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    Panjin Red Beach is located in the north east of Beijing and is appropriately called this due to the seaweed which turns to a bright red colour in Autumn. It has become known as the “home of the cranes” and is the home to 260 different types of birds, including the endangered Crown Canes and Blacak Beaked Gulls, and 399 different types of wild animals.

    Man Solves His Own 30-Year-Old Cold Case - In 1986, 21-year-old Edgar Latulip disappeared from Wateroo, Ontario, after suffering a head injury. After a recent suicide attempt, it was widely believed by his family that he had either committed suicide or something more sinister had happened to him. That was until February 2016, when a man living in the Niagara region began to have flashbacks that made him believe that he had been living a lie. This man shared his concerns with a social worker who began to investigate. Lo and behold, his identity was confirmed via a DNA test - the man was Edgar Latulip. His head injury had impaired his memory; forgetting who he was and who his family were, he created a new identity. 


    Judge rules Swatch can use Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' 'One more thing' phrase

    Judge rules Swatch can use Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ ‘One more thing’ phrase

    “One more thing,” Steve Jobs would say at the end of select Apple special media event keynote addresses, giving his cue for announcing a surprise new product. Jonathan Browning for Bloomberg News: But Apple can’t keep its founder’s turn of phrase for itself, a London judge ruled Monday as he sided with Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group AG in a long-running dispute over trademarks. Swatch’s attempt…

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