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    Did You Know: The Horny Guy From ESO broke new ground for ZOS by being ESO's first heterosexual character? This can be observed in his closing dialogue in the quest A Lingering Hope, where he has variant dialogue depending on the gender of the Vestige.

    If the Vestige is female, he'll say:

    "I'm resigning from the Camlorn Guard. They need builders now, not soldiers.
    Besides, that Angof thing is still out there. Someone has to go deal with that. Unless, of course, you'd care to tempt me with a drink before I start my heroic journey?"

    If the Vestige is male, he'll instead say:

    "I'm resigning from the Camlorn Guard. Never did like being stuck in one place for too long.
    Once this Angof thing is finished, maybe I'll travel for awhile. See exotic lands, exotic women. Drink exotic wine. Oh, and cheese. I love cheese!"


    Diversity Loss! the horny guy from ESO is straight


    This can also be taken in another way though. Darien being bisexual, he could not know if the male Vestige is into men as well. And not wanting to assume, he plays it safe.


    Why are you trying to erase this canonically heterosexual character?

    video essays i’ve loved a lot recently!

  • the history of dieting is crazier than you think - a history of diet culture, its phases, faces, and diet culture media by mina le
  • When Hollywood Speaks Chinese, I Cringe- short essay about the cringey racist way Chinese language is portrayed in Hollywood
  • Good LGBT Representation is Boring (and why that’s a problem) - essay that dives into the double edge sword of “unproblematic” lgbt rep
  • The Decline of History Channel- a history of the history channel and how it lost almost all credibility. 
  • The Black Right Wing - fascinating essay on Black Americans who support Donald Trump, right wing politics and why that is. 
  • Can We Kill the Final Girl Trope Already? - one of my favourite essays ever about the first girl who dies in horror films.
  • Exploring The “Gender Critical” Radicalization Pipeline - tw: major transphobia, an essay about how TERF ideology online radicalises people to the right
  • A Buffet of Black Food History- do not watch this on an empty stomach! essay about the history of Black American food, culture and the success of Black cooks/chefs
  • No, Superhero Movies are NOT Like Westerns - excellent breakdown of all the reasons why the current proliferation of superhero films is not comparable culturally, economically or artistically to Westerns.
  • Maybe you should stay in the closet?…Coming Out re-examined - personal vlog/video essay about the history of “coming out” as lgbt and the culture around doing so has changed
  • The Matrix Resurrections Is Absolutely Beautiful- an analysis/review of the beautifully executed trans-ness of latest matrix films
  • make more characters bi, you cowards: why (not) romance? - analysis on the current state of bisexual representation in pop culture 
  • Heterofatalism: WHY straight women aren’t okay. - absolutely wild essay on the complex cultural attitudes that encourages straight women to hate themselves for loving men
  • The Pandemic Onscreen - How Film & TV Do Covid - analysis of the different ways fictional media is acknowledging the pandemic
  • kibibarel

    anybody remember Voltron? that wild son of a gun. it had 8 seasons over the span of 2 years


    just like the earth.


    Idk bro, I think Voltron definitely earned its Rot by the finale


    Yeah Voltron fell off a clif into a pit of rot, I haven’t gone back to watch it since it finished.


    Oh, it definitely has it’s rot


    it was so close to being a classic, and then womp we need a phrase for ‘i reccomend this show, its excellent, however you have to pretend the final season does not exist and replace it with fanfiction’

    Challenging Fatphobic Language in Writing: Some Alternative Vocabularies

    So I’m currently working on a short story for an explicitly fat-positive anthology, and it’s making me realize just how little language I have readily at hand for describing large bodies in positive terms! 

    Putting aside for a moment the whole debate over HAES and fat positivity and everything else – and if you clown on this post, I’m simply going to block you, that’s not what we’re here for – sometimes you just want to write a story with a fat person in it and you need some adjectives/descriptive language that isn’t overtly gross and/or fetishistic. 

    Well, I’ve got you, fam. I have compiled this handy list of descriptive terms and phrases for describing big bodies with positive connotations.

    Why am I doing this? 

    Because this:

    And this: 

    And frankly, we all deserve better. So let’s go. 

    Positive (and Neutral) Adjectives for Fatness

  • Abundant
  • Ample
  • Big
  • Broad
  • Buxom
  • Considerable
  • Curvy
  • Full
  • Generous
  • Heavy
  • Large
  • Luscious
  • Plentiful
  • Plump
  • Replete
  • Robust
  • Round
  • Rubenesque
  • Soft
  • Solid
  • Stocky
  • Substantial
  • Thick
  • Voluptuous
  • Zaftig
  • Movement Verbs Evoking Fatness

  • Amble
  • Bounce
  • Lope
  • Mosey
  • Pad
  • Plod
  • Pound
  • Ramble
  • Scoot
  • Shuffle
  • Trundle
  • Some Points to Keep In Mind

    A big part of challenging fatphobia in writing is inverting or subverting stereotypes. Here are a few lazy/played-out tropes and things to think about: 

    • Fat = Greedy
      I think we can all agree at this point that there are better ways to show greed – such as excessive wealth, entitlement, selfishness, and so forth. There is really no need to use fatness or gluttony as a metaphor for these concepts. Just write your greedy character doing greedy things and resist the urge to make them also be fat. If you need a strong visual metaphor, go for opulence and wealth instead. 
    • Fat = Gross
      A ton of media, especially horror, loves making fat people slovenly, smelly, covered in food stains, farting and belching, etc. etc. So if you want a more positive representation, just presenting the character as clean, well-dressed, tidy, etc. actually goes a very long way. Consider playing against type by making your fat character dapper or fastidious about other elements of their appearance, like their hair, or wearing very nice custom-fitted clothes (or even just “dressing up” a bit more than everyone else). 
    • Fat = Out of Shape
      Yes, absolutely, many fat people are also out of shape couch potatoes. But so are a lot of skinny people. And fat people absolutely can be athletic – go google “fat athletes” for several lists of them if you don’t believe me! Sure, you probably won’t find a ton of fat long-distance runners, but you’ll definitely find plenty of hefty weight lifters, fighters, folks with physical jobs, etc. A lot of super muscular people are also carrying extra fat, and that is in fact way more common and natural than the super-defined, well-cut muscles you see on TV. Keep that in mind the next time you’re writing an army of strong hand-to-hand combatants – they’re likely to be physically big, not in a bulging muscle He-Man way but more of an “absolute unit” way. Keep in mind, too, that even regular folks packing extra pounds will often tend to be a lot stronger (on account of spending every day carrying extra weight!) You can be fat and graceful, fat and strong, fat and with endurance. Just something to keep in mind. 
    • Fat = Pig
      Pigs have a reputation for being huge, dirty, smelly, garbage-eating slobby creatures, and “disgusting fat pig” and “porker” and their ilk have been insults against big people for a long time. Of course, in reality pigs are also super smart, highly social (and fucking terrifying) but that’s not usually waht gets invoked when people think of them! Really, avoiding animal language when talking about people is often a good idea (since animal comparisons can be dehumanizing), but if you are going to evoke an animal, go with something else. Like a seal (super cute, very graceful in its natural environment) or a bear (big and solid and intimidating) or a bull elk (thick and majestic). 
    • Fat = Ugly
      Fat people can be beautiful. I mean, sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and inner beauty is a thing and all that – but that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean that fat bodies are great! They’re warm and soft and huggable. They’re big and solid and comforting. They can be strong and protective. They can be super-feminine and curvy. Cute as a button or powerful and demanding with their presence. 

    Obviously dismantling fatphobia is a whole big (ha, ha) topic all on its own, and there’s a ton more to think about. But this is at least something to get you started! 

    Context matters a whole lot in description – words can be positive or negative based on how they’re utilized! But these are at least some terms intended to be a bit less loaded with negative baggage than those often used in less flattering descriptions. 

    Have you read a book with a fat character who had a great or interesting description? Please reblog, I’d love to see how other authors have handled it! 


    it’s actually none of your business or concern if a trans person decides to keep their birth name


    there’s this trans guy on tiktok (you might know him) who kept his birth name (sasha) and he gets shit for it all the time. people say things like “if you’re trans why did you keep your deadname?” “i would hate it if people kept calling me a ‘girl name’” and he has to say “it’s not a deadname, it’s just my name.” and when people find out he’s trans they’re like “oh so what’s your name?” and he’s like “sasha” and they’re like “no i mean what’s your guy name, like your trans name?” “…sasha” i remember he made a video about it and was like “are y’all trying to make me hate my name or something or make me feel bad for keeping my birth name? i like it and it’s who i am” and honestly i feel like a lot of people think trans liberation comes from changing everything about yourself instead of keeping the parts about you that you like. “well wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you fit into this binary mold of gender and conformity?” no actually. a lot of trans people want to transition and get new names, and good for them! but it’s a personal decision and it’s not the only “correct” path and if they want to keep their birth name, that’s their choice and it should be respected