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    I spent a year falling back in love with myself and unintentionally stumbled across a soul who showered me in a love I’ve never experienced before. Beforehand, it was evident that I made a habit out of undermining my value and this was reflected by the decisions I made and the environments I lingered in.

    However, once I acknowledged myself, and realised I was deserving of great things, my change of thought ALONE encouraged the universe to unveil beauty into my life and gift me with things I could only truly appreciate once I knew my worth. - Meggan Roxanne


    This is a sad way to live because remember not everyone is perfect, even yourself. I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes you make that you should apologize for. Let go of the hate you hold onto for not forgiving someone for mistakes made


    I do forgive.

    As I said I forgive for peace of mind.

    Therefore there’s no hate in my heart.

    I protect my space by refusing access to repeat offenders.

    If you do, then that’s great for you.

    This is a great way to live.

    Don’t lose out on a remarkable person because you still have an karmic attachment with someone from your past. Chances are you will lose someone you’ll never be able to replace, and after the honey mood period of your old flame passes, you will be reminded on why you walked away in the first place. Learn the difference between a soul mate and a karmic attachment.

    - Meggan Roxanne