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    Girls Talk

    “Why did he think he’d get away with it, Mrs Jones?” the mystified Julie asked, after having sparked Robert, she handed over the red bottomed and tear streaked lad over to his mother to receive second helpings. “He must know I tell you everything!”

    Mary Lawrence settled her son into prime spanking position over her lap and beamed at the troubled looking sitter. “I guess this is an early lesson in life for young Robert here, isn’t it, sweetheart?” she answered, addressing the sobbing boy. “Boys may lie to get themselves out of trouble, but girls talk!”


    Art by BBSpank

    Simon’s Spanking

    Young Simon felt his trousers pulled down and fall away to his ankles. He saw them in a humiliating jumble obscuring his shoes, and observed his teacher’s low heeled feet, nyloned legs, and skirt hemline as she bent him over. Simon closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He always wondered at this moment, when he heard the loud smack! on his bottom, why it took an age for the excruciating pain to fire across his exposed backside.

    Perhaps if he had listened in her Biology class, he would know, the lad reflected...