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    i had no idea they were so frickin huge


    I love them so much because they’re about as sharp as a baseball and their anatomy is ridiculous to the point of them literally being classified as plankton for years because they just sort of get blown around by the ocean and look confused, but because they lay more eggs than ANY OTHER VERTEBRATE IN EXISTENCE, evolution can’t stop them


    Why is no big predator coming and gnawing on them?


    Their biggest defense is that they’re massive and have super tough skin, but they do get hunted by sharks or sea lions sometimes and they just sort of float there like ‘oh bother’ as it happens

    Even funnier, because they eat nothing but jellyfish they’re really low in nutritional value anyway, so they basically survive by being not worth eating because they’re like a big floating rice cracker wrapped in leather.


    So basically the only reason natural selection hasn’t taken care if them is because they are the most useless fish


    yes, they’ve perfected uselessness to the point of being unstoppable

    a true inspiration


    Evolution didn’t care about fittest or best, it cares about the CARE MINIMUM.

    Which is a being a giant leather rice cake.




    They aren’t useless, you monsters! The fact that they eat so many jellyfish is their exact ecological purpose. They are a key part of controlling jellyfish blooms. Sunfish keep jellyfish from taking up all the available space


    All hail these jellyfish vacuums who make sure the other delicate creatures of the deep are not accidentally murdered by the jellyfish


    1.. ARIES- the liar

    (the Ram - 21 March 19 April)
    * Outgoing.
    * Lovable.
    * Spontaneous.
    * Not one to mess with.
    * Funny.
    * EXCELLENT kisser.
    * EXTREMELY adorable.
    * Loves relationships.
    * Addictive.
    * Loud.
    16 years of bad luck if you do not reblog

    2. TAURUS - The Tramp

    (the Bull - 20 April 20 May)
    * Aggressive.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    * Likes to give a good fight for what they want.
    * Extremely outgoing.
    * Loves to help people in times of need.
    * GOOD kisser.
    * GOOD personality.
    * Stubborn but a caring person.
    * One of a kind.
    * Not one to mess with.
    * Usually are the most attractive people.
    15 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

    3. GEMINI - Irresistible

    (the Twins - 21 May 21 June)
    * Nice.
    * Love is one of a kind.
    * Great listener.
    * Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out.
    * Trustworthy.
    * Always happy.
    * Loud.
    * Talkative.
    * Not one to mess with.
    * Freak.
    * Outgoing.
    * VERY Forgiving.
    * Loves to make friends.
    * Has a beautiful smile.
    * Generous.
    * Strong.
    * The Irresistible one.
    9 years of bad luck if you do not reblog

    4.  CANCER - The Cutie

    (the Crab - 22 June 22 July)
    * Most AMAZING kisser..Very high appeal.
    * Love is one of a kind.
    * Very romantic.
    * Most caring person you will ever meet!
    * Very creative.
    * Extremely random and proud of it.
    * Freak.
    * Spontaneous.
    * Great at telling stories.
    * Not a fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.
    * Someone you should hold on to.
    12 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

    5. LEO - The Lion

    (the Lion - 23 July - 22 August)
    * Great talker.
    * Attractive and passionate.
    * Laid back.
    * Knows how to have fun.
    * Is really good at almost anything.
    * GREAT kisser.
    * Unpredictable.
    * Outgoing.
    * Down to earth.
    * Addictive.
    * Attractive.
    * Loud.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    * Talkative.
    * Not one to mess with.
    * Freak.
    * Rare to find.
    * Good when found.
    7 years of bad luck if you do not reblog

    6. VIRGO - The One that Waits

    (the Virgin - 23 August 22 September)
    * Dominant in relationships.
    * Someone loves them right now.
    * Always wants the last word.
    * Caring.
    * Smart.
    * Loud.
    * Loyal.
    * Easy to talk to.
    * Everything you ever wanted.
    * Easy to please.
    * The one and only.
    7 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

    7. LIBRA - The AWESOME One

    (the Balance - 23 September 23 October)
    * Nice to everyone they meet.
    * Their Love is one of a kind.
    * Independent, yet likes company
    * Great kisser.
    * Always smiling, loves to laugh.
    * Silly, fun and sweet.
    * Have own unique sex appeal.
    * Most caring person you will ever meet!
    * However not the kind of person you want to mess with…you might end   up crying.
    9 years of bad luck if you do not rebl

    8. SCORPIO - The Addict

    (the Scorpion - 24 October 21 November)
    * EXTREMELY adorable.
    *Good Lover
    * Intelligent.
    * Loves to joke.
    * Very good sense of humor.
    * Energetic.
    * GOOD kisser.
    * Always get what they want.
    * Attractive.
    * Easy going.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    * Talkative.
    * Romantic.
    * Caring.
    4 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

    9. SAGITTARIUS - The Promiscuous One

    (the Archer - 22 November 21 December)
    * Spontaneous.
    * High appeal.
    * Rare to find.
    * Great when found.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    * So much love to give.
    * Not one to mess with.
    * Very attractive.
    * Very romantic.
    * Nice to everyone they meet.
    * Their Love is one of a kind.
    * Silly, fun and sweet.
    * Have their own unique appeal.
    * Most caring person you will ever meet!
    * Not the kind of person you wanna fuck with because you might end up   crying.
    4 years of bad luck if you do not reblog

    10. CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover

    (the Goat - 22 December 19 January)
    * Love to bust.
    * Nice.
    * Sassy.
    * Intelligent.
    * Sexy.
    * Irresistible.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    * Great talker.
    * Always gets what he or she wants.
    * Cool.
    * Loves to own Gemini’s in sports.
    * Extremely fun.
    * Loves to joke.
    * Smart.
    24 years of bad luck if you do not reblo

    11. AQUARIUS - Does It In The Water

    (the Water Bearer - 20 January 18 February)
    * Trustworthy.
    * Attractive.
    * GREAT kisser.
    * One of a kind.
    * Loves being in long-term relationships.
    * Extremely energetic.
    * Unpredictable.
    * Will exceed your expectations.
    * Not a Fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.
    2 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

    12. PISCES - The Partner for Life

    (the Fishes - 19 February 20 March)
    * Caring and kind.
    * Smart.
    * Center of attention.
    * High appeal.
    * Has the last word.
    * Good to find, hard to keep.
    * Fun to be around.
    * Extremely weird but in a good way.
    * Good Sense of Humor!!!
    * Thoughtful.
    * Always gets what he or she wants.
    * Loves to joke.
    * Very popular.
    * Silly, fun and sweet.
    * Loves being in long relationships.
    2 years of bad luck if you do not reblog



    Yep, that’s pretty accurate for Virgo lol


    Capricorn… He’s a Gemini… 😈😂❤️


    Aquarius… All me except energetic. Lmao


    Liiiiiiibra!! Sooo true 😂


    I mean Capricorn is pretty accurate 😂


    Sagittarius 🙌🏼💕 now if those things aren’t true I don’t know what is 😭


    Aquarius 😛😛


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    I’m not having no bad karma, or luck. I’m going to add a little sprinkle of Jesus for me.


    After how rough August has been, I can’t take noooooo chances.


    ok yeah im not risking this shit


    100 Reasons NOT To Kill Yourself

    1. We would miss you. 2. It’s not worth the regret. Either by yourself if you failed or just simply left scars, or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you. 3. It does get better. Believe it or not it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow. 4. There’s so much you would miss out on doing. 5. There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there. 6. So many people care, and it would hurt them if you hurt yourself. 7. You ARE worth it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise. 8. You are amazing. 9. A time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won’t regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better. 10. What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about the things you’ve planned, but never got around to doing? You can’t do them when you’re dead. 11. I love you. Even if only one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive. 12. You won’t be able to listen to music if you die. 13. Killing yourself is never worth it. You’ll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about. 14. There are so many people that would miss you, including me. 15. You’re preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born. 16. How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died? 17. You’re gorgeous, amazing, and to someone you are perfect. 18. Think about your favourite music artist, you’ll never hear their voice again… 19. You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day 20. Listening to incredibly loud music 21. Being alive is just really good. 22. Not being alive is really bad. 23. Finding your soulmate. 24. Red pandas 25. Going to diners at three in the morning. 26. Really soft pillows. 27. Eating pizza in New York City. 28. Proving people wrong with your success. 29. Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life. 30. Seeing someone trip over a garbage can. 31. Being able to help other people. 32. Bonfires. 33. Sitting on rooftops. 34. Seeing every single country in the world. 35. Going on roadtrips. 36. You might win the lottery someday. 37. Listening to music on a record player. 38. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. 39. Taking really cool pictures. 40. Literally meeting thousands of new people. 41. Hearing crazy stories. 42. Telling crazy stories. 43. Eating ice cream on a hot day. 44. More Harry Potter books could come out, you never know. 45. Travelling to another planet someday. 46. Having an underwater house. 47. Randomly running into your hero on the street. 48. Having your own room at a fancy hotel. 49. Trampolines. 50. Think about your favourite movie, you’ll never watch it again. 51. Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke, 52. Your survival will make the world better, even if it’s for just one person or 20 or 100 or more. 53. People do care. 54. Treehouses 55. Hanging out with your soul mate in a treehouse 55. Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees 56. I don’t even know you and I love you. 57. I don’t even know you and I care about you. 58. Because nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness! 59. You won’t be here to experience the first cat world emperor. 60. WHAT ABOUT FOOD?! YOU’LL MISS CHOCOLATE AND ALL THE OTHER NOM THINGS! 61. Starbucks. 62. Hugs. 63. Stargazing. 64. You have a purpose, and it’s up to you to find out what it is. 65. You’ve changed somebody’s life. 66. Now you could change the world. 67. You will meet the person that’s perfect for you. 68. No matter how much or how little, you have your life ahead of you. 69. You have the chance to save somebody’s life. 70. If you end your life, you’re stopping yourself from achieving great things. 71. Making snow angels. 72. Making snowmen. 73. Snowball fights. 74. Life is what you make of it. 75. Everybody has a talent. 76. Laughing until you cry. 77. Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy. 78. The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist. 79. Its possible to turn frowns, upside down 80. Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive. 81. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero. 82. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. 83. One day your smile will be real. 84. Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day. 85. Lying on grass and laughing at the clouds. 86. Getting completely smashed with your best friends. 87. Eating crazy food. 88. Staying up all night watching your favourite films with a loved one. 89. Sleeping in all day. 90. Creating something you’re proud of. 91. You can look back on yourself 70 years later and being proud you didn’t commit 92. Being able to meet your Internet friends. 93. Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate 94. Sherlock season three. 95. Cuddling under the stars. 96. Being stupid in public because you just can. 97. If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile? 98. being able to hug that one person you havent seen in years 99. People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this. 100. But, the final and most important one is, just, being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, literally anything could happen

    IF that isn’t enough:

    Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696 Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433 LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255 Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743 Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438 Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673 Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272 Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000 Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253 Child Abuse: 1-800-422-4453 UK Helplines: Samaritans (for any problem): 08457909090 e-mail jo@samaritans.org Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem): 08001111 Mind infoline (mental health information): 0300 123 3393 e-mail: info@mind.org.uk Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice): 0300 466 6463 legal@mind.org.uk b-eat eating disorder support: 0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail: help@b-eat.co.uk b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders): 08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) Cruse Bereavement Care: 08444779400 e-mail: helpline@cruse.org.uk Frank (information and advice on drugs): 0800776600 Drinkline: 0800 9178282 Rape Crisis England & Wales: 0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail info@rapecrisis.org.uk Rape Crisis Scotland: 08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight India Self Harm Hotline: 00 08001006614 India Suicide Helpline: 022-27546669 Kids Help Phone (Canada): 1-800-668-6868, Free and available 24/7 suicide hotlines; Argentina: 54-0223-493-0430 Australia: 13-11-14 Austria: 01-713-3374 Barbados: 429-9999 Belgium: 106 Botswana: 391-1270 Brazil: 21-233-9191 China: 852-2382-0000 (Hong Kong: 2389-2222) Costa Rica: 606-253-5439 Croatia: 01-4833-888 Cyprus: 357-77-77-72-67 Czech Republic: 222-580-697, 476-701-908 Denmark: 70-201-201 Egypt: 762-1602 Estonia: 6-558-088 Finland: 040-5032199 France: 01-45-39-4000 Germany: 0800-181-0721 Greece: 1018 Guatemala: 502-234-1239 Holland: 0900-0767 Honduras: 504-237-3623 Hungary: 06-80-820-111 Iceland: 44-0-8457-90-90-90 Ireland: 1800-247-100 Israel: 09-8892333 Italy: 06-705-4444 Japan: 3-5286-9090 Latvia: 6722-2922, 2772-2292 Malaysia: 03-756-8144 (Singapore: 1-800-221-4444) Mexico: 525-510-2550 Netherlands: 0900-0767 New Zealand: 4-473-9739 New Guinea: 675-326-0011 Nicaragua: 505-268-6171 Norway: 47-815-33-300 Philippines: 02-896-9191 Poland: 52-70-000 Portugal: 239-72-10-10 Russia: 8-20-222-82-10 Serbia: 21-6623-393 Spain: 91-459-00-50 South Africa: 0861-322-322 South Korea: 2-715-8600 Sweden: 031-711-2400 Switzerland: 143 Taiwan: 0800-788-995 Thailand: 02-249-9977 Trinidad and Tobago: 868-645-2800 Ukraine: 0487-327715 Uruguay: 095 73 8483 You will be missing out on every single wonderful thing yet to happen to you.


    if u see this please re blog. never scroll past this. you never know who may need to read this.




    I will reblog this constantly for everyone to see it!This is importantant!💞

    A Few of My Favorite Things

    I’m relatively new to Tumblr and am in search for other people in my fandoms. If you are into any of these, please reblog! Thanks!


    Doctor Who

    Harry Potter

    Stranger Things

    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Lord of the Rings

    Ready Player One

    Ender’s Game

    Star Wars


    Pirates of the Caribbean

    The Goonies

    Princess Bride



    Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology

    Phineas and Ferb

    Pride and Prejudice

    Catcher in the Rye

    The School for Good and Evil

    La La Land

    The Greatest Showman

    Phantom of the Opera

    Les Miserables



    David Bowie



    Electric Light Orchestra