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2018-05-19 02:46:00

    So I started watching this Japanese dating show on Netflix called Rea(L)ove, where every contestant is looking for love and each has a “dark secret” that they have to reveal to the other contestants at random times, and hope that the others still accept them. Some are addicted to sex, some have a lot of debt, some have a criminal record and so on. So there is this one girl who likes one of the guys despite him being rude at times, and he choosesto go on a solo date with her. Towards the end of their date, the hosts make her share her secret with him, and it goes as follows:


    he had an almost speechless and shocked response, he didn’t say anything negative or positive really, just the two hosts kept laughing and saying very rude remarks. The scene just kind of ended with them walking away and then their individual thoughts on the date that pretty much boiled down to:




    So the next day, the girls, this time,  get to choose a guy to go on a date with…


    WILL HE????


    HE DID!

    So now, on the date—–


    Sorry for the long post, but this was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time, and I was literally crying and just needed to share this with someone




    ((see my other post for his heartbreaking dark secret))


    Fuck I’m at a fencing tournament and literally a minute after I reblogged this my dad told me that he talked to the point people and I’m probably going to win a medal.




    I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing.

    Bagel what are your powers


    Already had the best news of my life a couple days ago, I dare this bagel to top that.


    i’ve bene ingoring the bagle but now i think it’s time to give the bagle a chance


    all glory to the bagel


    THIS IS FUCKING REAL. I just received an email from my teacher that our test has been postponed for another week so we have more time to study. THIS IS REAL.


    The fuckin bagel worked… This stupid shit… I said “within the next two weeks” and 10 o’clock last night I received a text…


    (( I’m bored and it’s a bagel. That is all. ))


    Bagel~. Eh, why not?


    Sums up their personalities pretty well.


    Eddy: I can achieve anything Edd: there’s a logical way to achieve what I want Ed: there’s nothing standing in my way


    Eddy hopping over the fence indicates his willingness to “cheat” the system, or to take a shortcut. Much like his schemes, it might end up being more work, but in his mind, cheating is the best way to get ahead. Edd goes the neat and logical way, he’s straight forward. BUT, note that he closes the gate behind him rather than leaving it open. He’s incredibly meticulous and even if it’s more convenient to leave it open for anyone coming in behind him, he has to leave things neat, tidy and as he found them. Ed is also is straight forward, he in fact is using the MOST direct route. But this route is one no one else would consider because it seems completely nonsensical. Which sums him up pretty well. The fact that it works for him is also fun to note. In general his earnestness and determination carries him through situations that most people would be stopped by.

    TPP Pokemon Pyrite - Poke Center, MAP, and Other Things

    Stream link here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    So I came back when we were in the Poke Center, getting our team healed up. It took a few tries, considering the Mob doesn’t like to agree a lot, but we finally got them all cleaned up and went outside.

    Of course awkward walking abound as we talked to a woman who asked us if we talked to the old man who would give up a map in our PokeGear.

    Cue ‘MAP’ from some of the Mob in the chat.

    And while I was typing, we caught a Weedle!

    ... which we didn’t nickname.

    Oh well.

    Totodile reached level 15! One more level until an evolution ... and we just got rid of Scratch for Bite.

    I mean Bite is a good move and does more damage, but why not get rid of Leer? It’s not useful! It doesn’t do damage! Then again I am that person who only gives my Pokemon damaging moves sooo...


    Apparently the trainers are not named in this hack. So no Youngster Joey to comfort our girl as she spins, bumps into walls, and continuously uses non-existent items and gives the Pokedex all her love.

    Aside from that, we were contemplating catching a trainer’s Rattata... AND THIS YOUNGSTER HAD FOUR POKEMON.

    We don’t know if we want to go see if Joey is still himself, or if we want to continue on. 

    We continued... with a bit of difficulty.

    And a second technical difficulty! OLDEN m̤̗͓̞̱u̳̱̲̘̺ͅs̯̮̳t b̗͖͋͆̂̑ͫ͋̚ẹ̖͙̱̲̺̇͒͗͐͌̚ s̙̥̙̗͚͍͇͕̈́ͬ͐t̰̩ͨ̉͋a̳̬̎̽̂̅̏̌̎ͭr̠͈̂̂̑̽ṭ̪̥̦̬̼ͭ́̐ͫ̿ͤ̽̌i̟̻̫̦̭̇ͭ̐̌͂n̗̦̩̰̙͍͔͑͛ͧ̌ͦ̿̓g̺̩̻̀ͯ t̉͊҉̧̤̝̦̪Ơ̗̮̦͚̳̦͖͈̻̓ Sͣ͗̅͑̚͢͏͕͎͓̫̰͔̼̮͚̭̖̗̞͙͓̘͞ͅͅT̸̡̜̦̱̮͇̬̻͉̺͓̗̘̮́ͫ̊ͣ͋̏͊͑̾̕͢͝I̸̹̹̭̻̰̝̬̻ͦͣ̋ͨ̾͊ͦ͊̅͂́̚̚Ȓ̴̵̋̀̌ͨ͒̉͋̇͞͏̢͕̝̯͙̝̙͈͈̠̝̲̣̳̳̤.̴̴̵̨̥̤̖̣͖͕͕̳͈̞̉ͨ̀̒ͪ̑͗͂͋̋̋̌́.̛͂̅͂ͮ̓̓͐̑͡͞͏̢̤͕̱̤̻̘͍̪̮̫̮̤.̷̴̡̖͍͚̘͖̯͖͔͈͍̤̹̥͚̬̰̃̌ͪ͌ͩͤ͡ 

    No evolving yet either, even though Totodile’s level 16. Weird.

    Anyway that’s all for now, I shall be back later, need to clean more of my room.

    Be back later~!

    TPP Pokemon Pyrite - Geodude, running from a Pikachu, and Other Things

    Stream link here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    Sooo I took a small break from the stream to clean my room a bit, put some clothes away so that my bed didn’t looked like a mini version of the clothes mountain from BTS’ ‘Spring Day’ and some things have happened.

    So, first thing is, we got a female Geodude named XXYYY   WWP that holds an Everstone.

    Or Totodile is level 14 now, and we didn’t even get to the first gym yet.

    Exy Wop (what I am calling the Geodude) and High (the Sentret) are not getting any experience. High tried but got demolished earlier.

    Exy Wop is having her first battle and she did it! Even though she didn’t gain a level. i shall giver her the title of The Sturdy, since she held on even though she barely had any health left.

    Oh there’s a Pikachu in this area?!

    And we ran. 


    I’ll come back in a bit to see how things are going~.

    Be back soon!

    TPP Pokemon Pyrite - Rival Battle, a Stoned Sentret, and Other Things

    Stream link here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    I FINALLY learned that our girl’s name is EWWYPPP. How the heck do you spell that?

    It’s happening! We are fighting ???, the rival for this game~!

    He has a Chikorita who likes growling. But we won because the Chikorita was just growling, trying to intimidate a Totodile who has been scratching and raging since we got him. That boy is a monster... 



    I do apologize for the Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal references.

    So we are on our way back to Professor Elm, we need to tell him that the Chikorita is in the hands of someone whose name consists of question marks.

    ... I realized that we give that rival a name. I don’t think he even knew his own name when we first met him. He only started using the name he heard us say... or more like the name we randomly spouted out. He didn’t care if it was a normal name or a mess of letters and numbers, at least he has an identity now.

    And even after spending about 10 minutes away from my computer, we are still on Johto Route 29. The only change was Totodile is level 12 now.

    ... I looked away for a minute to type this update, and when I looked back at the stream there was a technical difficulty?

    Was it OLDEN?

    Well anyway, we are back at home and we can’t seem to remember how to door.

    So we got in... and the name we gave our rival?


    Yes, including the dots.

    I’ll call him Junior Jii.

    And we finally get Pokeballs! Time to catch some Pokemon~!

    Select Button!

    So we are trying to get a Sentret. A new Admiral... maybe.

    Ooor maybe not.

    And HHHIIIIHGH the Sentret is part of our team. Is he smoking a leaf?

    Soo this happened in the chat, I had to add this here.


    I am happy that I am not the only one making Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal jokes.

    Well that’s it for now, Totodile’s raging on another Sentret while HHHIIIIHGH is just watching with a blank look on his face.

    See you all soon when more interesting things happen!

    TPP Pokemon Pyrite - Leveling up and OLDEN

    Stream link here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    Sooo small update but our Totodile is wrecking everything. Already level 11, already learned Water Gun.

    Inputs are going pretty slow.

    Also OLDEN with Zalgo font donated apparently. That was a little creepy, but cool at the same time. I like creepy things.

    Poke Center visit!

    Okay so I’ll continue updating once we get closer to the battle with the Starter Pokemon Thief!

    Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite - Select Button

    Stream link here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    It’s happening again, the Select Button is a thing that is getting adored.

    On related but unrelated news, Totodile is carrying itself.

    “See those ledges? It’s scary to jump off them.” My response? “See those ledges? They’ll get you stuck for HOURS because the Mob can’t agree on which direction to go.”

    I saw someone in the chat calling for Totodile’s release.

    I see #RagerGator on the stream, so maybe the Totodile is the Rager Gator due to it’s constant fighting? -looks at Totodile’s stats on stream- Oh and it knows Rage.

    Which is it constantly using.

    Definitely more of a fighter than AAAAAtttta when he was just a Totodile.

    -goes to feed my dog, Esti, comes back-

    Oh we are at Elf Grandfather... I mean Mr. Pokemon’s house, and we just got the Pokedex from Professor Oak! And there’s the call from Professor Elm.

    I realized I still don’t know the name of our main girl. We also have a Dex Nav in the corner.

    And the Pokedex is getting love! Lots of it.

    That’s it for right now, but if anything else happens, I will be here to talk about it!

    Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    Heyo everyone, KpopGamingStudios here bringing you ‘live’ updates for TPP like I used to!

    I say ‘live’ because technically I am giving updates after they already happened.

    Link to the stream is here: Twitch Plays Pokemon Pyrite

    This time the Mob is playing Pokemon Pyrite, and already we have Lazor Gator Jr. to accompany us, though I worry that the Mob might try to make the young Totodile live up to his predecessor, the God Slayer himself, the original Lazor Gator named  AAAAAtttta.

    I came in around the 12 minute mark, so by now the Totodile (who has no nickname currently) is already level 6.

    Totodile seemed to be the shy type to me at first, as he ran twice when I joined the stream, but he fights and he fights hard. Goes to show not to judge a Totodile by the size of its jaw.

    He’s different from the original AAAAAtttta as Totodile doesn’t Leer often, but instead likes to Scratch, which makes me think that maybe he’s more willing to charge at his opponents than he is willing to whittle down their stats to make them easier to deal with.

    This Hoppip was not fainting, but it finally did.

    Seventeen as your Boyfriend

    S.Coups: Thinks you’re practically perfect in every way. Will NEVER tell you to lose weight

    Jeonghan: Ok so this dude knows that he’s beautiful and he knows that his jagiya is beautiful too….so he likes to take lots of pictures to show the world how beautiful you two are together

    Joshua: Would shower you in gifts like the perfect gentleman he is.

    Jun: Sometimes you would just catch him staring at you and this is what he’d say….

    Hoshi: Hoshi is soooo cute! Whenever he saw your natural face he would be so amazed at how perfect you are *adorable!!!!!*

    Wonwoo: He would want to buy you stuff like Joshua, but unlike Joshua it wouldn’t be a surprise. Anything you wanted in that moment he would get you

    Woozi: Wants to spend all his time with you

    DK: Would be very thoughtful and would make sure that you are comfortable and happy

    Mingyu: Ok. We can all agree that Mingyu is not as innocent as we think he is. Yes he might believe this statement below….but we all know what he really wants to be doing….

    The8: This boy slays at aegyo. He would constantly be complimenting you on how you look in the most adorable way possible

    Seungkwan: Seungkwan is a diva. And divas notice all the little things. This would come in handy when he notices the small changes you have made to your appearance 

    Vernon: HANSOLLLLLL. He is soooo shy. He’d be into subtle flirting b/c he isn’t bold enough to do anything else. But we love him anyway

    Dino: Ahhhh our little maknae. Dino would definitely take your side on every and all issues. He is loyal to a T and would never betray you

    Seventeen as pillows

    S.Coups: the one shaped like a man's upper body for women's comfort

    Jeonghan: the really furry one where you constantly get hair in your mouth

    Joshua: has a voice box inside that your friend hid and every time you lay down its like "wHATSUP"

    Jun: the hello kitty one with drool stains all over it that you hide when friends come over

    Hoshi: tacky patterns but appreciated for the unique personality

    Wonwoo: square and completely black

    Woozi: one that plays soft music but actually has knives inside

    DK: fluffy fluffy fLUfFy

    Mingyu: dog shaped bc he's an actual puppy

    The8: cuddly and soft and getting out of bed is always hard

    Seungkwan: for some reason there's an alarm clock in the middle of it wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAWAKE UP

    Vernon: the one with the pillowcase that holds all your drug money

    Dino: probably a pillow pet