisemitism out when listing the things she’s done, it’s so obvious it’s because you think it’s “not that bad” or “not the worst thing she’s done”.

    Antisemitism isn’t an afterthought and shouldn’t be left out. Call it by it’s name and hold her accountable for making Jewish caricatures in her shitty books. Especially if ur a white gentile.

    i hate it here

    honestly what infuriates me most about this is that you know that in a couple weeks we are going to be seeing stories of disney workers who have to be in the park almost 24/7 desperately asking ungrateful and conceited guests to wear their masks and to put masks on their children who will still sneeze/spit/slobber on everything they can touch. and i already know that these same people will throw fits when they’re are told to put on a mask and will take it out on the poor workers who have to be there because they are treated like expendable resources by disney corp

    your disney obsession at 30+ is not worth the lives of workers and immune compromised members of the community that you will inevitably pass the virus to just so you can go see mickey mouse

    hot take: katniss is a revolutionary female hero because she’s not really a hero. she fights for people, not for a greater good, and she’s willing to do awful things for her family, including killing innocents. she believes in a revolution because she wants freedom, not because “it’s the right thing to do.” she’s not a quirky female hero who always knows what to say. she’s awkward and self-depricating and blunt and not likeable, which is implicitly stated in the books and movies. she’s not comfortable in feminine clothes, she hunts, she’s scared and social uncomfortable in a way that makes others uncomfortable. she’s volitile in a way that’s very different than the normal quirky female lead, she’s not some manic bipolar idea, she’s a real person with genuine issues. she’s harsh and sharp and cruel and mean and she’s not perfect. she’s not even very likeable. she doesn’t speak much to others and when she does, it’s mostly angry or cutting. but she’s astounding and breathtakingly tragic while being real and raw and absolutely human.

    additional hot take: peeta is a revolutionary male lead because he’s a baker. he’s a homemaker, essentially. katniss is a hunter and he is a baker. they are the exact opposite of their steryotypical gender roles. she is the deadly one, not him. she is the angry one, not him. where she pushes, he bends. where she screams, he sings. where she runs, he hides.

    peeta is soft and kind and good and willing to die so he won’t hurt others. he comforts katniss when she needs it, even when she isn’t that nice to him. he loves her from afar, quietly and not creepily. he isn’t angry. he barely uses any violence in the first book/movie. he’s the injured one, not her. he isn’t the muscular manly stereotype of a male lead, especially in such a violence driven world. he isn’t like four from divergent. he isn’t cold and harsh and mysterous. he’s sweet and open and soft, he’s kind and compassionate.

    he’s a baker in a world full of hunters.

    This is why books that try to copy the Hunger Games don’t pull it off as well because they fall straight back into ‘girl is trying to be badass and cool, guy is badass and cool and emotionless’ without considering that it was that stereotype that wouldn’t and didn’t work in the Hunger Games’