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    Para responder a la duda de todo aquel que ha escuchado que CB y DL tienen una conexión, pero las historias les parecen demasiado distintas.

    En la sinópsis de Carnelian Blood traducida por mi amiga y admin de la página de facebook, @sugar-lollipop , se menciona tanto a lo fundadores, una enfermedad que los exterminó y al banmaden: “Hay un recuerdo peligroso que no debería haber sido recordado. Un bello Cardenal una vez trajo una calamidad a los residentes que vivían en el abismo del Makai/Inframundo. Existe un ominoso/abominable relieve de algo deteriorado descubierto en el Pandemonium/Banmaden por los Fundadores que estaban orgullosos de su poder/gloria en el Makai. Una enfermedad que provocó la extinción de los Fundadores/Ancestros”


    Hello again! Here's my question: from all Diaboys, who do you find the cutest when they were children?

    Have a nice day Admin!

    // I'm going to sound really biased, but this is also a very popular opinion in the fandom, so the answer is AYATO!

    Don't get me wrong, all of the Diaboys were cute as children, but some of them appeared too serious and more on the mature or handsome side, rather than youthful and adorable, if you know what I mean. A cute child, in my opinion, has those large round eyes, a cheerful and energetic personality, and a bright smile, therefore yeah, Ayato fits all of these criteria.

    Just look at the baby boy, he’s so precious!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)♡


    Admin I absolutely LOVE the outfits you give Yui and I wish she had that fashion sense! Even so, have you ever thought of rating Yui’s official outfits? I would love to hear your opinion♡

    // Aww, thank you! I've always been interested in fashion, so I guess I'm trying to give Yui things that will suit her best. Also, sure, sounds fun! (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)

    1. Dark Fate

    This is probably a very popular opinion, Yui's best outfit is without a doubt her DF one! It actually looks modern and like something a teenager would truly wear. The high-waisted shorts definitely flatter Yui's figure, and I love how her shoes and socks match her shorts and blouse perfectly!

    2. Lost Eden

    Everyone knows I'm not a big fan of LE, but I have to admit that this outfit looks great on her! Maybe I'm just saying that because many girls here, including myself, dress like that, and even though it's very simple, it has a fresh vibe to it! My only complaint is that the skirt is far too short, which wouldn't normally be a problem but Yui is Miss Clumy and falls down numerous times in LE (and in general), so I get second-hand embarrassment, lol.

    3. Chaos Lineage

    I'm a huge pink lover, I like how they made her outfit look formal but really comfortable. The dress gives me vintage vibes, which is a plus, and I love the socks and shoes; look at those cute pearls! Overall, the outfit is good, but I would have preferred it if they gave Yui a blazer to make it look less plain in comparison to the Diaboys' attires.

    4. Vandead Carnival

    This outfit is definitely… something. It’s not ugly for sure but it simply doesn’t give me Yui vibes. I’m not saying Yui has to only dress in pink, and it’s not like she’s canonically stylish either but those colors are way too dull for her. I believe it would have looked better if she tucked that shirt in that baggy skirt. Perhaps not wearing black leggings and having different shoes would have saved this outfit? At least it looks alright in cgs.

    5. Lunatic Parade

    I’m feeling bad for rating this one so low because I love LP so much but this outfit isn’t the best choice for her. Both pieces of clothing aren't bad; in fact, I like the ribbons on the jacket; however, the colors don't really suit Yui. Perhaps it isn't very visible here because promotional pictures are always brighter, but Yui's skin in the game has warm tones, and in some cgs, her skin and hair are exactly the same color as the dress, which doesn't give me an aesthetically pleasing image at all, since it’s way too… dry. Also, why were those black thigh-high socks included? It also bothers me that the shoes don't go with anything.

    6. Haunted Dark Bridal/More Blood

    Come on everyone, let’s act surprised! I already mentioned why I dislike this outfit but I’ll do it again. The pieces of clothing aren’t that hideous, the sweater would have been sort of cute if she took a high waisted skirt and tucked it there. As for the shorts, they are… okay? They would have worked better with plenty of shirts. Adding those orange/light-brown boots was atrocious, it’s not that they’re ugly, they just make the outfit look chaotic because pink, brown and orange isn’t really the most fitting combination for Yui.

    (I remember editing once a full body version but I can’t find it anymore PAIN)

    I wanted to include the school uniforms and other outfits, but the ones shown above appear in most cgs, after all. Still, I adore her black uniform; it makes Yui look really good! 💕


    Hola snow, te parece que kou sea afeminado?

    Uhmmm... No sé, supongo que su apariencia cumple con ese estándar de idol de verse un poco más... ¿Delicado? Que la imagen "común" de un varón. Si es por su personalidad, no sé si llamar afeminado al chico que come como bestia y que se agarra a golpes con Subaru o Ruki si la situación lo amerita... A lo mucho lo llamaría algo vanidoso con su apariencia de vez en vez.


    Ahora me imaginé a Kou como el pitufo vanidoso, jaja