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2023-02-01 11:19:37

    Childhood made everything feel like it lingered. The time it took for hot chocolate to cool down was eternal. Christmas day took weeks. The two-hour drive to my grandparents' house took us to a new world. It's all too fast now.


    This post is picking up notes around Christmas, and I think it's because this is NEVER more true than Christmas. When you're a kid, an occasion takes up so much of your life that you just live in it. Now, Christmas really is just one day.


    Part of this is how relative time is. As you get older, days become a smaller percentage of your overall life. When you're six, you have no context of how long things take and everything feels like forever. I understand how time and experiences feel magical and the loss of that is hard, but the plus side is the shorter those things feel, the more you have lived.