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    Your wife is apologetic, but this was always the natural conclusion for what you craved. You wanted her to cuckold you and even put a man from your work in her path. And he is all man and is her boyfriend. She craves him physically and emotionally. She sees him as her man now. And you as a cuck. Men own their pussy, and he needs to know that only he fucks her. She explains that you have to accept that and says it will be easier over time as she hasn’t enjoyed fucking you in years. You may lick her but that is all. This was always your path. It was your true destiny.

    Your cuckold idea was inspiring to your wife. Having enjoyed other men, she now sees with new eyes. She did warn you that your marriage would be altered, and she was right. Every one of them was larger than you. A new one is picking her up for lunch and your wife gazes upon you making her hungry for him. That makes you hard. You shouldn’t expect her home anytime soon. A real man deserves a hungry woman in his bed. Your wife is starved. 


    In that moment everything changed. The thoughts that were in the deep recesses of their minds were now at the forefront. There was no longer any doubt about either one of them wanting what was in front of them. The concerns over his wife and family no longer seemed like such an obstacle as she stared at him with her pouty eyes. They both knew what they wanted, and that they would figure out the rest of the details later. For now, as far as either of them were concerned, he couldn’t get inside of her fast enough.

    She had gone to a house party that night by herself.  You didn’t want to go for whatever reason, and she said it was fine.  A few hours later, you receive a text message. It seems she got into a game of strip poker with some others.

    She came home next morning. She was exhausted, though glowing with satisfaction.  After treating her to breakfast in bed, she filled you in on all the details she could remember.  She did indeed lose her bra and panties (on purpose maybe?) and ended up having to “earn” back all her clothes from the various other players. She had to give Craig a blow job for her shirt, she had to fuck Marc for her panties, and she had to give her best friend Cindy’s boyfriend a hand job for her bra.

    Over the coming weeks, you also got to hear many more details from the guys who were involved in this game.