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Shapeshifting Lego monster what keeps tag-essaying about Star Wars and video games and bad jokes. Pro-feminist, pro-SJW, pro-bullshit, anti-logic. Disenchated with social media and barely here. hmu on Discord at Krahka#6041

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    Vanilla Sunday Meme

    <>For muns who aren’t into explicit sexual content, but don’t mind approaching the t<>opic.
    Feel free to cross out any questions you aren’t comfortabl<>e with!

    • <>Is your muse a romantic? Do they dream of love and marriage?
    • <>Is your muse a deviant? Are they overly flirtatious or forward?
    • <>Is your muse good at kissing? Are they experienced?
    • <>Does your muse initiate a lot of physical contact?
    • <>Is your muse comfortable with public displays of affection?
    • <>Does your muse steal clothing from their partner?
    • <>Is your muse the big spoon or the little spoon?
    • <>Is your muse comfortable with, or proud of their body? Are they insecure?
    • <>Is your muse attracted to any features in particular?
    • <>Have their crushes been mostly male, mostly female, or evenly split?
    • <>Have their partners been mostly male, mostly female, or evenly split?
    • <>Is your muse easily flustered? Do they blush, swear, etc.?
    • <>Where is your muse most sensitive?
    • <>Is your muse more submissive or dominant in a relationship?
    • <>Would your muse ever tempt their partner, e.g. flirting, wearing tight/sexy clothing?
    • <>Does your muse initiate heated/sexual contact, or do they wait for their partner?
    • <>Does your muse leave hickies? Do they ask for them?
    • <>Does your muse like to be pinned down, or to pin their partner?
    • <>Has your muse reached first/second/third base? Home run?
    • <>Would your muse be interested in engaging with multiple partners?
    • <>Would your muse ever send a sexual text message? Would they send pictures?
    • <>Does your muse read smut, own magazines, or watch p-rn?
    • <>Is your muse the type to discuss their sex life or sexual prowess with others?
    • <>Is your muse a top, a bottom, or a switch? Do they have a lean?
    • <>How interested is your muse in sex and sexual activity?
    • <>Do they have sex frequently, occasionally, or rarely?

    V A P O R W A V E A L M S I V I

    Vivec, Almalexia & Sotha-Sil, the living glam-rock gods of Morrowind in this retro-aesthetic crossover! I am so excited to share the finished 3rd installment to my personal series. I had so much fun and I hope folks really like it!

    Full process walkthrough & wallpaper on patreon! It's also available as a HUGE 19x24 print in my store!