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I love voltron, but I love for Lance. Bottom, top, dom, sub, I love him. Also. I'm a huge ass multishipper. So all ships allowed, lol. Mostly ones geared toward Lance tho. Uhm.. ask box is open?

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    Random ass thought

    But Lance likes being carried everywhere.

    When it comes to his boyfriends, this boy is always resting. Either leaning against him, or being carried but them. It's fun, too.

    And when they're done with him, they his toss him onto the nearest couch or bed. And he's screaming with laughter even as he flails around. He giggles when he bounces and it's just the most fun thing to be thrown around and carried.

    His boyfriends love it, too. His laugh, his smile, it's like everything's okay and they're okay.


    Shiro gripping Lance's ankles with them pushed against the bed with the boy lying on his back, yelling into the air as Shiro's cock pounds into his now loose ass. It's not the first (nor last) time Shiro's just gone to town on him, and he's not complaining.

    He can't, really.

    Lance's body jerks and jolts, pleasure forcing his toes to curl as he struggles to stay in places. He's drooling messily, overwhelmed with each thrust as they induce stars and have him clawing at Shiro's shoulders and back, melting into kisses before a particularly hard thrust has him throwing his head against the bed. Everything's too much and not enough, he's so close to cumming, but not enough. He's started crying at this point, voice pitching hitcher as Shiro was rolling his hips between thrusts, pushing Lance that much closer to the edge.

    Shiro, along with Lance, is enjoying himself. With the way Lance's hole clenches and flutters around him as he so prettily. He had the most beautiful view of Lance's kiss swollen and bitten red lips, his teary eyes, marked up neck-- it's gorgeous. Lance is so beautiful and it's all Shiro can think about as he plows that beautiful ass.

    "You're so gorgeous, baby." Shiro's voice is low and throaty, sending heat down Lance's spine. If he wasn't already being fucked like Shiro was a deprived man, the heat would make his toes curl.

    Sadly, Lance doesn't evenhave the mind to respond, taking in wet gasps. "Ah- Nnngh! - f-fuhh! 'K-'Kashi!" 'Kashi. That's the first coherent word he's managed in the past fifteen minutes or so of hard, deep sex. It's all he can probably manage as his back arches, chest pressing against Shiro's as his eyes finally roll back with Shiro's persistent hips. The only warning he can get out is a weak shout before he comes loose. His mouth is open and his body is still shaking when he comes down. His chest moves vibrations in his voice that he can't really hear and all he can see is the universe as he trembles.

    But Shiro can hear him loud and clear, pressing living kisses to his cheeks and releasing Lance's ankles while still working his cock in deep. Feeling Lance suddenly clench so tight and cum all over himself is Shiro's tipping point as he groans and slams in with a few more quick, hard thrusts. When he comes around, Lance is still trembling, moaning out a mantra of Shiro's names, both of them. "Sh-Shiro-! Ha ahh, Sh-Shi~ hah." Lance's voice soft as Shiro empties himself into Lance just the way he likes it.

    Shiro's nerves hum with flickering flames even as his name tapers away and Lance only a whimpering, moaning mess of both their cum. Lance's hands only gently settle on Shiro's chest, but he understands the gesture, slowly pulling out of Lance until he's leaking his cum, spent cock settled on the bed.

    Shiro press disappears a moment, leaving Lance confused at the sudden cold, only to be hushed as Shiro returns, slowly and gently wiping away the tears, then the drool, then cum. He was gentle with each puff the cloth, breathing soft praises and reassurances as Lance slowly came to himself with gentle breathing and soft sounds, finally relaxed.

    Shiro only presses a gentle to kiss to dazed lips as he styles beside Lance after tossing the cloth toward their hamper. Only then does Lance settle into a silent state, curling up against Shiro. They drift off in each other's arms.

    They didn't even wake when Keith came home and flicked on the lights.

    His voice came out as a low murmur as he flicked them off. "Couldn't even save some for me." Keith's boyfriends were so.. mean to him.

    I have the incredibly vivid image of Lance on his knees, tongue out with glazed over eyes as Keith rubs his cock on his tongue then pressing it against Lance's nose. While Lance is just sitting there like a good little whore, whimpering at the scent. At how it smells so good, but he wants to taste it, too. Keith is still in his clothes from their date, with only his pants unzipped and boxers pushed below his balls, seated on their bed. Lance, on the other hand, is completely naked and on the floor, cock drooling pre, but that isn't where his focus is.

    Lance's focus is on the intense musk of Keith's cock. The same thick, heavy scent that has his eyes glazed over and drooling.

    The very cock he's determined to swallow before the night ends.

    Can we just.. appreciate Lance choking on cock? Just imagining his face red and eyes rimmed with tears as he's pressed all the way to the base, drool coating house chin as the cock. Each breath he can manage consisting of cock and only cock. His eyes glazing over as he swallows and is held there, left there.

    God, I need more of Lance with a cock down his throat, sitting there with his pretty blue eyes like a good little cock sucker.


    Hey- how do you start a bottom lance blog when there are no other bottom lance blogs?

    There aren’t other bottom Lance blogs? D: What travesty is this?

    I guess you have no other recourse than to make the best bottom Lance blog ever by scouring through the ‘bottom Lance’ tags to reblog and creating the content yourself! 

    You have my full support mate! Bottom Lance is a good Lance ;)


    Hey all you bottom Lance lovers out there! If you know a blog that specializes in bottom Lance could you tag them here for other bottom Lance lovers to find? I’m sure our good friend krys here would much appreciate it ;)