A comic about controlling your symptoms and trying to get other people to understand why it’s so hard to do so, in goo form


    Dear non-ADHDers:

    We have ADHD. Sometimes we’ll get it on you. We don’t do it on purpose, it’s just not something we can control all that easily.

    I recommend you find ways to enjoy the goo with us. It’ll make everything far more pleasant.



    I love this, it’s so cute and yet so real.

    Also, I’m a goo monster. I drip goo sometimes” is the weirdest line I have ever related to in my life, and yet it’s perfect


    This is a perfect representation of the neurodivergent community


    I never had a well worded explanation that didn’t sound like an excuse t h a N K S

    So I see statements along the lines of if Aerith had lived Cloud would have chosen her, and while I get the intent of these, I just have to say - Cloud has chosen her. It doesn’t matter that Aerith’s not alive, Cloud’s made it abundantly clear that she’s his choice.

    The end of the OG has him expressing his desire to meet her again in the Promised Land, actively stating that he wants to be with her, to find a way to be reunited.

    CoT makes it clear that Aerith is still very much on Cloud’s mind. He reveals that he’s been spending time at her church, indicating that he’s trying to find a way to be closer to her. He also believes Aerith sent Denzel to him. He’s watching for signs, looking for clues that she’s still with him.

    AC reveals that the connection between Aerith and Cloud is still incredibly strong, death or not. Aerith reaches out to Cloud in his darkest moments, and he responds to her as he doesn’t to anyone else. She comforts him, helps him heal physically and emotionally. And in the end? He’s shown driving off to a field of yellow flowers, a field where Aerith is shown waiting.

    It’s not a question of whether or not she’s alive, this is FFVII, a game about life and death and it’s demonstrated multiple times that Aerith is still able to interact with the living world - and she’s not the only one since Sephiroth too is dead and continues to influnce things. We’ve got a quote from Nomura that Aerith’s consciousness lives on inside Cloud, further cementing that they are still connected.

    Cloud chooses Aerith. He’s stated he wants to meet her again, and is actively seeking her out. These are not the actions of a man who’s given up on the relationship. Maybe they can’t share a life together in the normal sense, but that doesn’t matter. Cloud’s made his choice, and it’s Aerith.

    160827 J-Hope’s Tweet

    아니 이게모야!!!!!!!! 지나가는 길에 !!!!!!!
    쓰데이 곧 ~.~

    No, but what’s this!!!!!!!! (We saw this) while we were passing by!!!!!! #JeonBbeo  #HappyHappyBirthday Soon ~.~

    Video translation: JH: It’s a Jungkook Bus! Jungkook Bus…it’s a Jungkook Bus. It’s a Jungkook Bus! JeonBbeo, JeonBbeo!

    (T/N: JeonBbeo is an abbreviation for Jeon Bus)

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