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Don't know what kind of blog this is. I reblog lot's of anime especially Naruto and Fairy Tail. And my ships! Lot's of ships get reposted here. So if you don't like the ships I support it's best you don't follow me. I post my own art, make random observations with anime I watch(though rarely), I share my AMVs from my youtube channel, I like making Sims 4 posts, and sharing pictures of my new anime merchandise. That's about it. Anime, ships and just whatever I like.

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2022-05-30 02:58:51

    Disgaea baby dump

    I present Adell and Rozalin’s son who I don’t have a name for. It was fun combining their designs.

    Mao and Rasberyl’s daughter. I can’t decide if she should be Strawberyl or Mulberyl.

    And finally Zed and Melodia’s daughter Em. Don’t know if zombies can even have kids in this series but I don’t care!

    I did make a demon and angel pair of twins for Valvatorez and Artina but I’m not to fond how of how their designs came out so I’ll keep them to myself for now.

    Fakiru Week

    Day 5: Pantomime

    Duck has finally understood her feeling for Fakir. She mimes “I love you” to him as her way of admitting to herself her own feelings. She’s not yet ready to do it in front of him though.

    Disgaea OC Laurel

    Daughter of Laharl and Flonne. Half Angel, half Demon, princess, big sister.

    Weapon forte: Gun, Bow, Spear

    I made this character around 10 years ago when Disgaea 4 was released. She’s gone through so many design changes, with her current design having been flushed out and completed only a couple months ago. I think she has a good balance of Laharl and Flonne in her.

    Some more Disgaea fan art. Between the release of Disgaea 6 and my current obsession with playing the mobile game Disgaea RPG I’ve been a mood to draw these characters. For my rambling and a small bonus drawing click below. 

    First off Sicily and Hanako cooking together. These two would make adorable besties or be like a Flonne/Etna 2.0 but there’s surprisingly no official artwork of them together(at least none that I know of) even though they have to be living together after the events of Disgaea 2.

    I drew Maharl in more of the Disgaea/Takehito Harada artstyle. It was interesting to learn that she wasn’t an anime original character and that she was thought up of during the development stages of the first game. Drew her next to Sicily for a comparison of Laharl’s 2 sisters.

    Like with Gordon and Jennifer I drew Almaz and Sapphire as angels after they die. Sapphire gave me a lot of issues with her pose and things so I hope she doesn’t look to awkward. I tried to make the fur on her look like feathers on her angel form and tried to incorporate some of her Hero design from Makai-Wars in her. Felt I could of done more for Almaz.

    And then final a delinquent angel Raspberyl. I drew her next to OG and Xeno Raspberyl for a comparison in height, body, and personality.

    These were all really fun to draw and I hope you other Disgaea fans like them too! I’ll Have another wave of art for this series coming out so the ideas are still flowing! 


    Some Disgaea fan art.

    Older Sicily. Incorporated some of Gwen’s style in her and curled her hair like  Krichevskoy. I tried drawing Ozonne, Flonne’s little sister from the novels, in more of the Disgaea/Takehito Harada art style instead of the novel style.Then finally angel Gorden and angel Jennifer

    This art style is hard for me to emulate so I hope they came out well.

    Part 2 is Here