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2021-06-12 16:53:07

    What the FUCK? This isn’t my face, this isn’t my body... why am I wearing—?!

    Wait a second, this is that faggot Oscar that rents from me down the hall! The one that said he was gonna put some kind of spell on me for being homophobic? He... switched our fuckin bodies?! How?!

    Dude, I’m gonna beat that homo’s ass! Wait... I’d be beating my own ass. Shit.

    On second thought... Oscar’s body is kinda... hot.

    Wait, did I really just think that?! I’m straight. I don’t even like men like that. But... damn... when I flex, when he flexes I mean, it’s making me hard. Hard in this new dick, which is actually bigger than mine...

    I need to focus. This ain’t right. I gotta get my body back. I’m going to my apartment.

    Fuck! He’s... me. He’s in my body, chillin on the stairs, all nonchalant... this is tripping me out... what the fuck am I wearing? “Daddy” socks?! Those righty whities? Oscar in my body makes me look— good. Really fucking good. Am I really that hot?

    What’s going on? Am I into this? Am I gay?

    “Sup” my face says. Only is Oscar in there talking. “Ready for Pride, bro? I like my new thighs. You must do a lot of squats.”

    What the fuck is he talking about...

    Change us back man! I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t call you a faggot again, ok? And you don’t even have to pay me rent this month!

    “I’ll switch you back at the end of the month, Pete. I like this body, and I want you to get to live in mine, so you can experience what it’s like to be me. It’s not so bad, and the spell made it so that being in my body makes you gay, like me. So we’re both gonna get a lot of dick and ass for the next 30 days. You can thank me later. And rent’s on me.”

    He laughs at my shocked face on his face. I can’t believe this shit. But he has a point... being in Oscar’s body, seeing my own hot body being controlled by him, it’s got my new big brown cock rock hard in these cute little rainbow briefs.

    “Why don’t you come over here and fuck yourself?”

    He doesn’t gotta tell me twice. I’m letting him top, of course. I want to feel my own cock in me so bad.

    Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈


    🚨Homophobia found bleeding in a ditch‼️🚨