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    So like... Does anybody else just daydream wildly about a fandom... for fun?

    Like, there have been times in my life where I actively sectioned off a couple HOURS of my day to lie in bed, listen to music and just... watch fanfic inside my head.

    It's not even a matter of planning scenes to write fanfic. There are things I imagine for fun that are pointless or corny and I would never waste time writing or feel like it's worth sharing but it's so goddamn fun

    Some things I write down so I don't forget but it's purely so I can have the pleasure of imagining it again sometime later

    Like a favorite episode you rewatch all the time.

    That can't be healthy, but hey, at least I'm very easily entertained.

    I’ve never drawn c&m au Bulkhead which is a CRIME so here enjoy!!!

    As mentioned before, he’s a cook at the same diner Optimus waits table at, he’s an aspiring artist as well!!

    Bulky was raised by his Grandsire and had a very happy childhood on their wealthy Energon farm.

    When he was 17 years old, his Grandsire passed to old age, but not before encouraging Bulkhead to chase his dream of becoming a brilliant mechanical engineer. Bulkhead, being the only relative, decided to take his hefty inheritance and head straight to the city.

    Unfortunately, Bulkhead’s innocent naivety and generous spark got him into some serious financial trouble after some supposed ‘friends’ continuously begged for loans, then dropped off face of the city only to later return and beg for more, then had him invest in faux start up companies. Needless to say Bulkhead was left with a only few dimes to his name and had to start from the bottom up with no start to his engineering degree in sight.

    While Bulkhead worked day and night to get back on track with his plans. He managed to take out a loan on an extremely run down, but spacious apartment , and immediately got to work on to fixing it up into a humble flat. Bulky was EXTREMELY grateful to find his roommates Bee and Optimus later down the road to help out with the ever increasing rent, plus they make great company.

    Despite having life’s constant curve balls thrown at him, Bulkhead is always trying to look for the good in bots and pushes for kindness before criticism.

    He’s Bee’s best friend, Ratchet’s right hand man, Prowl’s mediator, and Optimus’ biggest supporter.


    Promoting men’s body positivity. We all don’t have chiseled abs.


    I appreciate this post. For many reasons.


    been waiting for a post like this!

    Body positivity for everyone is important! Please don’t change the pictures and turn this into a joke.


    thank you! im tired of people saying that only women and girls need more body positivity

    Is there anything more subtly unsettling than a full grown adult obsessed to the point of mania with D*sneyworld

    Is there anything more subtly unsettling than a full grown adult shaming others for completely harmless interests

    Okay, that's on me, I worded this badly.

    What I intended to say was: Is there anything more subtly unsettling than a fully grown adult who doesn't simply enjoy a piece of child's media or have fond memories of a special interest revolving around it, but truly and deeply believes in the glitter and fairy dust conjured by a billion dollar corporate machine to the point that any criticism of the company itself or the mismanagement of any of its productions is met with the all the violent fervor of a brainwashed cultist

    Understandable, have a great day.

    can we give it up for the hyena man?

    There is a similar story of a man who drives a water truck for a game reserve on Africa. There is a man-made watering hole he fills up every day, and it’s like the freaking water truce scene in the jungle book. Every creature in the area politely lines up around the pond and waits for him. A lot of the more social animals like baboons or hyenas will greet him. Nobody messes with him or his truck, because he often is escorted by lions or elephants that know him like DO NOT IMPEDE THE WATER GUY.

    What are their names?

    The Hyena man’s name is Abbas Yusuf ans the water man’s name is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua.

    I noticed the article about Mwalua has some broken images, so here’s one with more photos of the animals at the watering holes.

    Sex Trafficking in Atlanta relies heavy in the real estate arena. They post these banging ass condos and lofts for like $350 a month (especially for “female” students) and give you just a phone number to set up a “tour”. Be safe y'all.

    This is still going on! Be careful and aware when shit don’t add up.

    I’ll reblog this everyday if it can save somebody

    Same in montreal, stay safe and never ever go see an appartment/ meet a landlord alone <3


    everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

    well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off


    this looks like so much fun

    This is probably what a Cybertronian rave sounds like…

    Instead of them whooping and yelling, they just set  their alarms or sirens off in time to the music while they dance.

    Emergency vehicles are better at it then others

    Oh my god<> Ratch<>et

    My thoughts exactly


    The beginning.

    actually IIRC this was the first photo with a specific type of camera or equipment  “cos THE progenative shitlord of  cat memes was Harry Pointer. And aroun<>d 1870 he decided that Au Naturelle  photos of cats weren’t gonna cut it, and started doing shit like this: 


    then he realised HE COULD CAPTION THEM


    and thus the dignity of the feline was forever destroyed. 

    The first cat memes. 

    Someday we will find cat memes painted on the wall of a cave

    For the moment, we have pottery shards:

    And they are GREAT pottery shards

    Me, leading a tour group through the museum: And to your left we see one of the oldest recorded LOLcats memes in human history…

    Museum Security: who let her back in…

    Writer friends, I discovered a fun <>website today. It’s called “I Write Like” and here’s the description:

    Check which famous writer you write like with this statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous

    Let me know which autor you got! 

    …I guess that’s it then 😂

    I will never shut up about this

    holy shit

    I put in the introduction to my thesis, which is about the quilting community’s attitudes towards knowledge sharing and intellectual property rights, and got Cory Doctrow, “an activist in favour of liberalising copyright laws and a proponent of the Creative Commons organization”. (I do cite him later in the thesis)


    Pink ain’t come to play wit you hoes!

    This is also an excellent example of providing breed-adequate enrichment, because Border Collies are herding dogs. They were bred to run a lot and do multiple quick and sharp turns, so if you can’t provide your collie with an actual herd of animals to… well… herd, an obstacle course like this is a great alternative. That dog is having the time of her life.

    The agility dogs that jump into the handler’s arms all excited when they’re done are my absolute favourite ♥

    why is there such a stigma against wearing pads? like why is it that people who wear tampons are seen as ‘strong’ and ‘cool’? y’all know that someone people can’t wear them bc it hurts them or that they just don’t like them? stop making it seem like people who wear pads are childish and weak compared to those who wear tampons 

    Ok kids buckle up because I know the answer to this question because I am a bitter, vindictive person.

    So my first semester of PhD work in a musicology program involved this horrible class with a professor that wanted to suck the life out of all of his students by constantly belittling them. We had to write a short paper each week and present them conference-style and then he would tear us to shreds and do it all over again next week. The purpose of the class was supposedly to have us write papers about materials that hadn’t really been looked at by musicologists yet, and my class had music in advertisements. I was also the only woman in the class and the prof was lowkey sexist so I kept trying to do feminist topics without losing my entire will to live.

    So we get to the end of the semester and I am just completely out of fucks, I have one paper left to write and I say fuck it, let’s write about pads and tampons, there must be something there, right? It turns out there IS something to be said there (and this gets back to OP’s question). Early pad and tampon commercials were very similar to each other; basically here’s a product to help you stay clean during your period. But around 1980, suddenly there’s public outcry and panic over tampons due to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). At that point no one really understood how TSS worked but they knew it had to do with tampons. So women freaked out and started switching to pads instead. Now the worst offender, Rely, was taken off the market and other tampon commercials got slapped with little warning signs like “This product could cause TSS” so women bought even fewer tampons. This is when the advertising strategies for the two products changed.

    Pad advertisements were now about “cleanliness” and “purity” - they knew you couldn’t get TSS from pads and they were going to emphasize that fact. You’ve got women in white dresses with long hair slowly walking through fields of flowers with pastoral-y flutes in the background. And to fight back, tampon companies take it the complete opposite direction - they ignore TSS entirely and start showing businesswomen running to catch the subway, sporty women riding bikes, basically any sort either high-powered position or active woman showed up in these commercials with contemporary pop-song type music over the top. The clear intention was “yeah we know that these could cause TSS but they’re much better for your mobility, both physically and career-wise.”

    I got done giving this paper and I look up to see my four male classmates and one male professor in varying shades of pale-ness and they just all sort of looked at me for a couple minutes without knowing how to respond. It’s one of the proudest moments of my PhD career so far.

    Anyway the two products have been advertised basically the same ways ever since then. Now pads are much more comfortable and discreet, and we understand how TSS works and how to avoid it, but the commercial strategies are cemented. If you want to be a strong, on-the-go woman of COURSE you’ll wear a tampon because you don’t want to be one of those sissy ladies in the pastoral field of flowers over in pad-land, do you?