DID YOU KNOW the characters in @Netflixs western revenge tale #TheHarderTheyFall were based on actual figures from the old west? 🤠

    👆 Check out this original art by Tumblr Creatr Brianna Pippens based on the IRL Trudy Smith!

    In The Harder They Fall, Trudy Smith is the treacherous, down for anything right-hand woman of outlaw Rufus Buck. In real life, Gertrude Smith was a legendary thief. But guns weren’t part of her MO; she preferred to help herself to the pockets of those around her. Based in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, a red light district that was home to brothels, dance halls and concert saloons, she often partnered with the equally duplicitous Dolly Mickey. The pair eventually found themselves locked in the county jail for six months and fled the city after their release in 1906


    🎥 Watch The Harder They Fall, playing in select theaters on October 22 and on Netflix globally on November 3.