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    Now you can understand how it sounds when i hear any siren


    tornado sirens normally: 📢⚠️🌪 THERES A TORNADO 📢💥❗️

    these tornado sirens: 💫🌸✨ there's a tornado 🥰 🌈🌱


    ✨😻💖🎶four tornadoes 🎶💖😻✨


    Okay we don't get tornadoes in Wales so I am admittedly unsure of the etiquette but if four of the fuckers are going off simultaneously should he not be staying in a house right now


    Tornados move fast and are erratic

    it's best to get in a storm cellar or the most internal room of your house


    So... not wandering around outside making a Tiktok of the pretty sound?


    Categories of answers I have received to this question:

    • It's probably just Wednesday
    • It's probably a test (context clues suggest these two answers are related)
    • Yeah but you have to go outside to see the pretty clouds first
    • It's fine, the tornado is probably the other side of the town
    • Mid-westerners have no self-preservation instincts and like to watch the houses fly past

    Thank you to everyone who submitted this data for my analysis, my conclusion is that I don't understand America






    no but as cheesy as it was the train scene in spiderman 2 is truly untouchable. spider man risks his life (again) for his city, and prevents a train from going off the rails, but passes out from exhaustion. four hands come up from behind him, and pull him into the train. the passengers look down at him, his mask off, and comment about how he’s just a kid. you can see it in their faces. he’s not familiar. he’s not memorable. he could have been any one. they give him back his mask, and help him to his feet. 


    and then. and THEN. doc ock pushes his way into the car and says “i’m here for him.” and a passenger replies (to a super villain with metal destructo arms) “you have to go through me first,” a statement the other passengers agree to immediately. so doc ock does as doc ock does and pushes them them out of the way, someone’s head goes thru a window, lights burst, etc etc. but the people on the back of the train are still holding spiderman up. they didn’t let him go even after they saw what doc ock would do to them. they hold him up!!!!!


    older lotr illustrations sometimes depict éowyn wearing ridiculously small armour. apart from the problem general sexualisation of the only female character (who really does anything), there’s another hilarious thought:

    éowyn pretended to be dernhelm, a man. to fit in, she must have worn men’s armor. so the armor in the illustrations is normal for rohirrim.

    therefore, all the rohirrim rode to war just like that:


    there’s a thundering sound in the distance as the rohirrim ride into war but rather than hoofbeats it’s the collective sound of all their cheeks clapping


    the artist for this particular piece is Frank Frazetta and to be fair to him this is how he drew the orcs armor 

    so the rohirrim comment is probably not that far off


    That’s a man who just straight up had a problem with the concept of wearing pants into battle, and I respect that


    male or female

    hero or villain

    sea or land

    even in the snow

    I guarantee you Frazetta’s Rohirrim were 100% pants-free


    Good Old Frank. That man loved bodies and hated clothes so much


    Frank Frazetta was the reason He-Man was designed like that; the producers conduct a study to see what art appeal the most to children, and Frank’s work came out on top in popularity. So everyone in He-Man is dressed the way they are directly because of Frazetta.


    That man gave us the gift of warrior thighs and tits for everyone.


    Ah, it has been too long since I have seen the no pants post on my dash. And yes, this is a rare case where it wasnt some sexist nonsense but an egalitarian No Pants Agenda.


    I can’t find the note but the last time I reblogged this someone was pointing out that it was probably to distract from the fact that none of them have feet



    But frankly given how fuckin awful feet are to draw I will give them a pass.