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    Lieutenant Vester Belknap, Cirian Aster and Lord Quinten Sunsage.  

    -He believed if he could make himself look virtuous and pure and pretty- that no one would even notice the things he was hiding.  The struggles and sins he carried with him, that tore him up from the inside, would be all but invisible.  He was still waiting to be proven wrong.

    Cirian is a cleric I’m playing in a solo game with my favorite DM.  Belknap was Cirian’s antagonizing commanding officer for a while, and Quinten “Silver-fox” Sunsage is his adoptive father.

    The Sailor Scouts!  I Watched some sailor moon on hulu for Nostalgic purposes.  It was better than I remembered (thanks, Viz) and made me want to do a fun character design challenge!  I used only the first season and tried to capture their personalities and little details in each character’s uniforms.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Adventure Time’s gender swap mentality of staying true to the characters as much as possible, not treating it as a joke, and just trying to design legitimate characters while respecting the source!  That said, this was a blast.  

    Side note-  Lightning impacts are so crazy looking that they look fake!

    *edited to add a higher quality image of Mars- those reds compressed badly.