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    The only thing you check for is if someone else already asked for PTO in the same slot. That's it.

    My department fell apart 2 weeks ago when I took my PTO. we were already short handed, someone quit at the start of the week, and there was literally nobody to even call in to cover, so they were fucked. But that's on corporate for refusing to hire enough people. That's on corporate for thinking we need no overlap in our shifts, no midday people . That's not my fault that I needed a specific week off, or even if I just WANTED it off. Businesses know what they need to do, it's not on me to make things easy for a billion dollar corporation that doesn't even give a shit about my store.


    Word of advice kids: Don't take workplace advice from someone who uses Scrooge McDuck lighting a cigar with a bank note as their user icon.


    Perhaps the most-terrifying space photograph around.

    Astronaut Bruce McCandless II floats untethered away from the safety of the space shuttle, with nothing but his Manned Maneuvering Unit keeping him alive. The first person in history to do so.

    Credit: NASA


    Yeah but give the guy a parachute if he falls lol there’s mountains right there


    beating breath of the wild in under 40 minutes is an incredible feat and also fucking excellent in the context of the game. ganon spends 100 fucking years preparing this onslaught, building energy, getting ready to tear the world apart, and one elf twink wakes up butt-ass naked in a cave and legs it to the castle and kicks ganon’s ass apart in under an hour with a sword he found along the way


    Just screeching obscenities as he sprints barefoot across a field of killer robots


    yeah it was link


    link, after waking up not knowing anything but anger:


    The current record is 27.5 minutes. Knowing that speedrunners skip the Great Plateau tower, this means that they don’t get the cutscene where Ganon and his Guardians awake until they reach Hyrule Castle. Ganon doesn’t even know Link is awake until Link is at his doorstep, which is about 16:50 into the run.

    Less than three minutes later, Link kills the first of Ganon’s Blights with a single arrow and swiftly takes down the next three. Within five minutes of Ganon being face to face with his arch nemesis, he is killed.

    Ganon had a total of 10 minutes and 40 seconds to stop Link.

    Just screeching obscenities as he sprints barefoot across a field of killer robots

    Ganon fucking wishes. Link comes flying in on a paraglider at like 80 mph just because he jumped off a bokoblin’s head. I can only imagine Link screaming “FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOUUUUUU” all the way (about 50 seconds in the run but 30 seconds without lag)


    link: [wakes up] when i see Ganon it’s fucking on sight


    There’s so much glory in one screen shot


    New reaction image


    Homophobe: *tries to kill me.* Judge: have you tried to tell him to fuck off?


    Nah this is important because in Australia you can be arrested for swearing in public so you’re at a protest for example, get pushed by a cop, tell the cop to fuck off, cop arrests you. Well now this gives you a defense


    And also offensive language is banned on public transport, and can get you dragged off the train.