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    My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks on the first of August. I have no clue what I’m planning to do then but maybe I could like go bowling or go to an arcade with friends or something? Perhaps I’ll just sleep in, no idea really but hopefully I’ll think of fun activities or just a plan of action for myself. Anyway, calling it a night, have a good one everyone! :D


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    @fairylightsandrainydays i’m sorry about saying that i would give up our platonic marriage, will you accept this as a proposal gift


    Reblogging because these are beautiful and I want one.


    Tintin remembers what comes after 15.




    This literally gets reblogged every 15th of the month. It’s almost two years old. It’s beautiful.


    listen up ya’ll this post is 6 years old now and you’re still reblogging it. every month. once a month, my notifications blow up for this one video, but only until the 16th. then the notes on this vid completely stop. it’s so eerily spot on and impressive how you just all collectively know what to do. if I’m not online, people irl still remind me that it’s the 15th. thank you for six surreal years of me wondering if I completely fucking lost it. here’s to the 15th


    Ah, it IS the 15th good evening there friend.

    Cosplay Idea

    One day I want to dress up as some sort of Fae creature and just wander in a lush forest. That would be one of the best feelings - honestly I wish I could do that now, but I’m saving money for a car and my own place.


    We don’t just have a skeleton,” said one of the nodosaur researchers involved. “We have a dinosaur as it would have been.”

    Known as a nodosaur, this 110 million-year-old, armored plant-eater is the best preserved fossil of its kind ever found.

    Source | Source




    This is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever reblogged.


    That motherfucker died giving the side-eye.


    eventually we will run out of fossils to find, but damn there are some cool ones


    Looks kinda like a bearded lizard but massive, or an ancestor to crocodiles/alligators.

    A Good Day

    This morning at around 10am, I went for a bike ride down the trail. Sort of wish that I went earlier due to it being hot, but it was nice. Then I cashed in a check at the bank and went to Sonic - I got a burger, cheddar jalapeño poppers, and a blue raspberry slush. Then I spent a majority of the day taking a nap. Pretty fine day if I say so myself.


    This is the trail I rode on, full of rocks and grass but the more I ride - the better I’ll feel.


    not to get political but im begging you guys to stop coming to hawaii. in maui theyre asking to put a ‘pause’ on flights bc we literally do not have enough room or staff to service you. the roads are so full that its causing a major backup when ppl need to get to work.

    on top of this, i heard that by September? theyre expecting to get rid of the mask rule (if 70% of ppl are vaccinated/all goes well) but ill be honest w/ you, i know many locals arent getting the vaccine and i know plenty of tourist arent gonna take the necessary precautions.


    homeless hawaiians aren’t even allowed to sit or lay on sidewalks to keep up the “paradise” image for tourists


    PLEASE stop vacationing in / moving to the occupied Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. You are actively participating in violent settler colonialism when you do, even if you aren’t white. Never in my whole life have I seen our airport THIS packed!!! Our islands cannot support this many people – especially during our dry season and in the middle of a PANDEMIC!

    Tourism makes it impossible to keep up with the rising cost of living. It brings in revenue and with that, becomes the fake state’s priority. Tourism pushes native Hawaiians from their land and homes, puts locals at risk for covid19, directly harms the delicate environment and native species here, houseless folk (many whom are native Hawaiian) are being illegally swept to make room for tourists at beaches, and locals are being restricted and fined for using water on east Maui, all while hotels can use up all the resources no problem and our government approves a million dollar home construction for new part-time residents (when locals who have been here for generations are being thrown into poverty, barely staying afloat, losing businesses and even their homes). “Hawai’i has become the Blood Diamond of the Pacific. We are mined for our splendor, and our residents live the every day, complex consequences.” 

    It’s absolutely VILE what is happening here. I hope yall know that Hawaiʻi was overthrown and occupied by the US military, and isn’t even legally a state! Hawaiʻi is not your vacation spot, so you better tell your family and friends to stay at home.

    Here is a linktree by my friend with petitions to protect sacred, native Hawaiian land on Kauaʻi and Molokaʻi. Sign them.

    Here are a few Kānaka Maoli (native Hawaiian) folk in need you can donate to (if you know more please add to my thread!)



    The Forest Has An ENDING!?

    Finished an eight hour stream of The Forest with some friends today, it was great! One minute we were just messing around, the next well we found the end. No spoilers here, but let me just say I Thoroughly enjoyed our game sessions together. I can’t wait to see what our next adventure in gaming is! Special thanks to: Arystique, Blue Android(Master Gandor), and last but not least Blackthorn. They’re some really awesome people! I’m glad I have them to hang out with from time to time.