Ich bin weder Sissy, Schlampe, Sau oder ähnliches. Alles was es hier zu sehen gibt reizt mich doch sehr. Bin 79'er Jahrgang und komme aus der Nähe von Wilhelmshaven und mag grundsätzlich alles fesselnde aus Metall was sich ohne passenden Schlüssel nicht mehr öffnen lässt. Ergänzungen dazu können auch gern aus einem anderen fesselndem Material bestehen. 😇

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2022-06-24 16:37:34

    New rubber otter drone suits, available from Blueballs Inc! Buy one for yourself, send one to your friends!

    Features: Automatic timer. Set the suit for a given amount of hours, and it’s impossible to remove until the timer runs out! Crotchlock ™: With a flick of a finger, your owner can turn your ability to orgasm on or off! Sensitivity Dials: Your owner can turn parts of your body up and down in sensitivity, making your feet as pleasurable as your cock, or more! Adjustable Orifices: Turn your mouth, crotch or rear into smooth bulges, rubber dildos, or into fuckable rubber holes Two Prerecorded Voice Samples: While you’re unable to speak, use the following prerecorded samples in the suit to communicate: “Yes Master” or “Harder!”

    Warning: Suits are delivered with random timers set for testing. Please ensure you check the timer setting before trying your suit on for the first time. Fortunately our Pet Insurance ™ will assign you an owner should you be stuck in your suit for more than 24 hours without supervision. Warning: your new owner will have full access to your settings and can edit your timer at will


    400h 😂😂😂😂 hoppla