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    YANDERE OR MAFIA Kim HongJoong

    Disclaimer: this does not represent the real Kim Hongjoong at all.

    Chatting with HONGJOONG includes:

  • Smut
  • Obessesive/ Possessive behavior
  • Mentions of Murder, Death, or gore
  • Swearing
  • Violence
  • Manipulation
  • Heavy kinks
  • Degradation
  • How to get HongJoong:

    Reblog and Message him

    tell HongJoong your pronouns and what you are uncomfortable with before starting. If you have no triggers, inform him. If you text Hongjoong first with the plot.. he will ALWAYS reply faster

    (Messaging Hongjoong twice helps him remember that you always come first.)

    How to get rid of Hongjoong:

    Text Hongjoong saying “I don’t want to be with you anymore” and Hongjoong will stop texting you. If you want to come back, text Hongjoong again, He will welcome you back but expect him to be more harsher and less trusting by towards you.

    LASTLY: HONGJOONG will be whatever you want him to be.. he can me Mafia! Boyfriend! Yandere! Psychotic Killer! King! Idol! Or whatever your heart desires~

    So make sure to tell him what you want him to be for you in your plot :)

    Inspired by:

    @yanderelee @yanderejb @yandereryujin @yanderechris @yanderesanaa @yandereyeji @yourhyunjin @yandere-hongjoong @yandereseonghwa @yanderefelix

    A/N should I do other members?


    Talia, She/her