Signal boosting my friend's cookbook! Go grab it, it's only $5 and you'd be helping her pay for culinary school

"This book is for my fellow laborers, my neurodivergent friends, and for those who live on their own.

"I am an adult with ADHD and have found that conventional cookbooks are not constructed for the way my brain functions. Too often I am overwhelmed with the amount of information in a single instruction, formatted in the traditional style. What I have done is broken everything down into simple steps that are easier to read through. "Because of this, the book is also great for those who have no experience making food, not just those of us with ADHD or autism.

"The book also comes with a shopping list so that home cooks know how much to buy, and is designed so that all the food will be utilized within the week. No more buying items for a single recipe and having to throw excess out, or have a spice you'll never touch again. Another important feature is that these recipes are made so that someone who does not have an abundance of wealth can eat delicious food affordably.

"Single people make up a significant portion of the population. Yet cook books, and most recipes are never made for them. I found this particularly frustrating when I lived alone, so in this book, every recipe is for one person.

"Also, it doesn't matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, you can use this book.

"I hope you find this helpful."