Saving Monty

    Thank you guys so much for waiting, it takes awhile to make these bad boys but SAVING MONTY IS FINALLY HERE!!! Hope you all enjoyed because he was literally the MOST demanded and anticipated animatronic to be saved.

    So first off, thank you so much to my partner in crime @lbskrill for assisting me in line art and color flats, literally FNAF;SMB would be NOTHING without her, so please check her out in all-yes, I mean including ALL her social medias such as her Twitter and Instagram.

    But now y’all see why I picked Sun/Moon over Monty first :3 anyways, this comic was definitely challenging, and I hope it left y’all with questions OwO

    The comic dub version of this will be available very soon 🤭💅🏼


    Recruiting Sun and Moon

    OKAY SO this one was a slightly bigger longer but shhhh it’s fine ANYWAYS…

    During the writing process I was thinking of ways how could Sun and Moon be part of Malware if they actually weren’t in control of Vanny canonically. I thought “okay but Sun and Moon are Daycare Attendants. They are suppose to WATCH OVER AND TAKE CARE OF KIDS RIGHT???? IMMA MAKE THEM GREGORY’S PRIMARY FIRST AID CARE!!” Sun and Moon was never breached in this continuity LOL They’re just a really weird and funky duo. Thank you all for your patience, thanks to @lbskrill for helping me lay flats and lines, now we shall now work onto the rest of the chapters :3


    (Part 2/3) / Previous / Next (coming soon)

    When Foxy first laid eyes on Bonnie, its like his whole world stopped spinning for a moment. He didnt believe for one second that Bonnie was gone when he first heard it.. but reality hit him like a freight train when he saw the state that Bonnie was in. Parts of his endoskeleton had snapped clean in half. Wires were ripped, and his face casing was torn.. As he got closer he could see that Bonnie was missing is left arm, and most of his shell on the right. He was missing a foot and the other leg was broken in two.. He had never seen damage like this before.. It was.. disturbing, to say the least.

    And man, what was he gonna tell the others? That he found their brother mangled in a pile on the floor? Dirty, broken, and abandoned? He couldnt bare to see the look on their faces.. In the midst of his internal panic, Gregory went right up to Bonnie and tried reactivating him. Its no surprise that nothing happened.. But then he purposed that they attempt to fix him. Of course! Foxy snapped out of it and regained a little bit of hope. Its like for a second he forgot that they were robots. Repairing Bonnie could actually work! He remained calm and optimistic as best he could and helped Gregory gather parts. Things started to look up a bit.. But then.. later on he saw the damage to Bonnies chest and.. man.. he doesn’t have a stomach, but boy did that make him feel queasy.. His hope really began to dwindle after that. He wanted to encourage Gregory and keep the kiddos hopes up.. but Foxy had a bad feeling that Bonnie wasn’t going to wake up..

    As he wandered around the basement gathering more parts, he just kept thinking about Bonnie. He couldn’t believe this is how it all ends. One second he’s living the dream in Pirates Cove.. the next minute he’s waking up in a basement and finds one brother dead, and the other siblings grief stricken. He didn’t even get to say goodbye.. 

    But thankfully, just as he was starting to believe that Bonnie was gone forever.. something within Bonnie sparked back to life. He began to move and twitch, eventually opening his eye and attempting to speak. All of Foxys worry just melted away when he spoke. He could see that Bonnie was clearly disoriented, and probably even in some pain.. But the important thing was that Bonnie isstill alive.. and he couldn’t wait to tell the others. 

    (Part 1/3) / Next (coming soon)

    When Foxy was reactivated, it obviously didn’t take him long to notice that Bonnie was gone.. but it did him a while to ask about it. Knowing his friends, the fact that nobody had mentioned Bonnie’s absence meant that something horrible had happened to him.. And unfortunately, he was right.

    He was expecting bad news, but actually hearing that his brother had been decommissioned was.. surreal. But Foxy wasn’t about to accept the loss of a loved one so quickly. He had questions. Questions that the others couldn’t answer. Like what was the accident? How bad was the damage? And where is Bonnie? Surely he must just be shut down somewhere right? They didn’t toss him in the trash did they? He needed to know. He wasn’t ready to believe that he had lost one of his crew.. At least not until he had seen the damage for himself.

    It didn’t take a genius to know where he should look. The last known place Bonnie was, was in Parts and Service. So off he went. Down into the basement with Gregory to find the Parts and Service room. The two of them searched for a long while. They found many storage rooms and other service rooms full of busted S.T.A.F.F bots and spare parts.. After a while of searching and finding nothing.. they began to lose hope..

    But eventually, they came across yet another Parts and Service room deep within the basement. One that looked like it hadn’t been touched in a while. They weren’t really expecting Bonnie to be inside.. but when they opened the door.. well, Bonnie was in there alright.. at least.. what remained of him.


    Saving Roxy

    I’d like to imagine that every time Gregory saves an animatronic, the previous animatronic that was saved would allow Gregory to use the animatronic’s special ability to save the next animatronic. Why dismantle an animatronic for parts when you can just actually USE THE ANIMATRONIC THEMSELVES!! Thank you once again to @lbskrill @jelzyart and @cougarmacdowallva with this series :D!

    (Continuation of this)

    I can imagine that the animatronics had a hard time holding themselves together upon seeing Foxy again. Now that I think about it.. Foxy must have been so worried about the others when he first woke up. Its like one minute he’s goofing around in pirate’s cove with some kids, and all his buddies are bein happy and doing their own thing elsewhere.. when next thing you know he’s waking up in the basement, and all his friends are just.. broken, and horribly grief stricken. 

    Freddy was a wreck. he had never seen the big guy so upset! Freddy couldn’t finish any sentence that he started, he just softly cried and mumbled things incoherently. He held onto Foxy for a long time, seemingly unable to let go.. Foxy didn’t resist it. Then there was Chica. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t speak, she could barley even stand.. when she leaned on Foxy, he could feel the sorrow and loss that she carried on her shoulders.. It worried him. Then there was Roxanne, she broke down crying and shaking as soon as she saw him. He expected her to say something about missing him.. but all she did was apologize. She felt so guilty for replacing him and having all the stuff in his green room thrown out in favor of her. It hurt to know that all his belongings were gone, but that was hardly his biggest concern at the moment. The biggest concern being their wellbeing.. and fact that Bonnie was noticeably missing from the group..

    He did his best to comfort them all, but if he was being honest.. he wasn’t too sure how. He had never seen any of them this upset before. And the way they hugged him.. the things they said and the way they cried. All he felt was pain within them. It just.. it hurt..

    ..But you know? At least Monty seemed to be in good spirits. He was still feeling the shock like everyone else, but he was more happy to see Foxy again than he was upset about his long absence. And its a good thing too, Foxy really needed to see a smiling face after all the tears everyone was shedding over him.


    All jokes aside though I imagine that Freddy and Foxy’s reunion was very.. interesting, to say the least XD

    My version of Foxy was banned sometime ago, he was shut down and then tossed in the basement, never to be seen again.. Later on though, Gregory found him and reactivated him. Foxy was crushed to hear that he was no longer welcome on the surface.. But none the less he was just glad that someone had found him. At some point after chatting for a bit, Gregory runs off saying that he’s going to go get Freddy. Foxy waits in anticipation for a while, and eventually Freddy comes down into the basement by himself.

    Foxy didn’t know what to make of what he saw. When he was in service the term “Glamrock” wasn’t a thing. All the animatronics were less colorful and looked more family diner themed back then. But looking at Freddy now, he looks like a completely different animatronic! Freddy used to be smaller, only a few inches taller than Foxy actually. He had dark brown fur, no face paint, no spiked bracelets or big shoulder pads.. and he definitely did not have a stomach hatch that could fit a whole child in it. So that was quite the surprise XD

    Freddy definitely had a lot of explaining to do and a lot to fill Foxy in on. And both of them had a lot of processing to do. Freddy had believed that Foxy was long gone.. they all grieved over Foxy for so long.. only to find out that he was beneath their feet the whole time? It was a weird and emotional reunion for sure.. but in the end.. he was just happy to know that Foxy wasn’t scrapped after all.

    Also wholesome bonus:


    Hello Hynos. I was wondering if you or Likulau has meet a kitsune before... a nine tailed fox? And was wondering if you would consider having one as a friend? 🦊

    “I’ve met plenty of Kitsune… however most have ill intentions… on more than one occasion I’ve had to protect a Human from falling prey to their tactics. After all, it is my duty to protect them.”


    .... I’m sorry about the other kitsune some have troubled pasts... Will you still be this Kitsune’s friend? I like making new friends, especially cute ones like you and Likulau. 😊🦊


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