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2022-06-28 00:21:39

    I don’t normally do this, but please read this and share it.

    Here is a reddit post @her-master made where he details how he made a submissive write a suicide note for his protection in case he killed her. Yes, you read that right.

    While it reads like badly written erotica from the submissive’s point of view, he says it’s true in the post, and in a since deleted comment:

    I say since deleted because he deleted his entire reddit account once he realized I was reading it.

    @her-master confirms this is his reddit account here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/her-master/681999075480158208

    This is doubly disturbing when you count the fact he has a propensity for not wanting safe words. He links his normal d/s contract here:

    You can read the contract here. I imagine he’ll delete it, I’ve downloaded it in case he does.

    I bring your attention to section

    Well, now we know why @her-master doesn’t want to have to use safe words. Because he doesn’t want to be safe. He wants to abuse women.

    Please spread this. You might save someone’s life.


    The heart of it. As CD said, it reads like erotica but he started the post saying this was a true story, that he really did this.  


    🥰💞 He has caused so much drama since returning to tumblr including making a fake blog and harassing myself and @dominant-dominion Thank you so much @cynicaldom and @amysubmits for this post!!!

    REBLOG TO SOREAD THE WORD WND BLOCK @her-master (it won’t tag him as I have him blocked I don’t think)


    I don’t usually stick my nose in other peoples business but this is sick. This man is posing as a dom and forced a sub to write a suicide note in case he killed her. That’s not a D/s relationship that is a crime and conspiracy to commit murder. This man has no place among us please post this and possibly save a life.

    There is an idea of a Tumblr, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real community. Only a script, something illusory. And though I can hide my automated user support, and you can look at your for you tab and find something you like and maybe you can even sense there’s an intern here with a sense of humor, I simply where your interests connect you to your people.


    Looove seeing the same guys holding signs that mock shatnez and kashrut laws at pride every year and ppl praising them and taking pictures and shit


    One was like "repent for your sin of eating shrimp and bacon" like never felt more alienated from my community as a jew who follows kashrut


    Reblogging this again bc rereading it got me mad but you have to realize how hurtful it is. The attempt to say "Haha xtians quote the bible to say being gay is a sin but they do all this stuff that's a sin in the old testament" and like other jews have said it so much better but the thing is xtians don't follow "old testament" laws because they are xtians. There is a reason they refer to the torah as "the old testament." To them it is old. Outdated. Unneeded. A relic of the past that the wonderful "new testament" has come to correct.

    But people who do follow the "old testament"? Jewish people? We see that. We are at pride fests. We are at pride parades and pride parties and marches and rallies. We are online in gay spaces and forums and facebook pages. We see you mocking us. Yes, there is homophobia and transphobia in the Jewish community. No, that is not a thing goyim should be allowed to be discussing because frankly, it isn't your business. You cannot fight xtian homophobia by shoving Jewish people under the bus. You're no better than the xtians who treat us as misguided and uncivilized for not assimilating to their "new testament"