what's wrong with me?

who am I? I don't know exactly, but probably I'm just another stupid girl that loves to look like a boy but hates when someone notices.

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2020-06-30 01:45:33

    this is pretty conclusive proof that Adora is a lesbian.

    you’re welcome.

    I’ve decided I want to reblog this every day until season 5 airs.

    daily reblog number… im too tired to count it feels like 9 million days and yet 3 at the same time and UGH

    and so here we go again…. no I don’t miss catradora im just a sad gay

    *hysterical weeping8 I POSTED THIS AT THE WRONG TIME


    8 days! let’s go lesbians let’s go!

    7 days, it’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN


    5 days and I cant breathe

    4 days until catradora kiss

    3 days more and I need to finish this fanfic

    2 DAYS! I genuinely can’t wait much longer

    one day more! what a wild ride this has been! (i’m about to pack as many musical references as I can in here) 

    one short day until Catradora? (wicked)

    one day more until I tag this #spop spoilers (le mis)

    one last time, everyone. the world is about to turn upside-down. (Hamilton)

    boy I hope so! 

    I think if catradora becomes canon I will be reblogging this at random points. don’t let the fandom die!



    this is my best post you fools

    also please add other pics of non-male spop charaters doing this pose so we can see every gay send post

    Well this took on a life of its own. Less a comic and more of an inconsistent sprite pack of the PHENOMENAL drabble posted by @spacebatisluvd last week which is now a finished fic!!!! (And when you’re done reading that, head straight to their Entrapdak Drabbles and read the coffee chapter for the BEST POST WAR POLITICS piece EVER. I love it, the tone is *chef’s kiss.* If you’re in this fandom you’ve likely read everything in their inventory multiple times through but here’s an excuse to do so again.)

    I really really *really* love this fic because it really epitomises exactly what I think Hordak and Catra’s relationship would eventually evolve into. I love when retired cartoon villains become too well adjusted for the same levels of nefariousness as before so they embrace pettiness in their old age instead. I love how they’re such good parallels of each other. I love how in season 4 they had such a bizarre friendship??? where Catra gives the ‘we don’t need our exes’ speech and the two of them keep reassuring one another that yes, if they blow up enough things then they definitely won’t be sad about their girlfriends leaving them anymore. I loved how Hordak tried to give her validation even though at that point in Catra’s spiral it wasn’t enough to fill the void. I love how she recognised enough of herself in him to know full well he was lying to himself about Prime ever accepting him. I like to think that after some initial animosity their relationship will settle into something that looks exactly like this.

    P.S. If you’re stressed these make fun colouring pages even if it is just Hordak’s abs over and over and over again. I’ve had people kindly ask permission before so here’s an explicit invitation. Go wild. :)

    <>Me: ok I should write some fluff fic to change a little and feel better

    <>My brain: ok what if Adora DIES and then Catra is abducted by Horde Prime and then TORTURED and Horde Prime takes control and also Glimmer and Bow are IN PRISON and also Hordak DIES and Mermista has a MISCARRIAGE...

    <>Me: Why r u like this


    <>Me: k lets write this sh*t

    <>Me: Doing fine, nothing bad happening, I'm chill.

    <>She-Ra: *exists*

    <>me: Seems a'ight, not too deep.

    <>Season 4: You thought.

    <>Me: Not seeing any parallels between me and Catra at all.

    <>season 5: How 'bout now?

    <>Me: *crying out of one eye for some reason* S-shut up I'm emotional and want a blonde athletic girlfriend to be the Adora to my Catra.

    *Actually happened. I just binged seasons 4-5 in two days and now i'm emotional and wow catra is me*

    *Sounds of yelling and fighting are coming from Catra and Adora's room*

    <>Glimmer: Someone should go in there to make sure they don't tear each other apart.

    <>Bow, who has seen things: Don't do it.

    *loud crashing sound*

    <>Glimmer: They're beating each other up in there!

    <>Bow: They're fine. Just leave them alone.

    *growling sounds*

    <>Glimmer: Oh my gosh! It's going to get worse! I'm going!

    <>Bow: Don't--

    *Glimmer teleports out of the room*

    <>Bow: ...she has to learn.

    *Glimmer teleports back, face red, eyes wide*

    <>Bow: Welcome back.

    <>Glimmer: Th-th-they weren't fighting.

    <>Bow, sipping his tea: Nope.