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Don't know what kind of blog this is. I reblog lot's of anime especially Naruto and Fairy Tail. And my ships! Lot's of ships get reposted here. So if you don't like the ships I support it's best you don't follow me. I post my own art, make random observations with anime I watch(though rarely), I share my AMVs from my youtube channel, I like making Sims 4 posts, and sharing pictures of my new anime merchandise. That's about it. Anime, ships and just whatever I like.

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2022-05-30 02:58:51

    Disgaea baby dump

    I present Adell and Rozalin’s son who I don’t have a name for. It was fun combining their designs.

    Mao and Rasberyl’s daughter. I can’t decide if she should be Strawberyl or Mulberyl.

    And finally Zed and Melodia’s daughter Em. Don’t know if zombies can even have kids in this series but I don’t care!

    I did make a demon and angel pair of twins for Valvatorez and Artina but I’m not to fond how of how their designs came out so I’ll keep them to myself for now.

     Naruto The Last ♦ 

    I really wanted to make an illustration for the NaruHina month, one related to The Last, because…You know, it’s where it all started :)

    I wish I had more time to draw all the NaruHina days. This couple gives me such a big motivation for drawing!

    This is my first official post on Tumblr after a very long time away. So yeah, I hope you like it!!

    Here you can find all my Art pages

    -give credit for repost-


    Fakiru Week

    Day 5: Pantomime

    Duck has finally understood her feeling for Fakir. She mimes “I love you” to him as her way of admitting to herself her own feelings. She’s not yet ready to do it in front of him though.