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2021-06-24 08:48:50

    2021.06.20 TWICE Alcohol-Free: Tzuyu

    Tzuyu’s way too hot to “handles”, if ya know what I mean😉 Her jiggling thighs are sooooooo hot

    On a side note, Twice has completed their promotion for Alcohol-Free. I like the song, it’s not one of my favorites but the visuals all 9 members gave us this era is just phenomenal.

    Alcohol-Free was Tzuyu’s era. She sang and danced with confidence and not to mention her stunning visual. She always looks amazing but she turned it up a level that I didn’t think was possible. The outfits were all top tier (especially the red ones) and all the different hair styles were perfect. She truly is a goddess. I can’t wait to see how she blesses us next era