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    Hey y’all in case you don’t know there’s going to be a YouTube walkout happening from December 10th-13th in response to the new terms and agreements YouTube put in place. According to the new terms they’re allowed to delete channels if they don’t meet community guild lines, which historically for them has included LGBT related channels and content.

    Many creators are not posting during this walkout and is asking for people not to use YouTube unless it’s related to the UK election (if you live the UK and still want to participate in the walkout but need to use YouTube to stay on top of election info I think there’s a UK one from the 13th-16th too!)

    Anyway fuck those new terms and I’m gonna be deleting my YouTube app on my phone until the 16th.

    [Image description: white text on a (mostly) black field: Join the YouTube WalkOut December 10th to December 13th 2019; the phrase “YouTube WalkOut” is inside a red square like the YouTube logo. Description Ends]

    Reblogging for the additional info on the alternative dates for people in the UK. Good luck Storming the Castle, I mean: With the Election!

    Oh, heck! Go ahead and storm the castle, too, if you’re up for it!

    yes, let’s punish a bunch of content creators. this will certainly work out well


    Okay, so, I wanted to make a post pointing out how little proof we actually get of the accusations against I-am-a-fish, the false information being perpetuated, and how absurd some of the complaints are, and I want to remind people that calling someone a pedophile is a serious accusation; no one is foolish, nor misguided in wanting the entire story.

    Before I start, I want to point people to Vurbubera’s post and the contributions made to it. They’ve addressed the Discord part better than I ever could, so I’m skipping over that one.

    <>The 20+ wait no 3 wait no 2 blogs.

    To start off, I want to point out that this post is applicable regardless of when Fish followed these people. We have a screenshot of Fish mass following people on the 12th of November, but no exact dates for when they followed the accounts, so I’ll nip any protests of the ‘but but but they might have been following for longer!’ variety right in the bud.


    I’ve checked every callout: the Google Doc, Rat’s posts, and the person who looked through who they were following and I’ve only been able to find evidence for three blogs (technically two, since the characters Karbuitt draws are both depicted as adults and are also adults in canon despite looking young). All three primarily posted sfw/gen art and the one that actually does do nsfw underage art has a linked nsfw account that would have made more sense to follow if seeking that content. I can also find no mention of 20+ blogs in the Google Doc and the original compilation of these blogs, so I’m confused about this number. It just seems to be a random number someone threw out there to further besmirch Fish’s reputation.

    The three accounts are Kamawanu__, Krskiii, and Karbuitt. Since I doubt most people are going to bother to or want to look at these accounts, I’ve done it myself and compiled information to demonstrate how unlikely it was someone following two thousand people - even significantly less - would have been able to see suspect art, or would have followed specifically for it given how sparsely it’s posted. 


    There is exactly one account that posts Rick & Morty and Spiderverse incest, and this is their header:


    So that’s two false claims: there is one account, and nothing in the header to indicate they post shota. 

    There’s also nothing in the other account headers that say they post shota despite this comment:


    The other headers: 


    I suspect she’s referring to kamawanu__ again, since it’s relatively clear a lot of this is word of mouth and is playing out like a game of telephone.

    I’m putting the rest under a Read More since this is getting ridiculously long.

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    im reblogging a lot of fish stuff but only because some of y’all are utter fools

    What happened with i-am-a-fish? A compilation:

    A lot of people are confused about what happened with Tumblr user i-am-a-fish (who I’ll refer to as Fish from here on out for the sake of readability), and a lot of rumor, misinformation and hyperbole is circulating. With this post I hope to compile the claims and evidence against him, examine their validity, and hopefully bring everyone up to speed.

    Let’s get the main thing out of the way first:


    Veggiefact is a Twitter account with over 270k followers. 

    The callout post it references is this one: A second call-out is making the rounds too, from bubblegumlopunny, and it’s a Google doc:–AGHcTqVBO1E6TLGLhHI/edit

    Both callouts share about 90% of the same information. Bubblegum’s callout includes accusations of racism and lesbophobia as well, and more incendiary language and questionable charges than the Tumblr post, but in this post I’ll only focus on the accusations that Fish is a pedophile. 

    The child porn accounts on Twitter

    The “child porn accounts” it refers to are @krskiii, @Karbuitt and @kamawanu__. The last one is actually safe for work, provided you work at a place that’s cool with you being on Twitter, and the second-to-last one sort-of is, depending how your boss feels about suggestive pin-ups and sex jokes. 

    Kamawanu posts fanart of various fandoms, but mostly fanart of Rick & Morty and Into the Spider-Verse. Kamawanu is an incest shipper, although they keep that content to a separate, adult-only and locked account. Karbuitt posts artwork of various Nintendo characters, but in particular Viridi from Kid Icarus. Neither of these accounts can be argued to be “dedicated to child porn” in any capacity.  


    Although some Tumblr users would argue in earnest this is child porn as well.

    Krskiii is the only account to have posted questionable content. While the vast majority of their feed is cute, safe for work anime art, they posted lolicon back in januari this year. Both callouts include a second screenshot from a tweet made in 2016 as well. 

    Was this something Fish reasonably could’ve known about? According to the callout in the Google doc:

    This is straight-up untrue.

    Not only is it perfectly possible to follow Twitters without checking them first (and many follow-for-follow Twitters operate this way) but even if you do vet accounts, there is no archive or tags like Tumblr has to conveniently show you what kind of content you can expect. You have to manually scroll through a person’s timeline or media tab to see what they post.

    You’d only see their most recent tweets, not ones they made almost a damn year ago.

    Fish followed this account in a follow-spree that had him hit the follow limit for the day on November 12th, almost a whole year after it was made. Fish’s claim that he didn’t know about these pictures is not only perfectly believable; it’s unlikely that he would’ve even known about it unles he’d dug through this person’s media tab quite far.


    This is not the behaviour of someone who curated their following list and carefully vetted everyone on it. 

    Was this irresponsible behaviour of him, towards both himself and his followers? Sure, you can make that argument. But it’s not evidence for anything more sinister than that.

    The Pornhub joke

    If you’re still on Tumblr in 2019, you were probably around for the porn purge of 2018, the one that had everyone scrambling for a new online home. With how few alternatives there are of social media sites that allow NSFW content, people started discussing, mostly as a joke, the possibility of moving to Pornhub. It was enough of a Thing that Pornhub’s social media department caught wind of it.


    I-am-a-fish decided to get in on the joke and created a Pornhub account and posted about “relocating” on Twitter and Tumblr:


    How zany! A goldfish on a porn site!

    People voiced discomfort over it, so Fish deleted the links from Tumblr and the Twitter bio, but didn’t delete the tweet. The Pornhub account itself seems to have never been used.

    The sex joke

    Part of the callout post is the claim Fish “deliberately exposes minors to porn”, this + the Pornhub thing is what they’re referring to.


    At some point in late 2018 or early 2019 Fish decided this wasn’t the direction he wanted to take his blog into, changed the original post, deleted the reblogs, and hasn’t posted nsfw content since.


    Also this happened a year ago.

    The Discord server

    Fish briefly ran a Discord server with a strict no-bullying policy that applied to everyone. This is not a political stance, but it was turned into one. This counts as “believing in reverse oppression”:


    Most of the mods were adults, which is supposedly creepy:


    One of them thought shipping characters who have been aged-up into adulthood isn’t paedophilia:


    Someone on the server thought “pedophilia” is a sexuality:

    One thing to note here is that none of these actually involve Fish’s own thoughts or actions, just those of people he’s vaguely associated with (is Mother Allspite a close friend? An acquintance? Someone who volunteered to help moderate the chat?), as well as complete strangers. He’s being associated with statements people have made who have no connection to him whatsoever.

    Here are the claims I’ve seen making the rounds about the Discord server of which I’ve seen no evidence:

  • That the mods supported pedophilia
  • That the mods themselves were pedophiles
  • That pedophilia was treated as a sexuality you could tag yourself with
  • That the server was full of pedophiles
  • The claim that the server mixed minors with adults and didn’t section off nsfw content/discussion is at least a believable one, so I’m not including it here. It’s not proof of anyone being a pedophile, however. It just means the Discord server was poorly managed.

    What to make of this?

    There is no proof that Fish is anything worse than a young adult (despite the callout posts all making a huge deal out of him being an adult, he’s still only 19 years old) who got too popular too fast and didn’t understand the responsibility that came with that. Even for his “worst” offenses there is no proof of ill intent behind them. At worst there is poor judgment, irresponsibility, and impulsiveness. There is certainly no proof that he is attracted to children, much less that he ever acted on it. 



    (I have no idea where the “20+ Twitters dedicated to child porn” claim comes from and found no evidence whatsoever to support it)