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    <>Dragons! Everywhere! It’<>s Dragontober!

    You can now get my <>Dragontober zine on the Fairy Trade Coffee Gumroad! For my 2017 <>inktober project, I decided to create <>dragon character designs for all 31 days of October, inspired by the official prompt list. Each dragon is introduced through a small rhyme as well! 

    There’s a PDF version that can be yours today and a physical 36-page zine that ships to Europe and North America!

    Tip! Use the code ‘dragonfriend’ to get a discount on checkout! 🐉

    On some real shit, I do not fuck with people who ride those boat things at the carnival. People who get on those do not give a fuck about life, they don’t care about you, ya mama or your kids. They literally have nothing to lose. You don’t care about life so there’s no need for me to fight you because you’re not going to give a damn about my face. 

    THIS JOINT!!!!

    BITCHHHHHHH. I got on this shit when I was 12. Wasn’t no bar, no protection, nothing in that shit. I didn’t realize until it was too late. You couldn’t pay me to ever get on this shit ever again in my life. We were in Landover, this shit almost smooth flipped my ass to Baltimore. No. Never again. 


    12? I got on this bitch when I was 21 and had my head in my ex’s shoulder the ENTIRE time. Screaming like a bih too. Nope. Never again. I was praying to the gravity gods the entire time.


    ?????? All it does is swing back and forth???? I don’t understand the concern??????


    centrifugal force keeps you in your seat.


    Centrifugal force isn’t keeping me from crying tho


    why is this so funny