You are gay.  It is time to acknowledge exactly what that means.  When you’re with a man and you’re the bottom, you need to give yourself to him completely, just as a woman would do.  You need to acknowledge that your place in the sex is the bottom and his pleasure is the most important thing in the world to you. Hold him, kiss him, touch him.  Make love to him.  Tell him how badly you want him.  Show him what you are willing to give him and don’t hold back. Spread your legs to receive him and let him have his way with you. Give your body to him completely.  When he is done, cuddle with him to show your appreciation. Lavish his body with gentle kisses and tell him how much he turns you on.  Tell him you want to be with him.  Let him know you are his and you will never say, “No”, and that he can have you anytime, anywhere and do with you anything he desires.  Whether he wants just a quick fuck or to make love for hours, you are open and available.  You are gay.  You need him.


    I need a daddy so badly :(


    I kinda lost it…feeling him submit to me. Opening up his hole for my pleasure. It drove me wild! Hearing his soft moans, holding on to me for dear life as I fucked him. Seeing him relinquish control and accepting this sent me into over drive. Triggering my dominant streak as I gave the bitch what he didn’t even know he wanted, the fucking of a life time! He was my friend before, now he was just my hole, one that I need to fill with cum! Pulling him in close as I coated his insides.

    Laying there panting with his stuffed ass…he held onto me as his body shivered and cam all over our joined chests. He moaned and squirmed, but I held him through it all. Letting his body feel the intense pleasure of cumming with a cock inside him.

    As his release faded, his shivers turned to shakes and his sense returned with an overwhelming “wtf” feeling. He gripped my body and tightened his hole with my dick inside, not wanting to accept this reality. This shift in his perspective. He’d been fucked, breed and cam! Letting go now was to admit this all. That it was real, not a dream.

    I held him close as his world shifted, feeling possessive of him and the ass pussy I’d just seeded.

    “It’s all good babe! Relax, I’ve got you!” Kissing him tenderly on his neck and body. “Fuck, your ass is amazing. Sends me over the edge. Hmm so tight! You need to relax, or you’ll get me hard again and need a second plowing.”

    Slowly, his breathing came down as I kissed and spoke to him. His body responding to my voice and gentle commands as he slowly unclenched and let me slip out. His arms didn’t let me go though as I rolled over and held my new sub close. Enjoying the intimate moment as he slowly relaxed into my arms and came to acceptance for the moment.


    The moment of truth for him!

    We agreed that it made sense for the main house to be located where we spend the most time, and we spend the majority of our time in the city.

    In the mornings, you make sure the kids and I have breakfast and that my tie is straight, or at least that the chest hair isn’t exposed too much by my polo, before I leave for the office and they go off to school – on top of tending to your own matters. I know you feel like there’s never enough time to do things the way you’d really like to do them, but, baby, really… the idea of any of us trying to get along without you is laughable.

    During the day, I check my tie when I go to the restroom. I’m not as athletic looking as I was in college since these days I use my brain more than my brawn. I even keep my beard trimmed short so I don’t look like I don’t belong in the office. Damn - when I was a boy, I never dreamed I would grow up to be someone who had to pay so much attention to his appearance.

    Some evenings we attend client dinners or benefit events, but we try to spend most evenings with the children, nourishing ourselves at the table you prepare, trying to stay engaged with one another even though the kids take up so much of our time and energy. (They’re worth it ;)

    How many hours have I spent following you around the stores, watching you browse and try on “outfits”? How many chick flicks have I sat through just because I wanted to make you happy?

    This is our civilized life – civilized for you and me, by you and me. We’ve made our choices and we’re happy. But we both know there’s another side to me. A side much less civil.

    It’s nice to get away to the country house, but now and then I need a few days to indulge my wilder side. I pack up the truck with a few blankets, some small supplies, my axe, and my shotguns, and head out alone. I make sure I end up near a water source and the back of the truck and the blankets will be partial shelter from the elements. Everything else is up to me.

    Out here is one place that a man like me gets back in touch with his more primal core. First task is always chopping wood to make camp – I’m hungry, but that can’t matter right now. In this cold, even with the truck and blankets, a man will freeze to death before he starves. (Using the heater in the truck would defeat the whole purpose of being here.) Collecting dry kindling is hard in this snow, but I manage to find dry leaves, pine needles, and twigs protected from the moisture by an evergreen canopy and I stuff them inside my hunting jacket to keep them dry, knowing you’d be mad at me if you saw what I was doing to my clothes. I’ll need some softer wood like pine to get a big fire going, but hickory or oak will keep it burning long and hot. And with this much snow coming down, I’ll need to use some twine to tie together a rack to semi-dry my wet clothes by the fire.

    The water source is frozen nearly solid but my axe gets me through to some liquid. I pull out a jug’s worth, stick a branch in the snow to mark this spot for later, and head back to camp. Sorry, baby – not gonna be able to bathe out here.

    With camp set up, the hunt begins. This first day turns out to be a tough one. By dusk, I’ve only got a few birds in my bag. I head back to camp while I can still see the way, light the fire, clean, cook, and eat my kill, and bed down in the truck for a cold, still-hungry night.

    Success comes the next morning. It takes a while and I have to pass up a few doe, but I finally get a 7-point buck. I know you don’t understand the gratification of hunting, of subduing and conquering an animal. I also know I can’t explain it to you. The challenge… the conquest… this is what it’s all about.

    The next day is spent enjoying the quiet, watching nature, tending the fire, eating cuts from the deer, and making sure the other cuts don’t get eaten by the other animals before I can bring them home to your freezer. I was thinking I would be here another day, but the truth is I miss you.

    I know you’re strong in your way and I respect that more than you might know. But I also know you don’t want to do the survival camping thing with me – and that kind of contrast between us turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. I’m so glad I got back out here and did this again, but I also know that what I want more than anything right now is to get home to you, to feel your tender caress as you dress my cuts and scrapes, to take you in my arms and kiss your sweet lips.

    I pack up the truck and head home. Somehow you don’t seem surprised to see me a day early. “How was it?” you ask. “AWESOME!” I wrap my arm around your waist, take your chin in my hand, and kiss you. “But I missed you too much to stay gone.” You melt for a second, and put your head on my chest and I kiss the top of your head and your cheek.

    Then you pull away and tell me I stink – hahaha. As you walk back into the house, you tell me to make sure I strip in the mud room so I don’t track mud all over your clean floors. I start unpacking the truck and I smile and chuckle to myself at how cute you are, how lucky I am, and how much I love the life we’ve built together.

    I’m the man in the middle – finding my way as dual selves caught between two worlds. Not a mincing fancy man by any means, but not fully a wild man anymore, either. But that’s ok – I’m just honored to be your man. And I still get to be an animal when I have you on your back with your legs spread – subdued and conquered.

    Disclaimer: No, neither of these men are me. I do not have professional photographers following me around.


    “You feel it, don’t you - my cum inside you. It’s in deep, becoming a part of you. Making you mine. You were a good girl and took it all. And it was a lot. Hold it in you. Show me how thankful you are. I know I hurt you but your pussy was so soft and wet and tight that I couldn’t control myself. I’m only just beginning. I’m going to make you a shivering, moaning, whore for my dick. You’ll get wet at the sound of my voice and be happier than you ever imagined, with less control over your life than you ever thought you’d give up.”


    Yes my love. I am yours


    That alpha male at work knows he’s a god. You went weak at the knees the moment you saw him, and your thinly veiled attempt to hide your attraction humored him. He loved teasing you at work, flashing you cocky grins, talking to you really closely so you could smell his musk and brushing his bulge against you any chance he could. As soon as he found out you were married though, he made it his mission to seduce you, because he loves stealing married men from their husbands. All it took was a simple nude photo with his thick cock in his hands for you to abandon your vows and spend your Saturday at his place, on your back getting fucked by this stud. You went home to your husband with several loads dripping out of your used hole. He said he wants to start using you at work during your lunch hours.


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    I want a BBC please


    “You work hard at your studies, your company and your body. The world sees you as a man of strength and accomplishment. This is a label you have earned, my love, and I’m so very proud of you.

    “But you’re back home now. All that pressure you put on yourself, all the stress and worry and effort of being someone you believe the world needs you to be…you can let all of that go. For now, the only thing that matters is that you are my wife and you belong to me.

    “Let me make your decisions. Let me carry your fears. Relax the masculine facade you wear for everyone else and let my woman free. I will keep her safe all night until it is time to get dressed in the morning and face the world. 

    “I am your husband and all the bedrock you will ever need.”


    I love you daddy