What makes me Drunk?

     Nights are just getting meaningful since in the mid of September 

    Loneliness just faded way and I started to sing in October 

    I play Rock & Roll and Blue every night 

    Just dance with those songs by turning off the light

    Don't remember when was the last time I cried

    I forgot all of my pain once I listened to Blues and my tears were set aside 

    Never thought I would be that much into Blues 

    So blessed to find myself again and totally forget about you 

    I may never be sober at night 

    But as long as I'm happy, it's just all right! 


    I was in shorts with no make up just planned to go out on Sunday night Then the text came in and said everything was stuck at the traffic light

    I heard the old lady praying in her room just by saying everything would be fine soon I closed my eyes and told myself maybe she’s right Then I opened my eyes and saw the lightening strike Before I even closed my window The wind just blew up my face and brought back my sorrow

    I dreamed about sun everyday just by simply ignoring the rain My old man said don’t you try to run away from your own pain I said only the sun could make everyone smile He just replied rain could make no one hear your cry

    Heard the birds were singing, the leaves were falling, that old lady was dancing There I was, running through the door by wearing the biggest smile on my face only to find the rain was still falling

    When faith and hopes are equally gone I put the blame on my destiny for dragging me into the state of hoping to be reborn Part of me already dead Once the rain drops danced around my neck Am I deaf or color blind? Cos I don’t hear a thing nor see the sky

    Dreams were once meant to be chased Here I am, trying to catch the train’s pace Soon after I realized I was running after the wrong train My tears were streaming down my face just to remind I was already insane

    September is over, there I am standing, trying to reach the closure The old lady from other room said it’s time for me to pray for the best