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    Please share this! Don't let the rest of the world stay unaware of the horrible things happening in Iran.

    I am a schoolgirl who lives in Iran and I haven't gone to school today. Because I'm afraid that my school gets poisoned. Even though I'm home right now, I'm still nervous about my friends who are currently in the dangerous zone of school.

    Would you like it if this happened for your own school? They recklessly poison the schools and think that the lives of Iranian children are just some toys that they can do whatever they want with them. What we're experiencing in the schools of Iran today is no different from what people experienced during the Holocaust, the Vietnam war, the world wars, etc.

    What the regime is doing is no different from attacking children with shotguns or burning them in fire, then watch them burn there and react with "I don't know who did this to them; probably our enemies in foreign countries..."

    We are tired of this! The regime can simply check the security cameras around the schools to see who is the person poisoning those places. But they do nothing about it and say that they don't know who is the criminal and that it's probably some terrorist attacks from foreigners. Sometimes they even say that these poisoning events aren't true! They literally don't see all of these innocent kids who have been taken to the hospital during the last weeks!

    Please spread the news and don't remain silent!


    @unicef sucking Khamenei dick and just loving it !!!!!


    Baraye means “for” or “because of”. The song has become an anthem for the protests.

    Shortly after Shervin Hajipour posted his song to Instagram, he was arrested by the Revolutionary Guard but has since been released on bail awaiting trial.

    The song was viewed 40 million times within 48 hours after its posting. It has since received over 95,000 submissions (83% of all submissions) to the Grammy Awards.

    English lyrics

    An article with more analysis of Baraye.

    An article about the history of protest music in Iran.


    Hajipour posts a black and white portrait of himself with the caption “we won 🤍🎵” to Instagram after Baraye won the Best Song For Social Change at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

    Screenshot of a retweet by Samira Mohyeddin of a tweet made by Ghazal Ranjkesh. A black and white headshot of Ghazal Ranjkesh, her right eye scarred and shut, her face made up with a smoky eye and dark lip look, her long hair uncovered. She is smiling.

    This photo was tweeted with the statement by Ranjkesh and translated by Mohyeddin, “When you stood 2 metres away from me & smirked as you shot my eye, did you ever think I’d survive & one day return that smirk of yours?”

    Source: Twitter/Samira Mohyeddin

    Please please please I’m begging you. Please stop romanticizing Islam. Don’t give any religion immunity from criticism. Don’t make any religion, especially Islam, ‘sacred’. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind about organized religions. If it’s ok to criticize Christianity, it’s more than ok to criticize Islam. Take this from someone who has lived all their life under Islamic dictatorship and has seen everything that could go wrong with a religion, go absolutely wrong.

    This man, Javad Rouhi, has been sentenced to death by hanging, not once, not twice but three times. He is accused of insulting Islam and the Islamic regime is going to kill him for it. You can’t do anything for the executions to stop in iran. But please, don’t hurt us more by talking romantically about a religion you don’t know nothing about and have decided to turn a blind eye to how corrupt people in power have been throughout the human history using institutional religions to suppress, torture, brainwash and kill innocent people.

    Don’t make religions sacred. Don’t make it forbidden to criticize religions. It kills people.

    STOP THE EXECUTIONS - Mohammad Mehdi Karami


    On 5 December, a Revolutionary Court in Alborz province sentenced Mohammad Mehdi Karami to death after convicting him of “corruption on earth” in connection with the fatal assault of a Basij agent during protests in Karaj, Alborz. The court convicted him less than a week after the beginning of a fast-tracked sham group trial which bore no resemblance to meaningful judicial proceedings. In this group trial, four others were also sentenced to death. Before the group trial had started, state media aired his and other defendants’ forced “confessions” and described them as “murderers”, in breach of their rights to presumption of innocence and freedom from torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. Mohammad was tortured and all these confessions are nothing more than lies. 



    Dont forget about Jina amini (mahsa amini)

    Dont forget about Nika Shakarami

    Dont forget about Fereshteh Ahmadi

    Dont forget about about Sarina Esmailzadeh

    Dont forget about Farideh Moradkhani

    Dont forget about Armita Abbasi

    Dont forget about Soheyla Hejab

    Dont forget about Amir Nasr-Azadani

    Dont forget about Saeed Shirazi

    Dont forget about Taraneh Alidoosti

    Dont forget about Elnaz Rekabi

    Dont forget about Mohammad Mehdi Karami

    Dont forget about Majidreza Rahnavard

    Dont forget about Mohsen Shekari

    Dont forget about Baluch people

    Dont forget about Kurd people

    Dont forget about Iranian women

    Dont forget about LGBTQ Iranians

    Dont forget about the voices of Iran here on tumblr

    Dont forget about disabled and elderly Iranians

    Dont forget about the famlies who were seprated and/or lost loved ones

    Dont forget about the protestors who died throughout the past three months

    Dont forget about the innocent victims who were slaughtered under the regime for the past 44 years


    Since the Islamic republic's propaganda is getting stronger:

    No they didn't disband the morality police

    Yes the mandatory hijab law is still going on

    Iranians want a regime change not just reform

    they are executing prisoners

    The protests are still going on even more intense than before.

    Citizens are not armed Iranians don't have easy access to weapons or firearms

    تصویری زیبا از محمدرضاشاه پهلوی بهمراه شهبانو فرح پهلوی .

    فرتورهایی از خاندان بزرگ و ایرانساز پهلوی

    تاریخ معاصر ایران

    🔸دوستان لطفا ادب و نزاکت را رعایت کنید هرگونه توهین به ادیان و اشخاص و بی احترامی و بی حرمتی و فحاشی=بلاک “اهورا”

    پاینده ایران جاوید خاندان بزرگ و ایرانساز پهلوی

    #ایریانا_پهلوی #شاهنشاه_آریامهر #محمدرضاشاه #محمدرضاشاه_پهلوی #پیمان_نوین #پهلو #شهبانو_فرح_پهلوی #شهبانو #شاه #عیرضا_پهلوی #جاوید_شاه #پادشاهی_پارلمانی #رضا_پهلوی #رضاشاه_دوم #شاهزاده_رضا_پهلوی #یاسمین_پهلوی #رها_پهلوی #پهلویسم


    Please please rely on Iranian for the news of what is happening. For a lot of westerners this is a game of information warfare(both on left and right) but neither are even remotely familiar with the culture and language.

    Iranian regime had a history of mass murdering political prisoners. Some of my own family members are buried in those mass graves. They are gearing up to do it again. Please spread the information because international attempts can help prevent this.


    The current president Ebrahim Raisi is literally known for being one of the four members of the "death committee", nicknamed so because the committee was responsible for the execution of around 30,000 political prisoners in 1988.

    History may as well repeat itself if we don’t try to stop it now. Anyone who says otherwise, claiming this is misinformation or fear mongering, has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Our fear is very real, even if the entire world is against us we will continue to speak our truth, because if we don’t, any one of us could be next in line for execution.

    Listen to us, don’t speak over us.


    Source: BBC Persia

    Women’s Revolution in Afghanistan

    Voice of an Afghan woman discussing the campaign to memorialize the crimes of Taliban. Please spread this - people need to hear. 

    I haven’t been able to find anything on the campaign yet but if anyone has a link and has more information on this campaign, please share so people can help and spread the voice of Afghan women. 


    “Today, once again the women of Afghanistan have proved that they will never stay silence in the face of repression. Today, Afghan women are compiling a list of all the crimes committed by the Taliban to be given to the United Nations. We hope that in this campaign our courageous and learned friends to turn these 100 letters into 1000 letters and in whatever means, to spread the news about the repression in Taliban. May we succeed this time; may the women’s  in Afghanistan succeed. May you 


    Please share.

    Freedom for Afghan Women