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    Now for some knotting facts

    A dog cums directly into a girls womb thanks to their pointed cock which creates a warm, full feeling inside girls which often contributes to the intense orgasms, while men's cock which is curved away from the cervix makes it impossible for a man to ejaculate in a girls womb directly.

    Dogs ejaculate far more volume than necessary to totally fill the womb and it often results in very visible belly swelling that stays there for hours or even days. the remaining cum often drips out the cervix and needs girls to wear something to catch the over flow, and the rest is absorbed by the body

    Dog knots directly stimulate the gspot which creates a state of high, consistent constant pleasure for a girl the heaven-like state is punctuated by often dozens of earth-shaking orgasms

    Dog cum is very beneficial to women. The chemicals and hormones inside the cum makes a girls vaginal walls thicker, stronger and more sensitive, and the womb far more fertile for a dogs sperm. It also makes a slightly alkaline environment in the vagina and womb which makes it far harder for a man to knock her up and your pussy far more hospitable to a dogs sperm. It also rejuvenates a woman and makes her pussy tighter and younger, tightens her breasts and make them more perky, make all your skin look younger and glow, and can even make wrinkles disappear...just from having him ejaculate in you!!

    Dogs have around 900% MORE sperm cells per drop of semen compared to the most fertile men which is an astounding feat considering the amount of ejaculate they make!

    Dogs ejaculate 8-16 BILLION sperm cells in a single orgasm. The most fertile men ejaculate 300 million

    The average penis size for a large breed dog like a great dane, German Shepherd, husky, Labrador, etc. is 9 inches long and 6 inches of girth

    The average testicle size for a large breed dog is around the size of eggs, or around the size of both an average man's testicles combined into one.

    A dogs makes enough sperm in 8 hours to impregnate every woman and girl on the planet twice

    If a dog were able to impregnate a woman it would take an astounding 24 seconds at least and 30 seconds at average to impregnate her. If you were to look at the egg while fertilization were occurring the egg would be completely engulfed in billions of sperm thanks to dogs ability to ejaculate directly into the womb. Meanwhile men lack that ability and when fertilization is occurring with humans there are only a dozen or so sperm on the egg and it often takes several hours, sometimes even a day to impregnate a girl.

    Dogs cocks, testes (surface), semen and precum are full of hormones that after prolonged exposure create a long term craving for more sex from the dog and make women able to be much wetter and hospitable to sperm

    Also when a woman is active and exposed to the stud and his charms and hormones, the level of stimulation is much much higher than with a man and the hormones really drive a woman to want more k9 cock..very primal need.

    What K9 women are feeling is the very deepest sexual desire without the clutter of procreation and other complications..makes for a very wanting bitch for a k9 stud.

    Stephanie Sinnz 💋


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    I can't believe this still exists here on the tumbler....

    I saw it so long ago, it feels like... It turned me on so much!... The casualness of the whole thing.... How casually she has her tits out, and begins sucking that black cock....

    I shared it with my lady, and it turned her the hell on too....

    Since we watched this clip together, she's actually sucked off not just one, but TWO! black cocks... The first of them, a good number of times... An arrangement that continues til just last night, she swallowed his load in a car parked across the road, on the shoulder....

    The second of them, three or four times now... She keeps talking about how she can actually deepthroat him, and how he cums in her throat... So deep that she doesn't taste it. She keeps talking about wanting to fuck him... Delaying until she can get back onto her BC, she doesn't want a fucking thing between her pussy and his cock, especially between her and him unloading his balls inside of her...


    My husband's view, opening the passenger door for me, dropping me off at my favorite "adult" lounge, where inside I am set to meet my newest lover for our intended night together....

    Who is tall, strong, handsome, uncut BBC, witty, classy enough for a lounge, and like half my age and treats me like I'm half my age. (he's unbelievable)

    If anyone's wondering if I'm wearing panties in this photo, maybe you didn't catch the above! absolutely not, lol why would I?

    Hooker chic

    Here are some dressing up ideas for those girls wanting to go to next level slut.

    Many of you start out as boring tomboys as you try to hide the slut in you, or as dreary shy girls who are too scared to admit that you are constantly horny. But as you realise this is. a valid part of your personality, you will dress differently, you will become feminine young women. Then some of you will embrace your true nature and turn yourself into slutty little bimbos in high heels, bleached hair and tight clothes. Finally, there are those who truly give up their dignity and end up looking like cheap hooker trash.

    We all know you wish you could be brave enough to look like this …. well, with the right support and encouragement, this could be you too.


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