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    You cant criticise Israel or zionism without at least one person going “so do you hate jewish people?” Or any other varient of asking you to denounce antisemitism. Yet Israelis can march while demeaning and insulting Muslims and our religious figures, or can openly call for mass genocide by chanting “death to all Arabs” and no one bats an eye? Where is the call for them to denounce Islamophobia?

    Dont turn it into a “so are you saying one shouldn’t denounce antisemitism if their counterparts don’t denounce islamophobia?” Because I that is not what I’m saying. Both are as bad as the other and it’s hypocritical of you to support one and ignore the other.

    Antisemitism and Islamophobia have no place in our society and it’s disturbing to know that most people don’t feel like that.

    I urge you to watch this video and compare it to the previous pictures and videos of Palestine and its people that I’ve posted. You will notice a very obvious difference, people in Palestine are trying to survive while Israelis are encouraging mass genocide and an ethnic cleansing. There are countless videos of people, children, mourning their friends and family while the people in this video want more of them dead. How is this okay? Why is no one holding Israel accountable? Where are the sanctions? And where are the world leaders now? Everyone was quick to jump on the “they have the right to defend themselves” boat but who exactly are they defending themselves from? This doesn’t seem like self defence to me? The world is watching Israel and there simply is no way for anyone to deny that whats going on is wrong.

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