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    Gather round kids while I explain this manipulation tactic that men perpetually try to use and why it’s bullshit.

    If someone is openly showing interest in you by making disparaging or disappointed comments about your age, they’re trying to put you on the defensive. This guy wants me to try to quell his discomfort, to bring up that Im only a month shy of 20, etc. - he wants me to try to prove myself to him, that I’m mature and adult enough for a man like him.

    His goal is to establish a power imbalance right off the bat. If we were to date, I would constantly be on the defensive, constantly striving to be an equal, constantly trying to prove my “adult” credentials. Anything he says or does or wants from this point on that I object to would just be seen as a strike against my age, proof that he was right and that I’m not mature enough for him. This is how SO MANY men pressure younger individuals (primarily women and girls) into situations and relationships they aren’t comfortable with. If he truly thought I was too young for him, he wouldn’t have messaged me. This is a very calculated move, and it’s fucking gross.

    Adult relationships with age gaps are completely fine, but only if all parties view each other as equals. If someone is trying to set you up in a way that ensures that’s never a possibility, run far away.




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    This is really important because I think that educating about power imbalances and how to spot that manipulation is a lot better than saying “young people don’t date older people”. I had people use this kind of tactic on me when I was 18/19 as well and it is really damaging.


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    Why do you hate male doms so much 🥺

    I don't I just wish they were more educated lmao! I only hate like "come here kitten let me hurt you" *b&w pic of me holding a belt as avi* type doms, soooo many of you have literally no idea what you're doing and it's just like, misogyny masked as kink lol. I KNOW most of these men aren't having genuine conversations with their subs about their interests and boundaries. have never heard of SSC or RACK. don't understand aftercare. unfortunately too many men jus get off on controlling women & think that being a dom means you can do whatever you want. I see scary shit far too often, and have experienced scary shit far too often 😞

    but I absolutely ADORE d/s dynamics! when they're done properly they're the most wholesome, comfortable, loving zones lol.