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    sophie & acting


    I was going to do all this in the comments and then I realized I have so much more to say about it than I thought.

    Because despite the first time we see her being of her completely butchering Shakespeare, Sophie Deveraux can act her little butt off. She’s a grifter, it is literally how she makes her living. She knows more about putting on character and becoming someone else than anybody and she does it flawlessly.

    What she can’t do is put on someone else WHEN PEOPLE KNOW SHE’S DOING IT. Sophie doesn’t have a problem with acting, she has a problem with AUDIENCE. 

    When she’s grifting, literally nobody knows what’s happening except herself. She’s so good at it, her marks often don’t even know they’ve been scammed. This is why she can maintain these personas across years and years of grifting people, because she doesn’t just pretend to be her characters, she becomes them. We see this time and again when she’s coaching Parker. She knows these people inside and out, and she internalizes them in a way that any director would weep to see.

    But becoming someone else when another person can see and understands that this is you pretending, it reveals things about yourself. Its a kind of intimacy and vulnerability, because it opens you up to judgement and criticism. 

    So, it speaks volumes about how much she trusts her crew that she can grift with them and not have a problem with it.

    And it speaks LIBRARIES that by the end of the series, she is able to fully embrace acting in front of an audience, of letting people into her craft, of letting them see her doing her art. 



    May 13, 2021 - Immigration cops tried to arrest two men in Glasgow, Scotland, on the day of Eid. A huge crowd of locals in the area of Pollokshields, chanting “these are our neighbours, let them go!”, turned up and boxed the police van in for seven hours, withstanding attempts by police to break through the crowd, until the cops were forced to let the two men go. [video]/[article]




    What would it take for someone to sell you three “magic beans” for $10 at a farmer’s market?

    Specifically, what kind of person would you buy magic beans from? You have no way of knowing if the beans are actually magical - they probably aren’t. But just how colorful a character would a magic bean salesman have to be before you willingly spent $10 for the experience of buying magic beans from an eccentric stranger?


    I wouldn’t buy $10 magic beans from a young man with an undercut and suspenders with sailor tattooes on his forearms. He might be a nice guy - maybe I’d be friends with him. But I would not spend $10 for the experience of purchasing magic beans from him, unless they were actual real magic beans and he could prove that.

    I might buy $10 magic beans from a small child in a wizard costume. It depends. Maybe if they’re really committed to the role - then I’m purchasing the privilege of interacting with them.

    I might but $10 magic beans from an incredibly sexy, mysterious lady with long opera gloves and glittering eyes, but probably not - I might give her money just for smiling at me but I don’t think she’d really have the right vibe for selling magic beans. Potions, yes. Not beans.

    I’d probably buy magic beans from a wild-haired, cheerful witch in overalls and mud boots, but that wouldn’t really be about the beans, it’d be about finding excuses to talk to her.

    I’d absolutely buy magic beans from a toothless old person dressed entirely in hot pink or chartreuse who answered my questions with rambling non-sequiturs and told me long, scandalous, scientifically impossible stories about how things used to be.


    I would buy three magic beans from the white haired woman who sits on the back of her pickup with dozens of jars of jelly laid out on a table in the abandoned fair ground. She doesn’t sell jelly; she sells potted plants. If you compliment her on her wooden sandals though, she will give you a jar of jelly. She asks if my children are twins every week, and is disappointed they aren’t twins every week. I would buy three magic beans for $10 from her.

    On another note, I have traded a crocheted snowflake for ten acorns with a small, barefoot, blonde child in a white dress I encountered in the woods. Two of the acorns sprouted on the way home and I now have them growing in pots.


    dude at some point the signs for the goblin market and the farmer’s market in your town got switched but your fae are too polite to say anything when you keep coming back


    Watching Leverage can be a trip and a half. Especially because, like, how do all these people even find them?  I mean, it’s kind of handwaved as Hardison’s computer algorithms and stuff finding them, but even so.  And then! several people don’t want money, they want things like a horse, or even immaterial things like getting someone their self-esteem back.  That’s some next-level shit right there. 

    Like, making deals with with the Fair Folk or demons type stuff.

    Which means that the Leverage crew would be the demons/Fair Folk/supernatural entities having desperate people summon them, probably as a last-ditch desperation move they didn’t think would work.


    Sophie is some sort of UnSeelie. She follows her rules and values manners and dispenses her kindnesses as she sees fit. Do not test her. You will not win.

    Parker is a changeling, maybe. Or Seelie. Or maybe she’s just Parker, the only one of her kind. She hasn’t decided yet.

    Nate is Human. An almost priest who hates himself and all his flaws and weaknesses while at the same time completely convinced of his own superiority. In the beginning anyway.

    Eliot would have died years ago buy some unkind spirit liked his anger and blessed him and now he’s this sort of proto-god of soldiers who’s countries used them up and betrayed their ideals. He just doesn’t know it yet.

    Hardison is something new. There is no word for him. He’s making a new world in which he will rule and he has no need at this time for a name or title.


    When you cross the Threshold, you become something Other. 

    Fair Folk? Demigods? Archetypes? Perhaps.

    The Threshold is always different. But when you return from it … you never really return. You are always Other. You are always Outside.

    For those five, the Threshold was the warehouse explosion in the first episode.

    And on the other side … no more petty cons and grifts. No more squalid thuggery. They have crystallized, become Archetypes: Grifter. Hacker. Hitter. Thief. Mastermind. Small gods? Perhaps, but most certainly Powers, dancing with ease on “alternative revenue streams” and even weirder magics.

    Listen to their catch phrases.These are conjure words. Strange promises, barely comprehensible to their beneficiaries, whispering of justice in an unjust world, payment deferred or refused, because the true coin of their trade is payback

    “Let’s go steal fire from the gods.”


    Oh my stars and garters, how much do I love the idea of the Leverage crew as small gods???  It is perfect and glorious! :D


    *nodding vigorously*


    Sans context…  you tell me, would you expect this line to be coming from an entirely mundane insurance investigator, or from someone whose friends might be a little uncomfortable around iron and may or may not be holding a contract written in ink that seems to be smoldering on the page:

    “People like that…corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away. Right now, you’re suffering under an enormous weight. We provide…Leverage.“

    ‘An alternative revenue stream’ he says, smirking at the private joke. Their accounts are balanced using the coin of an older realm. Yes by vengeance delivered, hubris crumbled, a brisk business in karmic debt-collection… but also the sense of despair and powerlessness their client no longer has need of, or a sliver of the hope they’ve stolen back for someone once robbed of it. They may not want your money, but they are well paid all the same.


    You can clearly see on Artemis lil face she had a really hard time :(

    Listen not to speak ill of my children, but she isn’t innocent here. She has spent her entire life on the opposite side of the fence from these ladies talking shit at them because they couldn’t get her. I’m 1000% positive she started it, and got told. I’m perfectly willing to cuddle her, bruised ego and all, but it’s definitely after I’ve asked “so what did we learn?”

    (the answer is “nothing” by the way, she will 100% shit-talk them again)


    It came! It came! Look at this absolutely beautiful art. It looks even better in person than it can in photos. And the spectacular @kedreeva wrapped it so well that I felt like an archaeologist unearthing a forbidden treasure 💚


    Woo! You’re the first to report upon a safe arrival! I am glad you found the card as well, I got finished doing the initial wrapping and went Oh No, I forgot to put the cards on the backs of the cavasses...