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    Izanami (meaning ‘She Who Invites’) was the goddess of both creation and death as well as the former wife of the god Izanagi in Japanese mythology. They were the eighth pair of brother-and-sister gods to appear after heaven and earth separated out of chaos. By standing on the floating bridge of heaven and stirring the primeval ocean with a heavenly jewelled spear, they created the first landmass. Eventually they had two children, Hiruko (‘leech-child) and Awashima, but they were born deformed and were not considered deities. They put the children into a boat and set them out to sea, then petitioned the other gods for an answer as to what they did wrong. They were told that the male deity should have spoken first in greeting during the marriage ceremony. They both tried again, this time with Izanagi speaking first, making their marriage successful and from their union the Ōyashima, or the ‘Great Eight Islands’ of Japan were born.

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