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2020-07-13 04:21:21

    Decided to run out and get ant traps to put under the entertainment center.

    Walked outside and was like “ugh- so hot.” Turned on the car and the radio says “it’s 10 minutes to 1’oclock and we’re unde a red flag warning.”

    No wonder it’s so hot. It feels like so much earlier in the day. I got up at 6 and fed the cat, slept until 8:30, went back to bed from 10:30-11:30.

    Maybe now that I’ve been up and out of the house I can focus on doing *something* today.

    Epi Pen PSA -- could save a life!

    In addition to my breast cancer, I have the joy of multiple autoimmune diseases. One of them causes me to have anaphylaxis to myself, so in addition to the bi-weekly cancer chemo I receive monthly Immunotherapy. They will not administer it at your appointment unless you have your Epi Pens with you, because the Immunotherapy itself can cause anaphylaxis and you may need it on the ride home.

    I had Immunotherapy Monday, and as the chemo fog has fried my brain, I decided to get out my box and check on when my Epi Pens expire while I was sitting there for my 30 minute post delivery observation, My Nurse noticed me looking at the box, and I told her I was checking the expiration date.

    She walked over and told me the date I was looking at was only the expiration date of the prescription, not the actual Epinephrine syringe. Where I live, pill bottles and the like typically say “Drug Z, Filled 1-2-33,Good until 1-2-34, 5 refills expires 1-2-34” so Drug Z was good for a year and so was the prescription.

    The tag on my Epi Pen box said “Filled 4-10-19 Expires 4-10-20”

    She told me that Epi Pens were different, the tag on the box was the date for the prescription expiration only. The medication, the actual Epinephrine expiration dates were only on the syringes themselves. She then proceeded to open the box, remove the sheaths, open them and remove the syringes, and show me the expiration dates.

    My Epi Pens had been dispensed in April 2019, and had expired in July of 2019. My Epi Pens, on which my life might depend, had expired SEVEN FREAKING MONTHS AGO. They had had a lifespan of three months.

    I was angry, and horrified. They immediately sent a new scrip to my pharmacy of course and I thanked her for telling me as it potentially could have saved my life. I also asked her to inform every single patient who came in that office, and she will.

    She told me that every single time I pick up an Epi Pen prescription, immediately go sit in one of the waiting chairs, open up the box, and check the dates on the syringes. If it’s not a year, go back up and demand they take them back and order new syringes with a one year life span, as typically we are renewing them with a few days lee way either way once we know the true expiration date..

    If for some reason they refuse call your insurance company and they should raise hell. Apparently this is legal because when the pharmacy gets a scrip and orders the pens, the manufacturer is not sending expired merchandise. And of course, if there’s an issue, the consumer didn’t fulfill their responsibility to check the expiration date.

    Two years ago, I anaphylaxed alone at home. It progressed fast, and as soon as I unlocked the front door and called 911, I delivered a pen through my jeans into my thigh. It didn’t stop the progress. They gave me a dose of Epi, and a giant dose of steroids in the ambulance, and they met us with an intubation kit at the hospital.

    The responders and Docs in the ED at first were wondering if I had delivered the pen properly of course, but as they quickly removed my clothes they saw the syringe bruise and the drop of dried blood right in the right place. For the remainder of my hospital stay they couldn’t figure out why the Epi Pen hadn’t stopped or at least slowed it down. That’s what they do, they don’t reverse it.

    Now I look back and wonder. I had tossed the used pen in the trash immediately, and thrown out the other in it’s box when I came home from the hospital with a new two pack. What if the syringe I had used had expired six or seven or nine months before? What if my new kit had expired four months later?

    I am furious, and frightened for those who don’t know, I’ve already contacted my best friend for her husband, and my niece for her little girl. I will be contacting my GP to see if he knew this and every one else I know eventually, and asking them to spread the word.

    Check your Epi Pens, tell every one you know, and please signal boost this and REBLOG IT to spread the word. 

    Thanks guys, and be well. Love  xXx

    Hey guys, this is something to go check and fix right now. 


    @thebibliosphere, you probably already know about this, maybe some of your followers could use this info?

    Welp, I’m off to check my new Epi-pens cause I’ve been using the date on the box this whole time. 

    Bitty Breaks the Internet

    Summary: The AC in Jack and Bitty’s apartment is broken. So what better way to beat the heat than go out on the water? Bitty wears a new swimsuit, Jack takes his picture, and the picture ends up online. (Cross posted to AO3.)

    It all started with that blasted weather. Simply put, it was stifling. Bitty was used to dry Southern summers and slight humidity. But he wasn’t prepared for this years incredibly humid Eastern summer. It made it worse that the AC in his and Jack’s apartment was broken and wouldn’t be fixed until next week.

    So, while the two of them were boiling in their apartment, Bitty got a text from his mama.

    Mama: Dicky, why don’t y’all just rent a boat and stay near the water for a few days?

    That’s a great idea! Thanks Mama!

    “Jack, honey,” Bitty said, adopting his extra thick accent. He knew it meant Jack would give him anything he wanted because he was sweet on his Southern side.

    “Yeah, bud? What’s up?”

    Bitty sat up, allowing the washcloth soaked in ice water to fall to his lap. He looked to his fiancé across the couch from him. It was so hot that the only parts of them that had been touching were their feet and ankles. There were at least 10 fans angled towards them.

    “How about we rent a boat for the weekend? It’s the off season for you, and my deadline isn’t until next week.”

    Jack lowered his phone, revealing the hair plastered to his forehead. Bitty’s heart squeezed with love for his man.

    “I don’t know how to drive a boat.”

    Bitty smacked Jack gently on the thigh.

    “I do, honey! I spent I don’t know how many hours on boats in Georgia. Good Lord, the sunburns I’ve gotten. The point is that I know how to drive and I could teach you.”

    “Do we want to invite other people or just have it be us?”

    Bitty thought. As much as he loved every one of their shared friends, it would be nice to be just the two of them. Quiet.

    “I think just us for this first time would be nice. Just the two of us?”

    Bitty heaved himself forward to slide between Jack’s open legs. Jack’s eyes widened, but he covered Bitty’s hands where he’d placed them on his chest. Jack hummed.

    “I like the sound of that. Want me to see if I can find any boat rental places?”

    “How about we look together, huh handsome?”

    The week came and went, and on Friday afternoon, Jack and Bitty took to the water at Providence Marina. Turns out, Marty had a boat docked there and gave Jack the keys to use it. The cooler that was clutched in each of their hands contained beer, soda, chips, sandwich fixings, fruit, and lemon blueberry mini pies.

    After everything had been situated on the boat, and they’d had an awkward conversation with one of Marty’s dock neighbors, Bitty pulled them out to sea. They didn’t go very far, just out of view of the docks, and dropped the anchor.

    Bitty turned on his portable speaker to some soft pop music, stripped off his clothes, and began making house on the boat. He could hear Jack snapping pictures with his camera. A quick look revealed that the subject was him.

    “Well, now, Mr. Zimmermann. Who said you could take pictures of me just before I was about to fix you a sandwich,” Bitty sassed, planting his hands on his hips.

    Jack took the camera away from his face, a love struck smile on his lips. He was also shirtless, and had laid himself on the deck of the boat to get a good angle.

    “Sorry, Bits, you’re just so gorgeous I couldn’t help it. That swim suit is definitely doing you a favor.”

    Bitty felt his cheeks warm, and a smile cross his own mouth. He’d bought the suit as soon as the boat was secured. It was almost a Speedo with just a bit more length. The print on them was white with light and dark blue sail boats.

    “Oh hush now.”

    A click.

    “Jack Laurent Zimmermann!”

    The afternoon passed with Bitty alternating between sunning himself on the deck and taking dips in the water. Jack kept mostly on the boat, occasionally dipping his legs in when Bitty swam. By the time they pulled into the dock, his shoulders were bright pink and he winced when he lifted the cooler.

    “I told you to put on some more sunscreen, honey. There’s some aloe at home, but it’s gonna take more than that.”

    “Bits, bud, don’t feel too bad. I’ll wear sunscreen tomorrow and bring a shirt too.”

    “You still want to go out tomorrow?”

    The couple buckled themselves into Jack’s car.

    “Of course, Bits. You looked like you were loving it out there. As long as it makes you happy.”

    Bitty leaned across the center console and planted a kiss on the underside of Jack’s jaw.

    “You’re so sweet, honey. As long as you’re up for it.”

    By the end of the weekend, Jack had taken over 100 pictures. At least 50 of them were Bitty. There was a handful of scenery, other boats and the ocean. And then a few were of the two of them. One for each day. They had gotten progressively pinker as the days went on.

    Sunday night, the couple went to a nice seafood just off the water before heading home to fall into bed for a restful night sleep.

    Wednesday rolled around quietly, and Bitty woke to about a thousand notifications on his phone. Some were texts. Some were notifications on Twitter. By far the most notifications came from Instagram. Even though he’d made an account, Bitty barely posted to Instagram except to promote his cookbook.

    Deciding to look at the texts first, he was greeted with no context chirps from his Samwell friends. All of them were about him in a swimsuit?


    Bitty continued to flick through his messages. There were individual messages from everyone on his former team, but also in the big “Haus 4.0” group chat.

    Holster (Adam Birkholtz): dUDE BITTY MY GOD HOW HAVE YOU STAYED SO HOT????

    Ransom (Justin Oluransi): Jack’s lucky that nobody saw your ass or the internet would be broken brah

    Lardo (Larissa ajsksk): bro, bitty DID break the internet have you seen his insta and twitter??

    Shitty (BS Knight): I swear on the gods above if Bitty was not single and I was not straight, I would sweep him off his feet

    Nursey (Derek Nurse): chill. was truly a kim k moment for Bitty

    Dex (Will Pointdexter): Love the confidence my dude. Was really a monumental picture tbh

    Honey 💞: Can we not talk about Bitty like a piece of meat?

    ERB: What on earth are y’all talking about?

    Lardo (Larissa Duan): bits, you gotta check jacks insta first before you come in here and ask questions

    So that’s exactly what Bitty did. Goodness knows where Jack was because he was not currently in bed with him. The last text he sent was at 8:45 am and it was now 9.

    Instagram proved to be a tough navigator. Not because Bitty was media illiterate, but because the sheer amount of new followers he got prevented the app from running properly. After three app crashes, Bitty grew frustrated. He logged out of his public account and into his private one.

    Once on his smaller scale Instagram, he searched Jack’s name. The most recent post was of their weekend relaxation trip. It was one of those collections of images. The first three were of the ocean, some seagulls, and the view from the front of Marty’s ship. The next six were of Bitty and Jack in various stages of couple poses. Somehow Jack had even managed to capture Bitty feeding him some grapes. But the last image was what set a fire under Bitty.

    The picture was of that first day. Bitty was wearing his, now scandalous in his eyes, swim suit. His sunglasses were perched on the edge of his nose. You could see the heat he held in his eyes for Jack, who had been behind the camera. Admittedly, Bitty had not been thinking of his body image at the time of wearing that swimsuit. But now that he had attracted so much attention to himself due to his body, he figured a once over couldn’t hurt.

    The Bitty in the picture had a firm stomach, no defined abs to speak of. What was the need for them? He was perfectly healthy. The cut of the swimsuit allowed the camera to see the faint lines that traveled down from Bitty’s hips past the line of his swimsuit. His hair was shining in the sun. The skin of the Bitty in the picture looked a little pale, but he had no qualms otherwise.

    He looked good.

    Putting the praise of his body aside, Bitty knew he needed to find Jack.

    ERB: Thank y’all for your kind words. It means the world to me. Now I have to find Jack and have a word with him


    Lardo (Larissa Duan): pls don’t kill jack

    Bitty locked his phone and went out into the living room. No Jack. The entire open concept apartment was empty. Bitty knew the bathrooms and home office were empty. The doors always stayed open unless there was someone in there.

    As Bitty pondered how to find his fiancé, the door unlocked with a small click. Jack emerged with several bags of groceries in hand. Bitty assumed position with his fists on his hips, but this time around, it was not nearly as tempting.

    “Jack Laurent Zimmermann.”

    “Bits! Uh, hey.”

    Bitty tapped a foot on the floor.

    “Euh, I didn’t know that post would go viral. I tried to soften the blow by bringing home everything you’d need to stress bake.”

    Bitty came forward, taking the bags from Jack and going to the kitchen.

    “Crisse,” Jack muttered before following Bitty.

    “Bittle? I’m really sorry.”

    “I know,” Bitty replied, his tone light. “I’m not mad, Jack. I only wish you’d told me you were going to post that where my mother could see it.”

    Jack made a groan of displeasure as he approached Bitty from behind. Firm, warm hands pressed themselves into Bitty’s hips.

    “Sorry, Bits.”

    “Stop apologizing, honey! I’m just gonna have to field a call from my mama. I don’t think this’ll be worse than the cup, but I guarantee my family will chirp her for the rest of time.”

    Jack buried his nose in the crook between Bitty’s neck and shoulder.

    “George said the PR was good. We didn’t really need any more positive additions, but it doesn’t hurt.”

    “Well I certainly hope not,” Bitty said with a scoff. “You didn’t post a picture of me nearly naked on the Internet for nothing!”

    Jack laughed, and Bitty followed not long after. Together the couple baked breakfast pastries and Bitty got his own revenge.

    Jack’s picture was also shirtless, but he was wearing his sweatpants reserved for lounging at home. His arms and stomach were so much more than Bitty’s. He had a workout routine to keep up with.

    Once again, the Internet broke because of Eric Richard Bittle.

    Yesterday I sat behind a table and tried to get people to essentially buy raffle tickets.

    Today I stood in a van for a couple of hours and helped people visit with cats, then I sat behind a paper and did adoptions for people and said cats.

    Why am I so fucking tired?

    (I mean, I knowthe answer - I didn’t eat enough either day and today was 95f while I was outside, and the heat/mask/glasses/baseball cap combo gave me a headache (resolved now)) - also, so. many. people.

    So many cats and kittens adopted today!

    My mask gave me a headache - there is a nose wire and combined with my glasses, everything was pinching. Switched to a paper mask for the last little bit of the time.

    Looking forward to not going anywhere tomorrow.

    Creative Ways To Tell Someone Off 🖕🖕

    Because sometimes it be like that.

    1. These <>FUCK OFF Socks to tell someone off and walk away smugly.


    2. These <>FUCK OFF Stud Earrings just in case the socks weren’t clear enough.

    3. <>F Off Morse Code Bracelet to tell someone off, but in code.


    4. A <>Double Middle Fingers Vinyl Car Sticker so that tailgater knows he can kiss your ass.


    5. A <>Middle Finger Mug so everytime you take a sip, they know you take no shit.


    op who hurt you

    Omg. I want the cup, the socks and the decal for the car.

    The Prompt Run


    Here’s a prompt idea: It’s time-travel, but instead of a person being sent back, objects are instead. So like, recordings of the Naboo Theed Generator fight is sent back, and everyone is low-key freaking out. It shows no sign of stopping and the Force keeps sending back admitterly worrying things like medical records, death certificates, etc.

    What about a soulmate AU where your Mark shows up WHEN YOU BECOME a perfect match. There’s no “born with a Mark, and so searching for The One” stuff. No, here you still have to WORK for the relationship - but the universe is kind enough to send you a sign when you’ve finally done it right. The Mark type can be up to you (names, shared tattoos, flowers, whatever), maybe QuiObi, or CodyWan, if that’s okay? Thank you for considering it!

    Okay, Maybe the Clones Time Travel back to right before Obi Wan Arrives to view them and this is post Order 66 so the 212 sees their General and…. Obi is almost dumbstruck by how much adoration and love he can feel from this one Battalion. Of course Cody breaks ranks to go help Obi capture Jango Fett so they maybe can prevent the rise of a Vengeful Boba Fett.…

    You rebloged some art with mini clones a while ago and I was wondering if you’d do a one-shot where Force shenanigans turned some of the clones tiny and now ObiWan has to deal with a tiny Cody on his shoulder demanding ObiWan takes care of himself?

    Mand’alor Jango x Obi-Wan.. soulmate marks

    My perfect ending for Obi-Wan is this: Obitine and Anidala living together on a peaceful planet and raising their children. And Satine and Padme being like: “Girl, I really like you and our husbands are in love with each other, let’s give them our blessing and have fun with each other”. Basically, after all the obianidala I read, I really want one that include Satine. And how lucky would those children be?! With four wonderful parents and dozens of clone uncles to spoil them!?

    Wherein Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are Sith, and they’re trying to find/turn Anakin, who is somehow still a Jedi in this mess of a universe.

    The Jedi discover there’s a popular holoshow on Coruscant that center around their Order. It’s a soap opera/erotica type of show. Anakin is highly amused by their on-screen counterparts and force an unimpressed Obi-Wan to watch the show with him. “Obi-Wan! How noble of you to sacrifice yourself and have sex with Mace and Kit to replenish their life force!” “Anakin, are you allergic to shirts? Seriously, you go undercover as a stripper and there’s barely a difference”. You can have fun with this.

    Can we have a soulmate au combined with obiwan being blind? (Some time during his apprenticeship with Quigon) Cody/Obi and maybe Rex too? The “soulmarks” can be: You only see in black and white until you have physical contact with your soulmate AND It is impossible to lie to your destined soulmate? ColoredLies for the series title?

    Prompt idea: Plo Koon gets a new, small padawan (Reader insert? Another Kel Dor, like Plo? Idk). The Wolfpack is unsure about them at first, but soon warm up to the lil child apprentice. Maybe they think the padawan isn’t ready to fight yet, but then they do something that really helps their master/the clones out? Bonus points if they nickname them “Pup” (I REALLY wanted to do this one. But I might in another au where padawans are a go!)

    This is probably an odd idea, but Hardcase is Bored: Mystery Artifact edition. Basically, Hardcase gets his hands on a Jedi relic and it activates, turning the entire 501st and 212th force sensitive. Along with their bodies shifting to their proper age (Aka if a clone is 11, they look the part.) Chaos ensues. (not odd at all but I already have a deaged prompt heh)

    your accidental ant poison ingestion made me think about which star wars character would be most likely to do the same thing and of course the answer is Anakin. in my head it happens when he’s a bby Padawan, probably on a mission somewhere (because I imagine the Jedi aren’t super about killing insects). somehow he got into it and Obi-Wan is so tired

    Remember people, these prompts are up for grabs!

    Ps: Remember I can’t possibly take on all and prompts for series that are not taken do not show up on the prompt run as this is for new ideas I do not write. Unused prompts for series either gets written into the prompt updated, stored or deleted if they do not fit.

    Amazon order easy for pickup so I have a reason to go get iced coffee and creamer to restock my fridge.

    Got my desk packed up. Started folding and packing up clothes into hampers. As I do laundry, clean stuff is being hung until I have room to put the wardrobe boxes together.

    Next week I need to start tackling the kitchen.

    While I’m out, I need to get a couple new wand toys for Pepper. She’s chewed up everything and I’m home so much now she needs more playtime.

    Tomorrow I’m selling ducks for the Duck Race, so I’m gonna splurge on BJ’s; avocado egg rolls and tuna poke here I come. I wonder if I can get a growler of their cider.

    Saturday is another drive thru cat adoption event. This time I signed up to hang out in one of the air conditioned vans and help people meet their potential fur babies.

    I have a lot of work to do to get ready to move, but my plan is to get most of the stuff onto a U-Haul with friends on Tuesday the 28th and use my dad and brother to move the big stuff the following Friday while mom and I finish cleaning. But if I can keep doing a couple things every day, I’ll get there. Today is the 9th and I don’t have to be completely out until the 31st.

    It's nearly 3am and I just had the most worldshaking epiphany: Anakin Skywalker is only nine years older than Han Solo. This is important for several reasons (one of which is "oh my god Anakin is a BABY when he has kids") but the most important is that obviously now there has to be an AU where Anakin was never Vader and instead he just peaced out of the Jedi order and became like a bounty hunter or something but my money is on smuggler bc pilot, and also because where I'm heading with this is an AU where Han and Anakin are, like, familiar with each other before Han ever gets involved w Luke and Leia and the rebellion. Like, they're acquaintances. Frenemies. Business associates, idk.

    Will add more later

    tfw you meet your fiancee's dad and 1. you've swindled him multiple times, 2. you've made out with him even more than that

    Anakin calls obi wan to be like "so you know that absolute himbo i used to do crime with every so often and also make out sometimes? He's dating my daughter now" and obi wan is like "from the bottom of my heart, you deserve this and I'm thrilled it's happening"