Rep*blicans can CHOKE

Honestly? Centrists can choke too. Die mad about it. And since I'm being harassed for having the audacity to say that south asian people face discrimination in the media, let me just say that if your idea of diversity is just black and white, you're the problem.

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2020-07-09 23:27:14

    What she says: I’m fine What she means: WHY was it canon that Aang and Katara were horrible parents? Aang grew up with loving father figures who he then lost and Katara lost her mother at a young age but was shown to be a very nurturing and mothering person in general. It makes no sense for their kids to talk about how they were neglectful because you know damn well that individually Aang and Katara were loving people who would never want a child to feel unloved, let alone their own.

    hey quick question why are all adult cartoons like that 


    like why is it that adult cartoons could build upon this beautiful format for storytelling used in children’s cartoons to deliver more complex, powerful narratives and include themes with more depth and comedy that adults can relate to, but instead it means “hey here’s an array of every nasty vile bigoted thing u can think of drawn in the most tedious ugly obnoxious art style” like why did we go so wrong.. 

    everyone always talks about zuko’s (admittedly perfect) character arc but no one ever talks about the slow-burn, three-season-long devolution of Azula from the “perfect child,” “dad’s favorite,” “badass in charge” who is given way too much to handle and is mature past her years to an insecure, neglected, hurting, unhinged child who desperately, in her last few minutes of clarity, just wants her mom

    Azula is the original Gifted Kid™ turned disaster teen/young adult