Sumiso BDSM busca dómina en Madrid

Sumiso de Madrid ( España), que busca una dómina con fetiches parecidos y que desee un esclavo que la adore y que su única preocupación en la vida sea por ella. Sólo contesto perfiles que me escriban en Castellano. 

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    This is art from the escape game “Aelie 02: Lia’s Rebellion” found here: http://aelie.altervista.org/
    The game was created by DBMaster8: https://www.deviantart.com/dbmaster8/art/Bondage-Escape-Game-Lia-s-Rebellion-471256615
    The art was created by MisterEye: https://www.deviantart.com/dbmaster8/art/Lia-s-Rebellion-now-has-art-658066348
    More specifically, the images are from “bad end #3” which you get by exiting through the door using the correct key.
    As I do not own these images I’m attempting to link the external original image urls…

    She smoothed down her skirt and straightened her dress as she congratulated herself for escaping an even harsher predicament. She quickly checked the room to see if she was forgetting anything, then stuck the white star key into the door and turned it. The sound of the lock disengaging was music to her ears as she pushed the door open. On the other side was a room about the same size as the one she was just in. What she saw on the other side made her blood run cold and her entire spirit drain from her body. Her master was sitting there on a recliner, slowly clapping as he smiled at her. Her trance was broken by the sound of the door shutting behind her. She could hear the sound of the lock re-engaging, locking her into the room with her master.

    “Well done, Lia. Bravo! I was sure you had no chance of escaping that predicament, but you followed my hints beautifully.” He leaned his chair back to the upright position and stood up. “Now the real question is: Where do we go from here? Shall I give you an even tougher challenge to overcome? Will you become my willing servant? Maybe you’d like to reconsider my offer of marriage?”

    Lia was blindsided by this question. She was so focused on escaping that she hadn’t even considered how she felt about the whole experience. She reluctantly admitted to herself that she had gotten quite a rush from her two escapes so far. She had started to feel some sort of rivalry with her master; he would bind her and she would escape. “It was easy to escape. You should try harder next time.”

    Of all the answers she could give, this was one he did not expect. He burst out into laughter, covering his eyes with his hand. “As unpredictable as always, I see. But you must know that you escaped this time because I LET you escape. Without me specifically leaving you keys and tools you would still be back in that room, blind and helpless.”

    “Is that a challenge I hear?” This line of questioning went strongly against her better judgment, but her competitive spirit had been awakened, and she took her stand. “You’re saying you purposely let me escape? I could escape even without your help!”

    “Oh boy, you’re too much, Lia! How could I have managed to pick such a perfect woman to be my wife? To answer your question, yes, while you were sleeping I carefully set up a challenge for you. A test, almost! And you passed with flying colors!”

    This comment got under her skin, and she didn’t know why. “Then let us have a true competition. You can bind me in the most stringent, strongest restraints you have, and I will prove that I can escape from anything you have. And once I do, I’ll have you….” She hadn’t really planned it out this far. Just what did she want from him? Her freedom? More bondage? Love? Respect?

    As she laid down her ultimatum, a malicious smile crept across her master’s face. “Very well. I will give you the true challenge you seek, and I will pull no punches. I won’t leave you any keys, tools, or hints. If you can escape, I will give you whatever you want. Freedom? Money? Love? Anything within my power, and all for you, my love.”

    Every fiber of her being told her to reject this horrible challenge and beg for forgiveness, but her newly discovered competitive spirit and the adrenaline still rushing through her led her to say two words she would regret for a very long time. “You’re on!”

    “Very well. Strip and follow me.” His voice was all business. He opened a nearby door and left without even looking back. A shiver went down Lia’s spine; what had she just gotten herself into? She dropped her dress to the ground before she was interrupted by a call from the other room.

    “That’s fine, leave your gloves and stockings on. Now get in here!” She quickly followed her master into the next room.

    In the next room, she saw her worst nightmare.

    Shelves lined the wall, and they were all stacked high with ropes, tape, chains, and other various methods of binding. “Do you like my supply room? You will surely be spending much time in the materials found in this room in the future.”

    He picked up some leather items out of a closet and came back to her. “These should look familiar. I’m sure you enjoyed their effects in the other room. Put these on, and don’t try to cheat, I want them done up right.” He tossed a pair of ballet heels at her feet, and motioned to a chair nearby. After spending so much time trying to get them off in the other room, she certainly didn’t expect to be putting them back on so soon. She still walked on her toes to alleviate the pain in her legs.

    Minutes later, she was locked back into the mittens and boots that had caused her so many problems before.

    “You really look the best like this, after all. Moving on, did you enjoy the treat I gave you to suck on before?” A look of disgust flashed across her face as he smirked. “That bad huh? Lucky for you, you get clean ones this time. Now, open up!” Lia opened her mouth without incident, and soon had a fresh pair of panties shoved into her mouth. Soon after she was being fitted into a trainer gag like she had been wearing before. She felt like this ball was even larger than the one before.

    Her master brought over a sort of strapless leotard; it looked like quite heavy material. “This has a built in corset and, based on what happened in the other room, two things I think you will enjoy greatly.” She looked inside as he held it open and she saw two monstrous dildoes in the bottom of the suit.

    With a shiver she stepped into the item and readied herself for her imminent intrusion. Even though she readied herself, having the plugs shoved inside her was a breathtaking experience. The corset was pulled into place, perfectly shaped to her body and supporting her breasts. Her master started pulling the laces shut, each yank increasing the sensation of being filled completely. Eventually the corset was completely shut, and small clicks were heard from the back. He zipped the flap over the laces and locked it into the clasp at the top.

    “Now the setup is complete, let’s get to the main event.” He brought out some metal bands, which he placed around her wrists, upper arms, thighs, and ankles and closed with a click. He then bent her arm and the cuffs on that arm lined up perfectly, connecting with another click. Lia found her arms were now stuck in this position; the two cuffs had locked together. Before she knew it, her other arm was locked the same way, and she found herself on her knees, with her legs also locked by the cuffs. “These are much more secure than those straps I was using before.”

    He then proceeded with something more mundane: rope, and lots of it. He started with her arms, wrapping it around her arms on both sides of the cuffs. After 4 loops on each side, he cinched the ropes between her forearm and upper arm. Continuing with the other arm, and then moving onto her legs. He tied loops of rope in two places on each leg, near her knees and around her ankles and thighs. Each one was looped several times around her leg and cinched in between. He proceeded with her torso, tying a tight and intricate rope harness around her body. “This won’t actually bind you but it looks nice. You should feel nice too.” He was right, it did press against her all over in a somewhat pleasant way.

    “That’s enough rope for now, do you think you can escape this?” Lia was already in a trance, absorbed by the feelings and her own thoughts. “Heh, enjoying yourself I guess? Well, if you won’t respond I will keep going!” Her master brought back several rolls of duct tape.

    He started with each limb and carefully wrapped each one in tape, going back to where he started once he had covered it. He then proceeded to her torso, wrapping her from neck to crotch in a double layer of tape. Even her head did not escape, as her Master wrapped her hair into a ponytail with tape and then covered her head completely in two layers of tape, leaving only her eyes open. The tight wrapping pushed the gag even deeper into her mouth, and she groaned as her predicament became even worse.

    Finally, an additional layer over her entire body sealed her in.“

    “Still with me?” He turned her head towards him, and she avoided looking directly into his eyes. “Being like this makes you feel pretty helpless, doesn’t it? I’m nowhere near finished though. I hope you appreciate my hard work! I’m expecting quite the show from you.” He went back to the rope, tying another tight harness over her torso and limbs. Pulled tight, the ropes pressed into the tape, making it even more secure. With the ropes still tied on, there would be almost no way to peel any tape off of her. “This is my favorite part.” He brought over a heavy leather suit from out of the closet.

    It was shaped just the same as she was bound right now, with half length sleeves. She was sure her master had it custom made to her size. He unzipped and released the straps on the back, and spread it out next to her. He lifted her clear off the ground and set her back down on top of the suit. Her master started to pull her arms and legs into their sleeves and arrange the back of the suit. The hood was slipped over her head as well, on top of her head two leather ears made to look like a cat’s.

    Her Master pulled the two sides of the suit together and started to lace up the back. The suit began to compress her slightly as the slack was pulled out of it by the laces. With quite a bit of effort, finally, the laces were pulled closed and tied off. A flap covered over the laces and zipped shut, locking at her neck. Now the straps of the suit were buckled shut; two around each limb, a tall collar around her neck, and a web of straps around her torso. Each strap had a padlock threaded through the buckle and locked tightly.

    “What do you think, had enough? Or should I keep going?” Lia was trembling under layers of bondage. She could barely even comprehend what she was being locked into next. “No complaints? On to my last surprise then! But don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last!”

    Lia’s collar had a leash attached, and her master started to pull on it. This was the first time she had tried to move much in her new bondage, and she found it to be quite difficult. The layers were stacked so thick and tight that she had trouble moving her limbs around. She followed her master on all fours into the next room and down the hall into another room. A modified shower was set up in the room, and she could only think that this did not spray water.

    “You may have already guessed, but this is no ordinary shower. Let me explain; this shower sprays a special latex mixture which can be used to coat objects. It dries into a flexible coating, but when it is heated, it shrinks and toughens becoming still flexible but extremely durable. Even a knife or bolt cutters won’t cut through the heat sealed latex. You can probably guess what’s going to happen here.”

    Her entire body trembled as he explained what was going to happen. Once the latex seeped into the locks and buckles it would be nearly impossible to get them loose again. Just what did she agree to with her challenge, and would she ever be free again? Her mind was abuzz with a million questions, but with her mouth packed and wrapped there was no way she could voice any of them.

    Her master put a set of goggles over her eyes and set her up in the middle of the shower and began the sprayers. The vibrators inside her started to buzz, ensuring she could not stay in one spot for more than a few seconds at a time. The automated spraying system stopped and started at indiscernible intervals, and the deluge of latex was impossible to avoid.

    The process continued for over 20 minutes, and at the end, she was encased in nearly a half an inch of latex. “That looks good, now, on to the driers!” He placed her on a cart and moved her over to another platform. This one had large lamps around it, all aimed at her. With a small knife he cut her goggles out of the latex, leaving the sole opening in the latex coating her body. She blinked as she could suddenly see again while she watched plexiglass walls rise around her. With a click, the lights turned on and were blindingly bright. With nowhere to escape to, she could only try to endure it as the lamps heated her new latex shell. Several minutes went by and she could feel it somehow shrinking and compressing her even tighter.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the lights shut off. The walls are lowered, and her Master inspects his handiwork. Lia was now sealed inside a tough latex shell, and the only opening was over her eyes. “How cute, you can still see the ears, muzzle, and tail that I added to the leather!” He buckled a plain collar around her neck and lead her off to a new room.

    This one was completely empty except for a single metal cage in the middle of the room. He led her into the cage and removed the collar, replacing it with a thick metal collar that was chained to the bottom of the cage. A large padlock clicked shut onto her collar, and her Master shut and locked the cage. It was barely larger than her bound size, giving her not much more than 6-12 inches in each direction.

    A grinding sound came from the ceiling, and her cage started to rise, stopping when it was several feet off the ground. “Now, I’ve bound you in my most stringent, strongest restraints. All you need to do is escape and you can have anything your heart desires. I’ll wait for you out side, but don’t worry, I’ll check up on you later to see how you’re doing.” He left the room and shut the door, she could hear the lock engaging.

    Lia had never felt despair as overwhelming as she did right now. She had talked a big game before and she had been completely and utterly humbled. Even in her wildest dreams she would not be able to start to escape this predicament. She weakly pulled at her new prison, but there was absolutely no give. She imagined any single one of her restraints would have held her completely helpless, and with all of them together it was simply impossible. As she slumped down to her stomach, her impossible situation somehow got even worse. The vibrators inside of her turned on and quickly rose to their maximum speed, spinning slowly as they buzzed inside her. In addition to this, the bust of the corset started to vibrate as well, with the buzzing especially strong right over her nipples. She twitched and squirmed, she had barely been able to stand the vibrations for a few minutes before; how long would she have to withstand it now? Almost all thoughts of escape abandoned her mind, and all she could think about was these feelings overcoming her body. She involuntarily struggled and squirmed inside her new pet suit and moaned weakly into her gag.

    And despite all this… she felt something else. She was eager to experience more bondage, more restraint, more ‘games’. She reluctantly admitted to herself that she played right into her Master’s plans. She already looked the part, but she finally started to feel the part too. She squirmed softly against her bindings as she awaited what the future would bring…

    “Still Master’s Pet” – BAD END #3 of 4