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    I just want to remind everyone how affordable buying food from indigenous tribes is. I live in a major city and I was able to purchase and ship (15) pounds of fish from back home to myself for cheaper than I could buy it from a grocery store here in the city. Yeah, shipping has its own environmental factors but I was able to support an indigenous owned business while also getting my groceries at a lesser cost. (Buying in bulk is always a good idea if you’re planning on having something shipped to you)

    Some tribal owned grocers that ship:

    Bow and Arrow (Ute Mountain)

    Native Harvest (White Earth)

    Red Lake Fishery (Red Lake)

    Wozupi (Mdewakanton Dakota)

    Ramona Farms (Gila River)

    Tanka Bars (Oglala)

    Indian Pueblo Store (Pueblos)

    Twisted Cedar Wine (Cedar Paiutes)

    Ute Bison (Ute)

    Seka Hills Olive Oil and Vinegars (Yocha Dehe Wintun)

    She Nah Nam Seafood (Nisqually)

    Sakari Botanicals (Inupiaq)

    Honor the Earth (? Anishinaabe)

    Nett Lake Wild Rice (Boise Forte Anishinaabe)

    Passamaquoddy maple (Passamaquoddy)

    BONUS: coffee :)

    Yeego Coffee (Navajo)

    Spirit Mountain Roasting (Yuma Quechan)

    Birchbark Coffee (Anishinaabe)

    Thunder Island Coffee (Shinnecock)


    Mark Kelly and Kristen Sinema are both directly referenced by him. For fuck's sake.


    Blue dogs can go straight to hell


    It is fucking nuts to me that Qanon idiots will spend all day blogging about secret illuminati groups using warlocks to control government meanwhile oil executives admit to rigging politics on TV while naming their corrupt toadies and nobody bats a fucking eye.


    “we need to start kink-shaming again” idk what y’all are on bc i never stopped and neither did a lot of women. what so many ppl online call kink is just abuse again women and thinly veiled, if it’s not just outright, pedophilia and you should be shamed for it. get a grip and examine your own behaviours.


    it’s not actually healthy to pretend to be underage and have sex with one or more people pretending to be children to get off. i can’t believe i have to type this shit out.

    it’s not actually healthy or okay to want to be beat up or to beat up a partner during sex. it’s not ok. if you’re a young person and your partner wants to physically abuse you to get off, fucking run. if you want to be physically abused during sex, PLEASE seek out help and therapy and unpack what it is that’s making you think you need to be hurt like this.

    i had to see a tik tok where a young woman said she went to the hospital after a man she was having sex with began hurting her and when she cried for him to stop, he only went faster. that’s rape. the grand majority of the comments were making fun of her and joking about it, calling her too vanilla and saying shit like “if my man doesn’t fuck me so good i have to go to the ER he’s not doing it right” and “crying isn’t always bad during sex” like oh my god???? oh my god i’m mortified??? y’all have been seriously brainwashed into thinking sex that isn’t painful is boring or not pleasurable and it’s gotten to the point where a sexual abuse victim is mocked for not wanting to be sexually abused.

    like honest to god i’m freaked out and so concerned over the way this dumbass “sex positivity empowerment kink shaming is puritanical” bullshit has actually rotted brains. abusing your partner during sex and thinking them crying is hot is sincerely fucked up behaviour and you should not be allowed near people.

    and if anybody gets on this post to talk abt ppl wanting to do “age play” and/or be abused during sex as a coping mechanism: 1) as somebody who actually got sexually abused and assaulted by a man i considered to be my good friend when i was a minor, go to hell. you’re scum. pedophilia, abuse and sexual assault are NEVER hot, they’re never pleasurable, they’re never sexy and 2) i don’t care if it helps you cope. so you cope by traumatizing others and getting off on other ppl’s trauma and normalizing a culture of sexual abuse that is obviously very fucking prevalent among young sexually active people? you’re scum too.