SZA- Love Galore ft. Travis Scott (violin)

    SC: franklotion0

    This is so beautiful...I love how we can express our music in so many different ways.

    Our culture runs deep, but they try to suppress our minds, our talents, and our gifts, for fear that we may surpass them, outshine them, and become more idolized, and or even greater than them!!

    So as many of us as you try to lock up, and KILL...they'll be 10,000 more coming right behind us to ELEVATE our Race, and our Culture, to the next and the highest level there is!!!

    Everything DC MD & VA (@TheDMVDailyy) Tweeted:

    DETROIT, MI—An angry exchange with accusations of racism was caught on video outside of an Oakland County Chipotle restaurant and shows a white woman pulling a gun on a mother and her three daughters Wednesday evening.

    Here we go again! This is how fatalities happen, but these type of people are never held accountable for their actions!

    This could've led to a couple of people being shot dead out in the middle of the parking lot, had they ran into the right type of people!

    I thought this shit was against the law now!!!!So profiling someone based on their color, creed, religion, age, or discrimination, according to the law.

    So I'm gonna continue to say this over, and over, and over....if you're not trying to be a part of the solution....then you're a part of the "FUCKING" problem!!!

    avery (@averyrisch) Tweeted:

    So here’s what happens when you march on Portland Place in St. Louis, MO

    they’re scared of their own community

    It's a damn shame how dangerous & how far ignorance will go!

    Actually this is Louisville KY. Wave 3 is a local news station that covers Kentucky and Indiana and the people there are protesting the death of Breonna Taylor. I know that us Kentuckians might be small compared to Minneapolis, but please don’t forget Breonna or the seven people who were shot the other night during protest, one in critical condition. You may not hear as much about Kentucky, but when the news station literally says Louisville, this is just lazy.

    This reporter was shot in the eye and permanently blinded. By the cops.

    This is terrorism

    "She said <>protesters took her to hospital after the <>police shot her, giving her medical supplies and acting as her eyes after her own became bloodied and swollen."

    Emphasis mine, in case anyone needs reminding on who the villains are

    So does this shit not merit retaliation, or what?????????

    When the shit starts to come back at them, that's when we'll see how much they wanna dish out!!!!

    So freak'n proud of my little brother, living out his dream in the Fashion & Art world, getting into Vogue Magazine!

    But also, expressing his voice by protesting for Justice for Black/Brown people!!!