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    If you don’t reblog this, please unfollow me…now.  It’ll take less than 5 fucking seconds and could help find this boy.


    Please reblog!


    Help find him


    Help find him


    i heard on the news that a boy 19 was found and he had been missing for 3 years or more i’m not sure now..but i can’t ignore this 


    Please, do whatever you can to find this young man.

    The NEW Republican Party logo. All of the Republican House of Reps & Senators are spineless as jelly fish. It’s a total pathetic situation that all the of them can’t or won’t stand up to Trump. I guess they don’t know right from wrong or have plain common sense.

    We seen this car coming home from Pt Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. As we passed her, guess what was in her hand? Her damn cell phone flapping her gums! I wonder her car looks the way it does. (at Fife, Washington) https://www.instagram.com/p/CEiD9tgJGq-uo2JBh0mqUg4t9oc5XYyueWQ3C80/?igshid=haxh2k5492hv

    #Repost from @brownbearcarwash We're so beary excited to announce that Free Car Wash Day will be happening on Thursday, August 27th. ​ We ask that everyone continue practicing safe social distancing, wear masks, and please be on your way after your free wash to limit crowding. #FreeCarWashDay #BrownBearCarWash https://www.instagram.com/p/CEEwM-HpSLoMpO9gr6RXWC0GVzmxAx50XJPRRU0/?igshid=1wtryv9dckh29