Defending the Colonies

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2022-05-16 17:18:55

    The Child trafficking story from NYT is real (why I’m passing this on).

    There is an obvious problem with the Seth Rich tweet: Seth Rich died in Spring 2016; Q posted his first message in November 2017 – there is no possibility of Seth Rich referencing #Qanon (a fictional entity created by the lying media – there is a “Q” and there are “Anons” but there is no “QAnon”) let alone #Pizzagate. Pizzagate, which is, if looked into, highly credible, became a news story based on FBI data on Child Trafficking matching leaked Podesta emails (by Seth Rich?) wherein he uses the same terminology “for ordering Pizzas” that the FBI had previously documented as code for trafficking children – the bizarre toppings describe the type of child you prefer.

    My guess is this is meant as disinformation, noise. By presenting real information in a discreditable way the authors hope to make people disavow the real information should they come across it in another context – oh, that’s that crazy conspiracy theory non-sense, I fell for it once then discovered the source was bogus. The meme is bogus, the facts are not.

    Hammock Netting

    A hammock net is a net made of traditionally tarred linen that is often attached to the bulwark. This created a compartment on the rail and in good weather the hammocks were stored there to air out.

    The white Hammock netting of HMS Victory (x)

    In battle, the hammocks were then rolled up and stuffed into the space between the two pieces of hammock net, thus providing a kind of breast defence.

    And here the black net of USS Constitution (x)

    This provided relative protection from fire from the tops and was also a splinter shield. Often, a sailcloth was stretched over the net so that it could also be used as a visual protection.