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    The thing about knitting is it’s much harder to fear the existential futility of all your actions while you’re doing it.

    Like ok, sure, sometimes it’s hard to believe you’ve made any positive impact on the world. But it’s pretty easy to believe you’ve made a sock. Look at it. There it is. Put it on, now your foot’s warm.

    Checkmate, nihilism.


    This is a powerful positive message..


    I’m literally reading a book right now (Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski) that says this is scientifically sound.

    There have been studies done on rats and dogs where they develop learned helplessness in the animals by giving them impossible tasks. Eventually the animals stop trying, even when the task stops being impossible. (I.e. put a rat in a maze with cheese it can’t get to until it develops learned helplessness, then put the cheese somewhere it can get to it and it won’t even try.) But once they show the animals they CAN do something - i.e. physically moving the rat to the cheese - the learned helplessness goes away.

    No one can move you to your cheese for you, but the book says DOING something - which they define as “anything that isn’t nothing” can help. Make a food. Work in the garden. Clean a thing. Do a favor for a friend. Call your elected officials.

    Knit a sock.

    If you feel overwhelmed by existential despair, do something. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be anything that isn’t nothing.

    EMERGENCY please read and share

    Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for begging, but one of my pet rats has gotten very ill. And it’s breaking my heart, she wont let me hold her because she’s in so much pain, she’s struggling to walk and groom herself, and I can’t understand why She’s whining so much and it’s not like her at all. It started yesterday when she seemed awfully tired, she wouldn’t come when I called her, she wasn’t excited when I opened the cage, she didn’t want to explore or move, I had to move her sister to another cage because she’s a bit of a bully and Chilli would just cry out everytime Cheese got near her. same with when I got near her.

    I really need to take her to the vet, but I can’t afford it since I lost my job before new years, and things haven’t been that great tbh. 

    If anyone could spare any money at all, if it’s just some cents I’d be so grateful 
    Please help me out or share so I can take her to the vet ASA



    twitter etiquette for new users

  • replying is how you make friends! reply to anything you want and be friendly. don’t make rude jokes if you’re not friends already though!
  • quote retweeting is a no-no. when you “retweet with a comment” it’s not liked by content creators because it makes a new tweet out of their tweet and they don’t get the likes and retweets they would get if you’d just retweeted it straight up. if you want to comment on a retweet, reply to it or post a new tweet starting with “LRT” which stands for “last retweet” (it’s fine to quote retweet dumb memes and so on.)
  • you can make your tweets private. this means no one but your followers will be able to see what you post and no one will be able to retweet your content.  you can switch back and forth between private and public at will. some people make a separate private account to tweet personal stuff and let mutuals follow it only. it’s a good way to keep things separate.
  • what is privatter? privatter is a third party web app that content creators can allow to be attached to their twitter. it lets them tweet content that they can make exclusive to logged in users, followers, mutuals, or a specific list of users. as long as you are logged in to twitter and fall into the intended category, you’ll be able to see it. 
  • you can mute people you follow. (and those you don’t, ofc.) you can also mute words and phrases and entire conversations. if you mute someone you follow and they reply to you, that reply will still show up in your notifications. it’s a good way to keep the peace!
  • you can limit notifications to people who follow you or to mutuals. (notifications from people you follow will still show up regardless of which option you’ve selected.)
  • miscellaneous tips and warnings: if you accidentally unfollow and refollow someone, it won’t show up in their notifications as long as it’s within a couple minutes. no more accidental stuff. everyone can see who everyone follows so watch out. people will know if you unfollow. if you want to report someone and want them gone forever, report a tweet where they used a curse word. screenshotting tweets for harassment is a no-no and can get you banned. don’t be lame. don’t be a dick. vaguing others is generally really bad form and so is complaining about content within a fandom you’re in. use the mute tools at your disposal and don’t be a spoiler. you won’t come back from a rep like that and everyone sees everything.
  • that’s it! happy tweeting!!


    how do i keep all my content together on twitter?

  • threads are your best friend!! you make a tweet with your commission info and links and so on and pin it to the top of your page. then reply to that tweet with a copy and pasted link to the tweet where you posted the art/fic/etc you want to not lose. reply to that new tweet with the next piece of artwork and so on. you can also make a unique hashtag for your content to use when you post, so that when you search that hashtag later you’re able to see just your art. good luck!
  • warlordrexx

    Oh this is good to know.  I have no idea how twitter works really.


    Hey guys! The FF has finally been made~ Here’s a list of tons of people I think y’all should follow! And if I’ve left someone out, please don’t take it the wrong way. I tried my best to remember every single username, and friend. And don’t take things too personally..!

    People I’ve chatted or became friends with:
    @ar-ameth​ @lance-kitkat​ @ryak-lightning @smiles4voltron​ @eggyok90​ @transientday​ @ray-kaladis​ @pixlokita​ @pyrathepyro​ @spook-wolf​ @splatterlewis​ @spicybc​ @ask-mr-hugalout​ @misskitkatmadness​ @nella26​ @ghostymeat​ @surikitsuna​ @bluescarfvivi​

    Some awesome people you should also check out:
    @roskiiart @wonewon @novadly​ @sailoreevee018​ @maniacaltoaster​ @lewanei​ @sikri​ @amongthegentlymad​ @maddcactus-art​ @yellowphosphor​ @sylviene​ @albichuno @kingramiel @hapaxva 

    That’s all~! These are mix of my friends and people I admire who I think wouldn’t mind getting tagged. Thank you guys for all of the support you’ve given me, and seeing your posts on my dash make my day a little better. uwu


    /)Ó uÒ(\


    If you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Disassociation, Intrusive thoughts, or any number of things that take you away from a healthy head-space then this song is for you.

    This song is a template for a coping mechanism.
    This will walk you through a legitimate method of addressing intrusive thoughts and working through them in order to ground yourself. I cannot express how important this is- for people like me who suffer from these moments all the time this song is so important.

    6 facts about myself

    Write 6 facts about yourself, then tag 10 followers. I got tagged by the hellolittlebow himself so let’s go
    1) I am a walking encyclopedia - by that statement, I tend to read a lot of information that may or may not be of some use to me. Whenever someone asks me about something, its a very long winded conversation.
    2) The only left-handed person in the family and does everything left-handed. I have no problems using right-handed equipment/utensils. Yes, I do experience a bit of stigma for it.
    3) Constantly worried and stressed out about everything; both what happened in past and foreseeing the unknown future. Sometimes leading to bouts of depression
    4) Lived a sheltered life due to highly-strict parents. Feels socially awkward in public
    5) Loves to cook various cuisines.
    6) “Macgyvers” everything; from basic first aid to repairing broken components.
    tagging: Nowler, Brit, Clair, Mystic, Doc, Raichuu, Florcentmoo, Shaiann, Stairfacts, Pardusnix

    Picarto.TV under attack

    Dear Picarto.TV artists and viewers,

    we are really sorry for the issue since yesterday. Someone is trying to attack Picarto constantly and we are working already on a better protection.

    We are sorry for the interrupts you have. The attackers are not only harm Picarto, they harms the whole community.

    Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

    Your Picarto.TV - Team Dogan